Saturday, December 4, 2021

Social: Become A YouTuber or An Astronaut When You Grow Up

 Source: CNBC

Most children in the United States want a career as a YouTuber than other worthwhile professions. This this survey from Legos, professions in science has taken a backseat. In it unclear what options were made available to the children in the survey but what is clear is the shift in focus from the sciences to social media. I first across this survey in a podcast I was listening to a couple of days and going out consistent to what I see out there in the real world and on the Web. as a joke, I thought to myself that the best solution might be for the child to combine both. After thinking more about it, maybe that isn’t such a bad idea.  

Even at my ripe old middle age, if given the opportunity to go into space out or, even better,  a ride on Space X’s effort to build a city on Mars, I would take it before a heart beat is up. As a part of trying to new things each week and trying to push my physical strength, endurance, and health in general, I have been focusing on what I need in my mind and where my body needs to be at if given a chance to go into space or help man one of humanity’s first space outposts that allow civilians. 

After reading this CNBC article about the survey and my thought above about social media and becoming an astronaut, maybe I should give this a try - using YouTube or a podcast to talk about becoming an astronaut and trying to get out into space.

After all, we have people who have a professional day jobs and blog or put out a couple of podcasts a week. They talk or write about their work but other subjects of interest to them. For most of the podcasts I follow, most of the hosts still have day jobs that are means to what they do at nights and weeks - interesting in technology, science, gaming, and general news. I do not think the participants in a role playing podcast do what they full time. I doubt the podcast makes enough to supplement their incomes. 

Perhaps with today’s educational system, there needs to be a managed social component. 

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