Sunday, August 1, 2021

Global Warming or Climate Change - 2021 Summer of Droughts, Heat Domes, and Floods

In Los Angeles, we have something of a monsoon season. The first time I heard about it in the news was about five years ago.  Apparently, it happens during the summer months to early fall. We heard about thunder storms out in the deserts to the east. Also flash flood warnings.   But we don't really experience them here in Los Angeles until recently.  And the reason we hear about it more and more now is that we seem to be getting more moisture in the air.  I can definitely feel the humidity.  With each passing summer in the past five years, I feel it's smothering embrace more and more.  I fear that this may only get worse and that we are looking at more humid and hotter summers in the years and decades to come no matter what we do in the short-term. 

It does not mean that we should not do anything.  I am fortunate to be in a position to be able to install a solar system (I'm looking at options now) and I have to upgrade my car in about a year so I will definitely go electric and begin to drive more green than I have been.  I believe a lot of people are thinking along the same line and that explains why the electric vehicle market has been so hot with many new companies involved.

So fart this summer, we have not been disappointed by a lack of wild fires (I'm being sarcastic here - last summer was months of bad air quality that kept us indoor). On top of that, from the Southwest to the Pacific Northwest, heat domes made their presence felt as heat records fell all across the West.  In Southern California, we are getting our share of heat (including the above mentioned uncomfortable humidity) but we are just par for now.  With August through October still on tap, I'm dreading that we will get our 100+ days.  Rolling blackouts, anyone?

Oh, let's not be so self centered here. Europe and Asia are also feeling the extreme weathers here.  Historic floods in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany displaced thousands as Hollywood like scenes of muddy water washed away cars and homes.  Oh, and then there are the floods in China that the government is denying it ever happened.  I'm not sure what those hundreds of Chinese went through if it was not flooding.

Then let's come back to North America where Greenland supposed lost enough ice to cover Florida in 2 inches of water.  We can sure use those water here in California.  Anyway, no state is getting that water. No country.  Not in any useful ways.  But we will feel the effect of all that water flowing back out into the ocean when the sea level rises, bigger waves, and continued changing ocean temperature that will likely create even more unexpected and extreme weather patterns.

I'm furious that there are selfish politicians out there who are unwilling to tell their constituents that droughts, floods, and weird weathers are our own doing and that we have to do more to prepare for them and to mitigate their efforts and do much more than what we are doing now to combat the devastating rise in global temperature.  They are nothing short of being cowards.  

I don't have extreme positions but I can see with eyes and experience what is going on with why other senses.  All it takes is to apply a bit of common sense to see that we cannot continue to live life as we have in the last 100 years.

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