Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In About 5 Years, Your Mobile Devices May Lasts More Than 50% Longer Or More

By using sulfer, Sony has managed to increase the energy density of a new battery and, according to The Independent, give mobile warriors 40% increase in battery life.  And since this will not hit the market until 2020, there is ample time for Sony to improve up on that.

And with more efficient chips, software updates, and other energy saving components like more efficient screens, smartphones and other mobile devices may well see greater than the 40% increase in battery life.  I hesitate to say double but who knows right? 

Personally, I'd settle for a 50% increase that would allow me to go through a proper day of heavy use - gaming, watching videos, chatting on apps, and using the GPS for running or getting around town without worrying. 

Can't wait.  The limiting factor for true mobile experience has been the battery life. This will unleash us from having to worry about the battery drain and truly let us be mobile. 

While the article made no mention of laptops, I do consider them to be mobile devices, especially the lighter Chromebooks, Surface tablets, and the ever ligther Macbooks.  And while Apple, Google, and Microsoft give them 7-10 hours of battery life under certain use conditions, I find that real work use is actually 50% less.  Perhaps, this new Sony battery tech and really allow moderate to heavy users really be productive with true all-day devices in a few years.

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