Monday, March 1, 2021

A Year of Pandemic - Social network, Mobile Warriors, and What Will Be (New) Normal

 It has been a almost year since the start of the pandemic for Americans.  There really is no anniversary.  For California, the stay-at-home order came on March 19.  For New York, its first case was March 1, 2020.  And for Washington state, its first case was in January and the a statewide lockdownissued on March 23rd.  However, you looked at it, the first official COVID-19 case was recorded on January 19th (Source: History), so maybe that is the start of the pandemic.  No matter how you look at it, it has been a year like nothing we have seen in the past.  We lived it, witnessed it, and there will be a large amount of tweets, photos, videos, and books about it.  

Having said all that, the question is that we are still in a pandemic but we are wonder just how long before we return to life as we knew it.  Or will we ever?  Or will be there be a new normal from now one - masks for a number of us who want to play it safe (

Here are some questions I have:

  1. We lived online during much of the pandemic - will more people spend less time on the timeline and begin to spend time with each other in person (provided we get the virus under control).
  2. We learned that Facebook was instrumental in spreading fake news - about COVID-19, potential cures, and other social issues associated with the pandemic.  Setting politics aside, will the government finally address it?  
  3. When will we no longer be required to wear masks when we go to the market or a business?
  4. When will companies begin to require or allow their employees to return to their offices?
  5. Will we need booster shots annual like we do now for the flu?  
  6. Will COVID testing continue?  
  7. Will there be ever be more stay-at-home orders?  We had another one during the winter months in California.  I can tell you that it was not as much people were following it as we did with the March order.  Governments can require restaurants to ban indoor and outdoor dining but even now, people are flocking to malls, beaches, and parks as if things are fine.  It's unlikely future stay-at-home orders will having any effect like the first unless things become worse.
  8. When will indoor dining be allowed again?  Will outdoor dining go away.  
  9. Will social distancing go away?  During the first lockdown, I often go for walks and we would cross from the sidewalks into the streets whenever we pass someone else coming in the other direction.  We are still doing that but it appear more people are fine walking by or past each other at less than six feet.
  10. Are we ready for the next pandemic?  SARS was in 2002.  The Swine Flu was in 2009.  COVID-19 in 2020.  We could be looking at another pandemic within the next decade. 
In 18 to 24 months, we may conceivable return to pre-COVID norms.  That is what we al hope.  Or we could continue to be living with masks on as cases rise and fall as new COVID strains gain footholds.  A lot can and will happen that chart which path we take.  

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