Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In About 5 Years, Your Mobile Devices May Lasts More Than 50% Longer Or More

By using sulfer, Sony has managed to increase the energy density of a new battery and, according to The Independent, give mobile warriors 40% increase in battery life.  And since this will not hit the market until 2020, there is ample time for Sony to improve up on that.

And with more efficient chips, software updates, and other energy saving components like more efficient screens, smartphones and other mobile devices may well see greater than the 40% increase in battery life.  I hesitate to say double but who knows right? 

Personally, I'd settle for a 50% increase that would allow me to go through a proper day of heavy use - gaming, watching videos, chatting on apps, and using the GPS for running or getting around town without worrying. 

Can't wait.  The limiting factor for true mobile experience has been the battery life. This will unleash us from having to worry about the battery drain and truly let us be mobile. 

While the article made no mention of laptops, I do consider them to be mobile devices, especially the lighter Chromebooks, Surface tablets, and the ever ligther Macbooks.  And while Apple, Google, and Microsoft give them 7-10 hours of battery life under certain use conditions, I find that real work use is actually 50% less.  Perhaps, this new Sony battery tech and really allow moderate to heavy users really be productive with true all-day devices in a few years.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yahoo's Video Guide Offers Nothing Novel - So Why?

Yahoo launched another app today, Yahoo Video Guide App (tumblr), that is supposed to help users find content to watch on the mobile apps for Android and the iOS platform.  However, it does nothing that is novel that other apps do not already offer.  Hence, it's the reason why I've stayed away from it.  So, why? And why now?

Once you open up the app and find the show you want to watch, you are still forced to download that app if you already haven't or switch away from Yahoo's guide and enter the video streaming app.  Say you want to watch any of the Stargate TV series, which is only available for streaming on Amazon or for download on iTunes.  So, you'll still have to switch away.

Granted, it makes discovery a heck of a lot better which is probably the reason why Yahoo came up with this.  It's a nicer app than most other discovery ones that I've downloaded, used for a few minutes, and deleted for all of enternity.

As a long-time Yahoo fan and feel nostalgic whenever I think back to my college days using Yahoo to conduct rudimentary searches, I like to see Yahoo gain some foothold in the media market.  There has been quite a bit of turmoil of late for Yahoo and it feels like Yahoo is throwing stuff up on the wall and hoping something sticks.

Yahoo Video Guide, as nice as it is, feels that way. 

Source:  Techcrunch.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Time For Apple To Take The Gloves Off On Video Subscriptions

According to Bloomberg, Apple will not going to go through with their live TV/video subscription as planned.  At best, the whole concept is on hold.  It remains to be seen if Apple should just forget about their whole approach in trying to secure deals with content providers like CBS.  After all, Bloomberg's source for their post is CBS.  So, what should Apple do?  Take the gloves off and pour billions into the only demand and or live market.  Start signing deals and stripping others of content. 

For instance, start with sports.  Take the all the main sports in the US and put them all under the Apple Sports banner.  Apple can dish out games to those who are willing to play "ball".  For instance, Apple can allow Disney's ESPN to show some games because Apple and Disney likely have a better relationship and can come to amicable terms than say Apple and CBS can.  Deny those who are playing hardball with their cotnents. 

From there, Apple can build on their platform and get into developing and distributing its own content like Netflix is successfully doing.  Again, Apple can do deals with Disney or others as well.  Even with HBO or Netflix. 

The tens (or is it hundreds now) of billions that Apple has overseas can be put to work in similar fashion. Secure Asian contents like anime or Korean dramas or football games all over the world.  That money Apple earned overseas are not coming back to the US any time soon. 

Apple's brand and appeal will allow Tim Cook to launch a global network in such a way no other company has been able to do.  Apple can break down artificial barriers that content providers erected against admissions or to extract additional fees or protectionist reasons.  Finally, Apple can bring true competition worldwide. 

While it would be great to secure local live content, that should follow over time when providers see how successful Apple will be and will want to be a part of it. 

There is a time when Apple needed partners.  And Apple would rather have partners.  But if you ask someone to a dance and no one wants to, well, you just have to go at it alone and find out how to have fun.  For Apple, it's changing the rules and dirsupting the market.  Maybe it was not the right time when the Apple TV was still just a hobby.  Now, the Apple TV is a serious contender for living rooms across the world.  Apple has to get get serious about that and stop treating TV and video streaming as a hobby. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Rid of the 3.5 mm Jack Is Nothing: Eventually, All Apple Products Will Have No Ports

People seems to be stressing themselves over the fact that Apple is looking into replacing the 3.5mm input for headsets and your only option will be to use the Lightning connectors or wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity. Well, here is another shocker:  eventually, Apple will do away with that as well.  No ports.  Everything will have to be connected wirelessly - headsets, speakers, charging stations. 

And not only for iOS devices but you can pretty much forget USB ports on most consumer oriented Macs as well.  Those who are complaining that Apple provided only one USB-C port?  Yeah, nada ports in the future.

Why?  That's the future, homies.  And it goes to the design philosophy that Apple has.  It might not happen in the next couple of years but 5 years from now, that may well be the case.  As iPhone and iPad user, I'm still having to charge via the Lightning port, a wire.  But pretty much everything else is done wirelessly - data transfers like buying apps, using apps, and backing up my iCloud data.

And when I'm at Starbucks, I'm enjoying their wireless charging. Yes, it's through a wireless connector through the Lightning port but that's a temporary solution until Apple sees fit to introduce wireless charging (that we currently have on the Apple Watch) for other products as well. 

And if you want to jump a bit head, you can buy wireless charging setups for  your iPhone but, honestly, just wait for Apple's own implementation.  It's likely Apple has learn quite a bit from practical Apple Watch's wireless charging experiences and will bring that know-how over to iOS products, probably first to the iPhone and eventually, the iPad, and then Macbooks down the road.  And yes, eventually, your screens will serve as solar chargers from the sun as well as ambient light sources. 

Without the 3.5 mm jack and the Lightning port, all iOS devices will look even better.  And I'll tell you what - there are other things on the iPhone and iPad that will eventually going away as well.

Stay tuned. 

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