Streaming: CBS Versus Hulu

While everyone is talking about HBO versus Netflix (not as much as I thought), the bigger battle is between CBS's new service verus Hulu.

Hulu has been around 2007. It's a join venture between Disney, NBC, and Fox to pull together various current season TV series, some older series, and an assortment of movies not really worth watching. The thing with Hulu is that many of the shows are also available on these three major broadacast stations, ABC, FOX, and NBC. Hulu provides a centralized hub for these videos and others.

Years ago, the blog chatters have been between Hulu and Netflix but they really target different markets with Netflix offering no current season videos but a vast library of older content, and a growing library of its own original series and movies.

With CBS now offering own CBS All Access for $5.99, the question we have to ask if its worth it? The short and quick answer is absolutely not. While it does offer many if its own content, it excludes many shows and sports like NFL and Big Bang Theory. Oh, and you're going to have to sit through commercials, just like you have to with Hulu. Such double dipping makes no sense.

And with $2 more, you can get Hulu for three times the content with three of the four major networks.

Furthermore, I'm rooting against services like CBS and Hulu. After all, much of the content they offer are already free if you're willing to jump from app to app to watch them. That's what I do now via my mobile devices. If I want to watch the Arrow, I'll use the CW app. The Blacklist on NBC, and Castle and Agents of Shield on the ABC app. In having to save myself $8 a month from having to subscribe to Hulu, it's well worth this first-world "hassle".

And just because you pay Hulu or CBS for access that are free on their their website, episodes are metered in that they are available for a few weeks at a time. Say you start on the Blacklist and watch the first two episodes and got busy. You come back to it a few weeks later, you suddenly find that not only are the first four episodes no longer available for streaming, you have only access to the latest three or four episodes. It makes no sense for paid service to work this way.

Furthermore, if you really want to stream live content, set up a Slingbox and stream them from your tablets.

And reason I would like to see CBS fail is this: consider having to pay $24 for free over-the-air content. And then what happens if CNN, ESPN, or TNT wish to offer their own content? $10 to $15 a channel? It then starts to add up.

I'm hoping eventually, the studios will realize bringing the "cable" model on their own and sell direct to users will not work. They'll have to realize that they cannot charge more just because they are standalone services and not bundled.

Only time will tell but if CBS's new scheme works out. My spidey-sense is tell me it won't.

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Mobile: HBO To Offer Standalone Service for Cordcutters! We Can Thank Netflix For This

Source: USA Today.

No doubt by now, you know that HBO, a service of Time Warner, is only available with a cable or sat TV sub. What you should know by now is that HBO will be offered as a standalone service san the cable baggage in 2015. That means you'll probably pay a disproportionate amount for HBO to stream on your Apple TV, Chrome dongle, or Roku. It means maybe pay anywhere from $15-20 for the service but you won't have to shell out $100 for a bunch of stuff you don't want to watch.

A couple of things you'll want to note going foward:

First, We can thank Netflix. Yeah, without it, not only will we not get a bunch of back catalog of TV and movies for dirt cheap but also really get things moving along with respect to competition for your eye balls and wallet.

Second, look for other studios to monetize their services once HBO has established their presence on non-traditional platforms. Looking for a comedy channel with just old Friends episodes for $2? Sure? I'd pay $5 for an all The Simpsons and Fox animated services access.

Lastly, bundles will come once more channels are offered to cord-cutters. It'll be offered with greater flexibility than what cable guys are now offering. And it'll completely up-end how we watch TV.

Now, $15-20 might be a lot for just one "channel" right? I predict that HBO might offer tiered services. For older stuff, maybe it'll be around $10 and current shows will jump up to $15 or more. And maybe even $20 if you want to not just stream from your Apple TV but also tablet. This would allow Time Warner to satisfy cable partners and give consumers more choices. Of course, you can already get older HBO content if you have Amazon Prime. But that's $100 a year.

The question now is when in 2015? January 1st? March? Summer? Fall? What's your time?

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What Does a MJ Impersonator and A Mormon Missionary Have In Common?

Michael Jackson impersonator and a Mormon missionary have this in common.  Must watch.  I love this after the previous heart-breaking post.

Both were equally impressive but I love the Moonwalk at the end!

Source:  ABC Los Angeles.

Social: This Person Has To Die

I supposed the death penalty for child abusers like this person who is supposed to be a caretaker and protector.  Now, I know I'm probably on the fringe here but I also blame the parents who have children but can't raise them and put their care in the hands of strangers who really are in it for the money.  

Most nannies or babysitters are not Mary Poppins.  

CDC On Border Closures And Flight Bans

According to the director of CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, banning flights and closing off borders would not help contain the current Ebola outbreak and could end up driving those infected underground and lie about their conditions.  Furthermore, it could further create complications like logistical problems for transportation of aids and supplies.  

Ebola can be contained but it requires proper education and training of the medical staff all over the world.  

A good twitter to follow at this time is also the CDC director's Twitter account as are the CDC accounts (CDCCDC Emergency). I have found the general #Ebola stream on Twitter is filled with nonsense and does not help when it comes to getting accurate information.

I'm glad the CDC is coming forth quickly with new information.  It would put to bed any rumors and unfounded innuendoes and provide up-to-date information for all.   

Ebola: Second Patient Contracted Ebola

According to CDC, a breach in protocol resulted in a nurse who was treating the index patient, Thomas Eric Duncan.  The CDC is making sure that infected will get the best care and CDC team is making sure others who have had contact with her are isolated.

The only way you can contract Ebola is with direct contact with the bodily fluid of an infected.  

The key like I've always said regarding Ebola, other hemorrhagic fevers, or bacterial outbreaks is education, doing everything to avoid contamination or the infected, and common sense.

It is possible at this time there could be additional infection cases due to the same nature of beach in protocol that resulted in the nurse being infected.

Source:  Fox News.