Mobile Tip: Delete the Facebook App To Extend Battery Life On Mobile Devices

Source:  9To5Mac.

This is a great tip from 9to5Mac and while the name implies Apple, iPhone, and all things iOS, it applies to Android devices as well.  Get rid of your Facebook app if you want your battery life to last longer.  And I've stop using the Facebook app on my mobile devices for years and have not suffered the battery debilitating drainage that many millions have reported and suffered from.

When absolutely, I do download it on the quick and do what I need to do and delete the sucker again.  And surprisingly, my friends on Facebook have not disappeared and they continue to exist in the mobile version of Facebook in my browsers. 

And the browser version of Facebook works just fine for addicts.  Think of it this way, you can stay on Facebook longer and satisfy your addiction with the browser version than if you were using the Facebook app.  It's a win-win if you're that hooked. 

Playing Defense Against Climate Change And Any Chance of Rolling Back The Clock

In reading this KPCC (public radio in Southern California) about snowy and windy conditions up in a local mountain, I kept thinking about better it is this winter than the last few years where sustained drought in California has devastated us.  And while we are trying to cut back on water use, reduce carbon emissions, and doing more for the environment, all we are doing is playing defense.

We don't think about what we can gain should we reach our goals and possibly even see conditions change back to what it was before.  Now, I know it'll take decades and may not even happen in our life time.  As the dominant species on earth, an no matter what your political leanings are, liberals who want to do something about global warming or a conservative denier, protecting and conserving should be in our nature.

I hope I can see the day when our local mountains are covered by snow again in a regular basis. 

Space: Man and Others Injured by Meteor

This has not happened in over two hundred years but a bus driver in India was killed by a meteor strike.  It didn't hit her but the blast radius was big enough to leave a crater and killed her while a few others in the blast were hurt.

The strike left a crater along with a blue diamond like artifact. 

What made this such a rare and interesting (and very tragic) event is that most meteors burn up in the atmosphere even before hitting the ground.  Although some are large enough to break up in the air and still be felt or seen over a large area like the 2013 blast in Russia.  According to Wikipedia, that blast was felt over a wide range, causing windows to be blown out and more than 1,500 people sustained injury. 

Source:  Reuters.

Be Wary Of The USB-C Cables - The Wrong One Can Destroy Your Devices

Source: CNN.

Never knew it would bee this complicated but you need to be aware of this as USB-C ports and cables become more common. Apparently, not all USB-C cables are the same. 

See, the new USB-C cables should be able to provide power, charge devices, and transfer data. Very convenient. But only off they're wired correctly. 

 A Google engineer was kid enough to sacrifice his Chromebook for is to make this point. Right now, the other mainstream laptop with an USB-C port is the 12" Macbook from Apple. Soon, more will follow including phones, tablets, and other devices that can benefit from USB-C connection to get power or for data transfers.

For now, get brand named versions of the cables. It'll be more expensive than cheaper ones from a Chinese company you've never heard of. But it'll be worth it when your device or laptop contents to work as advertised and not turn into a smoldering piece of plastic and fried electronics. 

Look for special seals of approval.  Even then, best to play it safe.

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Netflix - Awesome if Co-Owned by Apple and Disney

Apple and Disney are practically famiiy.  This was made possible when Disney bought Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Pixar.  Relationship between the two companies have been cozy since with Disney being president for Apple's video store on iTunes and Disney CEO, Bob Iger, sitting on Apple's board. So, with Apple struggling into the video streaming market, maybe Apple should buy Netflix with Disney or another studio like Fox as a partner.  Apple buying Beats showed that CEO Tim Cook is not adverse to making a buyout to get what Apple needs. 

As for Disney, it already owns a part of Hulu and have linked to possibly buying the Netflix competitor.  But Disney taking a stake in Netflix makes more sense than buying Hulu because if a deal between Disney and Netflix to produce some Marvel titles (Marvel) has already bear fruit.  Furthermore, Netflix will begin showing Disney movies starting in 2016. 

Disney does not have the financial muscle to do it alone. And this is where Apple comes in with its more than $200 billion just ready to make some major M&A damage. With Apple's financial backing and Disney's Hollywood connection, there is no end to the possibilities what these three juggernauts can come up with for overall entertainment values, not to mention cord-cutting options.  We are talking about local broadcasts, ESPN, Disney channels, and more.

For Apple, it provides a platform that has the influence of a major studio when it comes to negotiating with other studios to provide content or broadcast for its streaming service.  It would allow Apple to get much needed licenses easier and quite possibly with an international reach.

I know, I know.  Just a pipe dream, right?  Well, we are talking about a dream team of sort after all.

Security Bug Found in Chinese Branded Android Devices Like A Beijing Backdoor, Not a Bug

Source:  GSM Arena, Phandroid. 

A high level security bug has been found in Android devices sold by major Chinese brands like Lenovo, I find it very generous that the media, including Android blogs, calling this a bug.  In all likelihood, it's a backdoor demanded by the Chinese government. 

So, let's call it for what it is.  A Backdoor for Beijing to monitor its citizens.  Why else would Phandroid say this is not an issue for Americans?  

What other companies are involved?  Huawei was mentioned but this likely goes deeper if, in fact, these Chinese government is involved.  So, you have to wonder about Google's Nexus 6P, made by, you gussed it, Huawei.  When Google selected Huawei to make one of these phones, I had my reservations.  So, I've been recommending folks to go with the Nexus 5X made by LG. 

In recent weeks and months, the Chinese economy has suffered contractions while it's equity markets have suffered huge losses and shaking global financial as well as commodity markets.  The Shanghai Stock Exchange has suffered more than 22% year-to-date and nearly 50% drop from its high.  Fearing widespread unrest over a contracting economy (Industry Week), fraudulent investment schemes (NPR - more than $7.5 billion Ponzi Scheme), corruptions (Google), and  the Chinese government has increased Internet monitoring and censorship (Fortune) while jailing human rights supporters and their family as well as kidnapping foreign nationals like British and Swedish booksellers based out of Hong Kong (Reuters). 

Bug?  Please...