Thursday, March 25, 2021

Twitter Should Charge Users If They Don't Want To Be Targeted, But Not Through Super Follower Feature

 Source:  ZDNet.

Twitters offers an indispensable service, much more so than Facebook.  Sure, Twitter has its issues with hate, sexism, fake news, and a source for foreign interference into US elections.  Facebook does as well only much worse.  And during its worst days, it maximizes these dark elements in order to maximize profit.  I use Twitter on a daily basis as a source for information and following tweets more reputable sources and none of them are political in nature.

Now, Twitter is looking allow users to be charged for following certain tweets or other users. The "Super Follower" tool is what will allow that to happen.  

We'll have to see how it goes once it is implemented and how it will be utilized after Twitter modifies it over time.  

I will still be daily Twitter users but I do not see myself follow someone and paying for tweets.  

I think it is better for Twitter to monetize users by offering added features and promising privacy.  I certain can see myself paying for that instead of paying for tweets from certain accounts.

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