This report from CNN will give Donald Trump much needed "proof" to his claim about Mexico. Obviously, the dude is fanning those who just happens to agree with his feelings and thoughts on minorities, specifically those coming from just south of the US borders.

It is very unfortunate because vast majority of Latinos are family loving and law-abiding citizens, some who are deeply religious and conservative, a natural fit for the GOP. The rest are just average folks looking for their piece of the American Dream.

So, on Wednesday, while walking in San Francisco with her father, Kate Steinle was shot by a known criminal who had been deported from the United States six times already. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez appeared to have had a very violent past. He had been in custody with the SF Sheriff Department but was released before ICE could be notified and picked him up.

But that is not quite right. There is going to be a lot of finger-pointing especially from the right regarding US immigration policies, San Francisco's unwillingness to follow immigration orders, and, of course, our very porous borders.

ICE had Sanchez in custody and turned him over to SF authorities because of outstanding drug charges. However, the charges were were dropped and Sanchez was released without ICE knowing about it. Otherwise, they would have claimed him before he was free to walk the streets of San Francisco and killed the young woman.

Oh, a young woman who happened to be very pretty and blond. So yeah, red meat for Fox News, talk radio, and Donald.

It's unfortunate that a very sensible and fair reform to our immigration policy cannot be enacted because the White House, Democrats, and the Republicans would rather use it as an issue to rally their bases. And on this matter, it will not look good for the left.

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Social Media and Kobe Bryant: Tweets Are The New Smoke For Fire

This is the season for a lot of posts and tweets about the NBA regarding free agencies. And living in Los Angeles as a Lakers fan, you can't help but follow closely how the Lakers are imploding all because no one wants to play with Kobe Bryant at this stage in his career - Bryant's unwillingness to change his game to accommodate a changing NBA and reinvent his game. Two years ago, Dwight Howard left for Houston and a year later partner Pau Gasol departed for Chicago (which everyone agrees was the right choice for his career even if he took a pay cut). And since then, Lakers has been unwilling to get a major free agent to come to Los Angeles.

Make no mistake, the Lakers' rich and storied history is a huge draw. The big market and proximity to Hollywood also factors in. But standing in the way is Kobe. And if you do a simple tweet search, you'll find a lot of Kobe fans are even beginning to wonder if their basketball hero is doing more harm than good for the team. People are also wondering if he should take a pay cut as well. Obviously, we all know Kobe's feeling on that issue.

Here's the thing though - denials by the Lakers front office and players around the league that Bryant is not the reason why free agents will not come to Los Angeles despite evidence to the contrary is not doing the NBA or fans any favors.

Maybe Kobe and the Lakers don't want to hear what is being said around the NBA but we in the social media are hearing everything loud and clear.

Warming: Polar Bears In Worse Position Than Previously Thought

With less ice now that polar bears use for hunting and mating, it means by 2025, 1/3 of polar bears could be in danger of dying off.  That's what's implied in this GRIST post.  This conclusion is way worse than previously thought.   Here is another thought.  It is like that as we get to closer to 2025, it will be even worse.

Of course, the current effort to slow green house gases is only that:  slowing and really any effort to cut down global warming gases.  So, while we know that the polar bears will need some major adapting to the disappearing arctic ice, it also means the rest of the world has to content with what the polar bears are going through right now.

Consider them to be the canaries in the climate change that tell us just how bad things are. 

Social: Google Photos Labeled Black Woman Less Than Flattering (Racist) Name

Source:  CNN.

This is one of the worst blunders Google has gone through.  Through its photo storage and sharing app, Google Photos, it labeled an African American woman as, well, I'll let you click through to see what I mean.  Like others, I find this to be appalling.  However, like Google said, this was likely a bug.  "Likely" only because we cannot be sure Google will let us know otherwise if it's not.

And Google is a faceless corporation like others who are not about to go out and alienate consumers on purpose, minorities or otherwise.  In Google's defense, its facial recognition software has confused people with dogs and horses as well.

Given the racial climate in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting and black church burnings, this certainly could not have happened at a worse time.

Apple Music Nothing New (Yet)

I read this Gizmodo post about Apple Music.  Granted that I have not used it yet (waiting for iOS 9 beta to have it next week), when you get rid of the Taylor Swift drama and the will-they-or-won't-they-sign of the indie labels, I'm not sure Apple is offering anything other streaming services do not already have.

There is the Beats One "radio station" that Apple has that no one else does for now.  It could be the first step to something even better.  If Apple Music evolution follows other Apple product improvement, we can see annual improvements up to a point and where it makes sense.

So far, the bar is pretty low given the state of the streaming segment of the music market.  There are plenty of players so it is good to see there are competitors that will continue to push Apple foward.

Once I've gotten a chance to play with it, I will looking into what features I love to see that might be missing or improved.

Social Media A Battleground Between Gay Rights Advocates/Supporters and Conservatives - Overlays of Flags and Rainbows

When the Supreme Court of the United States made the 5-4 ruling in favor of gay rights, I knew it was a big deal even though I had not pay much attention to it.  And it was only the last day or so when I noticed the rainbow overlay on Facebook profile pictures that I made the connection between the overlay and I assumed to be the SCOTUS decision.

Now, conservatives want people to counter the gay rights supporters with an overlay of the American flag.  I'm not sure what that even would do.  People on Facebook would assume that people are doing it because of Independence Day, July 4th.

Still, I'm not sure the conservatives ought to be doing this.  See, in Russia, they're doing the same thing when a designer provided a tool to allow Russian Facebook users to overlay the Russian flag on top of their profile pictures to show their stance against gay rights.

But see, to the conservatives here, Russia is just happens to be our current adversary due to their aggression in Ukraine and Putin fostering anti-American sentiments.

As someone who is right-of-center, I can't help but feel the ultraright nuts are dragging the rest of us down.  And the current crop of GOP candidates are not helping.