Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kindles Outsold By Playbook and Touchpads Over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

Amazon sold a lot of Kindles over the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and through Cyber Monday.  That’s what it told us, what it wanted us to think, and made the press like Reuters repeat it over and over again.  How many tablets did Amazon sell?  No one knows because it has not released any actual figures.  So, I’m gonna make them up.

The Kindle line, including tablets and ebook readers were collectively outsold by the RIM’s Playbook by a factor of 25 to 1.  And what’s worse and surprising, the Touchpad, you know, the HP’s WebOS tablet that isn’t even on the market no more, has outsold the Kindle Fire.

Amazon, you failed.  As did the press for simply regurgitating Amazon’s press nonsense.

Apple Will Never Buy AMD But Let's Speculate For Fun

Source:  9to5Mac.

Here is an interesting article speculating on what Apple could do with AMD if it decides to buy it.  First of all, that’s not going to happen.  It’s likely Apple has enough chip designing talent right now.  Any future buyout would be specific to a need, not a wholesale buyout like AMD.  On top of that, Apple is looking to transition away from legacy chip designs like Intel as iOS devices dominate Apple’s attention.

However, it is fun to speculate.  A lot of reasons why Apple could benefit from buying AMD has been spoken for in the article.  I’ll let you read them yourself.  However, this is one particular point in the post that I find enticing for Apple fans.

That is that the government wants to make sure Intel has a competitor in the market.  While I doubt Apple would run amok of regulators if it does find reason to buy AMD, consider that Apple has never shared its technology willingly with others, it’s unlikely to share any future AMD chips with Dell, HP, or other PC competitors.  So, the market would have to turn to Intel for all their chip needs to run Windows.

Suddenly, Intel finds itself capable of charging whatever it wants because of a lack of market competition in the PC market.  Apple could suddenly create a condition in which its competition has to raise their prices because Intel chips sudden cost more.

Obviously, computing in the 80s, 90s, and even the early 2000s is vastly different from mobile computing today where ARM chips dominate.  Thus, Intel is likely to find competition from other chip designers and architectures.  And who is to say that if Apple does buy AMD, it won’t eventually sell off parts of the company it doesn’t need and the buyers still end up competing with Intel anyway.

Again, for speculation sake that Apple does buy AMD, it will target specific needs like graphics that it might benefit from.  And it won’t be just for more powerful and efficient graphics only but using the graphic powers to do tradition tasks that CPU is relied upon to perform.  We already have apps that go to the GPU to do some tasks.  Perhaps, Apple can take this even further with AMD’s GPU expertise.

This is just one example.

In truth, it’s unlike that we’ll see this happen.  Still, it is fun to speculate.

Thursday Lunch Between Obama and Romney: Reason To Be Hopeful?

Source:  CNN.

President Obama will be sitting down with the man he beat on his way to a second term.  Obama and Romney will be having a private lunch together. Good?  Bad?  We really can’t tell.  Could be a photo thing (but the White House said there won’t be a press event for this) or something bigger.  I’m hoping for a more constructive role for Romney.


I could have easily voted for Governor Mitt Romney.  His ideas and philosophies are much more aligned with my personal ideas about the role of government, taxes, and business in general.  And I’m sure he’s got a good heart despite being filthy rich.  My issue with him was that he lied like heck to get to the White House.  Oh, I’m not under any illusion that the Obama campaign did obfuscate the electorate.  But some of what was coming out of the Romney campaign was just insane.

And on top of that, he wouldn’t share specifics with us.

However, in any role he could have in Obama’s second term, he’d have to share those with us, ones that the White House approves off.

Anyway, we’ll know after Thursday noon, that’s when the two former foes will meet up.  I am hopeful but not stupid.  Obama and McCain also met in 2008 but you know how that went in the last four years.

What do you think?  Is there reason to be hopeful?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday: What Retailers Won't Tell Us (Most We Already Know)

Source:  Marketwatch.

"So-so" article about Black Friday shopping in stores.  We know this.  You can get decent deals online in relationship to standing in line and considering the savings.  It's about economics and the value of your time.  That's what I learned the last few Black Fridays.

Another thing, we end up getting crap we don't really need and don't necessarily want.

Also, it's crazy.

More to the article.  Oh, one more thing in the article I thought is worth mentioning:  expect violence.
Stampede.  Herds of humans that had just eaten millions of pounds of turkey coming at you.

Good luck on Friday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Kitty Transforms Into A Thanksgiving Turkey

When I see the cooked Thanksgiving turkey this come Thursday, I'm gonna think Hello Kitty is hiding inside where the stuff should be...

Evil Facebook Has New Scheme, If Catches On, Could Be A Huge Money Maker

I think Facebook is the Devil. Wth a capital “D”.  Yeah, the big guy.  I think even Mark Z (as in zombie) can’t control it because, let’s face it, Facebook is a huge social network that no one, not even Google+, can ever come close.

And while I’ve done my best to spread the privacy violations about Facebook and how its doing everything it can to erode the notion of privacy, it does have its appeals.

And yes, I’ve been quite happy to see its stock price so beaten down from its IPO price.  More than that, it’s vastly overpriced.  It makes very little amount of money when it does.  However, I’ve noted something about Facebook Gifts that could really take off in ways only the most optimistic Facebook execs can hope for.

See, with gift giving, Facebook has made it easy for friends to send each other, well, gifts for any occasion.  Birthdays, Christmases, or any other holidays. And they’ve made it very easy.  On top of that, because they know so much about each user, they can make gift giving not only easy, but also in ways that is useful to the giver as well as the recipient.

I’ve noticed that many of my friends “liked” Target.  Makes sense for me to send them Target gift cards than a trip for two to the middle of nowhere to play miniature golf.  I think Facebook ought to go further if they’re going to be using user data and mine it for commerce.

It could be huge if they partner with retailers like Walmart, Target, or Amazon in big ways. Allow merchandise to appear in a special section of the Timeline that could entice  users to buy gifts for others or themselves.

I still think Facebook is evil.  I’m sadden that there isn’t more uproar about it more often.  Still, I have to give credit where credit is due.  Gifts could be its ticket to being profitable if this catches on.  I want to say it like it's a big "if" but there is no telling what people are comfortable with.

Personally, I am never giving Facebook any of my financial details and I don't think you should either.

As I come to the end, I just wanna share what I found out when I searched "#facebookgifts" on Twitter.  Most folks are "meh" about it. Brookstone seems happy with how things are working out.  We'll have to give it more time to see what Facebook's other partners think about this.

I reckon a wishlist from Facebook for users would not be too far behind.

WB Launches iOS app (I’m sure Android Will Follow Soon Enough) With Offline Playback, Feature I hope Others Duplicate

Source:  9to5Mac.

This is huge in my mind.  Warner Brothers launched a new called for next day viewing called “Day After Us”.  Yes, a studio launching an app like that.  What is more significant is the ability to download it for off-line viewing.

At first, I thought we’d have to pay a month subscription for that but apparently its free.  Maybe this is a test run and we will have to pay something in the future just like Hulu was pretty much free until, well, it wasn’t anymore.

I like to see Hulu and Netflix follow suit.  With the ability to download movies or TV shows for offline viewing, it would greatly help folks who travel or have kids they need to entertain on trips without the benefit of wireless connection.

Again, I say this:  this is a big deal.  This is the exact iTunes description for the app.  The link is here.  Big Bang Theory among shows that WB mentioned.
Watch the most current episodes of Warner Bros popular television series the day after they air in the United States! Catch up on these hot shows by watching episodes from previous seasons, all conveniently located in one mobile app. Download the app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and watch the first episode of each series for free. For the complete experience, you can purchase individual episodes or save money and buy whole seasons as you unlock extra content.
App Features Include:
  • Offline playback: Download episodes directly to your device to playback at anytime
  • Steaming playback: Stream an episode instantly over Wi-Fi
  • Multiple languages: Watch the episodes in your language of choice
  • Real-time news: Live Twitter and Facebook updates
  • Explore WB catalog: Browse other app editions created by Warner Bros.
  • Localized audio dubs and dynamic subtitles are available in certain languages.
Again, see the offline playback.  This is something that I think Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming video services really should take advantage off.  In fact, this could be a whole new revenue stream for these companies.  Let’s suppose they offer this as an option for a fee.  It’s almost like rental, don’t you think?

For instance, say for $5 a month, you can download a couple of movies or TV shows at a time and you can watch them any time or as many times as you want.  But until you erase them, you can’t download more.  And they can even give the option of downloading more if the subscriber is willing to pay more for it.

I’ve thought find it insane that Netflix, the only streaming service I currently have, does not allow this options.  It should be available and something they could work with the content providers on.

Heck, even Google could offer the same service on Youtube.  Or Vimeo or anyone else.  For now, I like that WB is doing this for free.

Download app…now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fiscal Cliff: Around Twitter And Euro Zone Recession

Source:  Forbes.

The Euro Zone is officially in a recession.  A double dip recession to be exact.  The issue for Americans is whether President Barack Obama and the GOP House can come to an agreement to head off the hundreds of billions in cuts and tax increases that will take effect at the end of the year.

At the same time, the White House and Speaker John Bohner simultaneously said that they will be able to come to an agreement, have the mandate on taxes, and drawn lines in the sand regarding taxes.  The only tiny specter of hope is that both sides are find with additional revenues.  But the GOP wants domestic cuts, you know, the pain that President Obama was probably referring to when his conversation with the Des Moines Register.

And most in the press is calling whatever agreement, should the White House and the speaker can come up with, the "grand bargain" and both sides have said they don't want to kick the can down the road.

But what is cyberspace, more specifically, Twitterfolks, saying about this?  This is what I found when I typed in "#fiscalcliff" to get an general idea of what folks and media are talking about.  And this guy stood out:

Not that I'm buying anything he says.  Dude is calling for revolution and other stuff things after President Obama won a second term.  But others on Twitter seems more helpful.

There is Speaker Bohner's supposed plan.  It's just what he wants if the Democrats cave which we know they won't.  In fact, congressional leaders will meet with the President tomorrow at the White House.

What else have I learned?

  • Well, also from Twitter, I learned that we have 47 days until we go over the cliff.   
  • Warren Buffett wants Obama to stand firm on taxing the rich.
  • Only 25 GOP congressmen need to cross the party line to accept anything the Democrats and whatever the more reasonable Senate come up with to avoid the FC more on the President's terms.
  • CEOs are feeling very good that a deal could be reached.
Those are very general things.  The issue is that any tax revenues raised will also have to be offset by cuts.  And while we don't know how they're going to raises revenues, we know even less about what cuts are coming.  

So, that's where we are right now.  We'll have to see where everyone stands after the White House meeting tomorrow.  

So, Twitter is pretty awesome if you use it right.  You can learn a thing or two.  Go ahead and try "#grandbargain" and see what you come up with.  

Wireless Tablets: 3G Kindle Versus 3G Nexus

Nexus 7 devices with 3G support have sold out on Google's Play store.  We don't know how much Google had on hand but I am very curious how this is doing against, not the iPad, but Amazon's Kindle with cellular support.

Amazon's own Kindle Fire with 3G support will come in 8.9", a vastly bigger screen size than its smaller sibling and the Nexus 7.  What's interesting is that it'll be priced at $499 while the Nexus 7 with 3G support will cost $299, a $200 difference.

Kindle Fire HD 4G

The difference beyond the screen size and price is that the Fire 8.9 will also include 250MB of cell support for an one-time fee of $49 for a year.  Oh, and one more thing.  The $499 price means you have to settle for "special offers".  That means Amazon offers and ads.  Amazon welcomes you to pay an additional $20 if you want to opt out.  Gracious of them, no?

Still, I'm not sure if that will get anyone jumping up and down with excitement.  And it's also interesting that there is no 7" Fire with 3G.  Maybe we'll see them next year.  

Which are you leaning towards?  

I'm not big on the Fire.  I rather go with Nexus from Google because of the pure Android play there.  With Amazon, they're quite temperamental with contents and who knows what'll set them off by deleting your contents and cancelling your accounts like they did in the past.

With Google, you also know you'll be getting better Android support behind anything other Android device makers will offer.  And you are getting it for a great price of $299.  

While Amazon does offer a bigger screen with the 8.9" for the Fire, the advantage for Google's Nexus 7 is just too overwhelming in my mind.  

Hey, that's just me.  What are you looking to get for yourself?

Lots Of People Forgoing Windows 8 And Could Opt For iPads and Macs

Source:  USA Today.

First, I thought Windows 8 was an interesting take on the whole UI experience - a drastic departure from the Start menu that we are so familiar with and the desktop.  There is still that but that's how what Microsoft would like us to see going forward.  It'll be a new dawn for Microsoft and Windows.

However, things could be setting pretty fast if these survey pan out.  And they almost never pan out exactly.  But if it does, Windows 8 could be the worst version since, well, the original Windows.  No one remembers that.  Tech pundits will compare it to Vista.  Windows 8 may make Vista look like a glowing success.

So, if people aren't buying Windows 8, what will they be considering as an alternative?  Some are just trying to stick with what they have.  We've got a few XP machines and even Vista.  As bad as Vista is, we're used to it.  And no one is talking about getting Windows 8.

A good portion of the market will stick with what they have.  As far as alternatives, it's Apple's iPads and Macs.

USAT has more gory details that could keep Microsoft execs up at night.

I do think it's too early to tell.  We'll have to see how the Christmas quarter affects sales for everyone.  I'm not sure if Macs will see any uptick other than the pinned-up demands from Macbook and iMac refresh by Apple in the fall.

It's the iPads that I think could do in Windows 8 sales if PC sales are affected.  Only three weeks or so ago, Apple introduced the 4th generation iPad with better specs.  Not that it matters much but it could be enough to entice Windows people who never own an iPad to give it a look instead of getting a Windows 8 machine now or waiting until spring  for Apple's traditional iPad refresh.

And let's not forget the iPad mini.  Starting at $329 for the 16 GB WiFi-only model, it's priced almost exactly between the $199 Android tablets and Surface tablets and Windows 8 laptops.  The iPad mini will be a very disruptive tablet given its size, price point, the huge iOS ecosystem, and, of course, the name "iPad".

Again, the information from USAT is from a survey and I don't recall anyone ever going back to these survey and see if people end up actually doing what they said they would.  Microsoft could well be dinged by Apple's products this Christmas quarter.  And it doesn't help that Microsoft confused the market a bit with the whole RT version running ARM chips and another version running legacy x86 chips.

Whatever you end up buying, you can be thankful that competition for your hard-earned dollars is heating up and you'll get more innovative features than ever before.  And if you're an Apple fan, you want to see Microsoft with some measure of success if anything to keep Apple's designers and engineers on their toes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

iPad Mini To Ruin PC Guys' Days - Will Shrink PC Market Even Faster

Source:  All Things D.
I was not sure that Apple’s iPad was cannibalizing much of PC sales.  Sure, there have been in some cases.  If anything, I thought it’s been Macs that has been cannibalizing PCs.  Well, I am turning into a believer.  iPads are doing a lot of damage to the PC market, particularly the home market, And according to the ATd, the iPad mini will really make things worse for the PC guys.  Windows 8 launch or not, Surface or not, the iPad mini is about get us past the beginning of the post-PC era and more along the way of what we can expect in the tomorrow of tablets.

And while there have been sub-10” tablets like the Nexus 7 and media devices like Kindle HD and Nook HD, none of them has the branding power of Apple when it comes to tablets.  And this is why the $329 iPad mini will really show us just how devastating Apple’s iOS and accompanying ecosystem will be.

And this is just in the consumer market.  And this is just the the iPad mini with its non-Retina display.  And this is an expensive $329 tablet.  Wait until next year when Apple drops the price of the current iPad mini model and possibly replace the current price point of $329 with a Retina Display.

And we don’t know where we’ll go from here in the corporate market.  There is just no way right now that Microsoft’s Surface or other tablets running Windows 8 can compete on price and the ecosystem.  On top of that, corporations have gotten to know and trust iOS for years.  No so with Windows 8 running on ARM chips.

Then there is also the education market.  Last year, Apple introduced the new iPad with Retina Display at the $499 price point and smartly kept the iPad 2 on the market at $399.  And with the 4th iPad, the iPad 2 remains on the market.  Why?  $399 is a very attractive price point for families and students.  Now, they’ve got a choice of the iPad mini that is $70 cheaper.

Schools’ll love it. Students’ll love it and so will parents.  PCs days, quite possibly even Macs, in schools are numbered.  Imagine if Apple decides to part way with the iPad mini at $299 or lower just for the schools.  And that’s this year’s iPad mini.  I reckon Apple could go lower next year at around $250 to $270 if it wants.

Personally, I don’t see any need for laptops these days if you’re just an average joe mobile warrior who doesn’t does computers at all for work.  I have a Macbook Air that I enjoy using but the iPad is the first thing I grab when I go home to check up on the latest social updates or sport scores.  No longer do I fire up the browser to do that on the Air.  Right now, I use the Air for more heavy duty stuff that isn’t quite as easy yet on the iPad.  But that could all change as developers come up with newer and more innovative ways on the tablets.

And maybe not in the next year or two but beyond, the perception about tablets could change further.  Right now, the general perception people have, including myself at times, is that tablets are stripped down computers if that.  But as their penetration in schools, homes, and businesses continue and as Apple continue to expand the ecosystem, iPads, mini or otherwise, could give Apple an iPod-like market-share.

For competitors like Microsoft and Google, it may well be their worst nightmare and there might not be anything they can do about it.

Romney To Work With Obama? Forget About It

Mr. President, I think you’re a genuinely good guy who is looking out for everyone.  That’s why I voted for you (especially since a GOP House will keep you in check).   And Romney’s attitude towards Americans, those not among his class, you know, the distain and lack of understanding, is exactly who I voted against him.

Plus, while you were praising him today, being all statesman-like, dude was dissing you and the folks who voted for you (ABC News).  Saying stuff like how you gifted the people who voted for you so that they would vote for you.  To me, you did what you could do and had to.  No sitting president would pass up the chance to use the office of the presidency to his advantage.

He said that all those gifts would add up to “trillions”.  “Billions” I’ll buy but I doubt you had the ability to gift “trillions”.  That’s the other reason why I voted for you instead of him.  Dude can’t stop lying.

So, while you were talking about liking some of his ideas and trying to see if there are ways you can sit down and work with him to move America forward, you can forget about it.  Romney just go pounded by you and he doesn’t like you at all.  He’d rather see you fail even at the expensive of America.  It’s unfortunate because there are some good conservative ideas that I genuinely think you should hear about.

Unfortunately, the GOP and its conservative operatives are still trying to find reasons why they lost and ways to stymie your efforts.  That’s unfortunate too.

Take McCain, the previous guy you beat.  He’s now just a bitter old man, looking for payback, and has found a way to hurt you by way of UN ambassador Rice to hurt you (and boy, did your administration really drop the ball on the whole Benghazi thing).  He doesn’t care if it’ll make the public turn more against the GOP as long as he can get his pound of flesh.

But keep trying.  I really doubt Romney’s your man to work with.  There are good sensible guys on the right.  Maybe one or two will stick their neck out far enough to work with you.

Yeah, that’s gonna be hard to find.  But hey, aside the fact that I’m a nobody, feel free to give me a ring.

Social: IDF Uses Twitter To Announce New Campaign

I think this has got to be a first.  The Israeli Defense Force used Twitter to sell folks that they've launched a new campaign to rid themselves of folks who fired rockets and missiles at Israel.  Which ever side you come down on, this is probably a first for Twitter.

Twitter has been used telling folks that they're on the toilet, birth of a child, link to an interesting post, or even start revolutions across North Africa.  But a war?

Source:  IDF Twitter.

Will Petitioners Or Macy Cave Over Donald Trump?

Source:  MSNBC Today.

This is one story to follow.  A subset of malcontents are urging Macy’s to dump Donald Trump.

Now, let me go on record and say I don’t care about this douche one way or another.  He’s an entertainer who is given relevance for one reason or another.  Personally, I just don’t think he’s a very good business man when it came it this real estate and casino holdings.  But he’s brilliant at being in the media decade after decade.

And yeah, dude's freaking irresponsible.  Not even smart GOP would touch him unless you're trying to be the nominee during the primaries.

So, given his irresponsible tweets and birther outbursts, these petitioners are asking Macy’s execs to get rid of him.  They’ve got a week.

I’m not sure it’s a good ultimatum.  Whether you agree with it or not, let’s track this and see which side blinks or even if the people cutting their Macy cards will force the Macy’s hands.

Let’s keep track and see.

Also, when you go the petition site, you’ll note that this is a left-leaning site powered by Move On.  Where are the right-wingers coming to Donald’s support?  He’s given them so such over the years in terms of entertainment value.

Mobile: Samsung Won't Settle With Apple - Good Move

There's a splatter of posts from blogs to newspapers to financial sites reporting Samsung's mobile chief as saying that the Korean tech giant will not be settle with Apple on the various patent issues.  Rather, they'll stick it out in the courts.

It's a good move.  There had been reports that Steve Jobs had discussions with Samsung about this.  And you know where that went.  Right now, Samsung is counter-suing Apple with FRAND patents which getting itself unwanted attentions from various regulatory bodies.  Even that has not deterred Samsung in the least.

So, what’ll happen is we’ll see where this goes.  Right now, Samsung is appealing the more than $1 billion judgment it lost to Apple by claiming the foreman was biased and quite possibly hit information from the court about his past.  I don’t think we’ll see anything come of this.  There is simply no evidence that his past clouded him in the Apple-Samsung case.

But it shows that Samsung can keep this in the courts for years.

Meanwhile, tech moves on. Samsung also knows that since it has lost some judgments to Apple, it doesn't have anything else to lose here.  Any negotiation it enters with Apple will be at a disadvantage.

So, to the courts it is.

Source:  Electronista.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mobile: Pay Attention When You're Walking While Using Your Smartphone. You Might Get Bitten by Snakes

I admit it.  I am guilty at times for cross the road without properly looking for traffic that might splatter me all over the road.  I mean I do look before I cross but I really ought to pay more attention.  So, there.  I’m guilty of using my smartphone while walking.

It’s not a crime yet.  Not like in some states where if you’re driving and using the phone at the same time, you could get you a ticket from your friendly neighborhood patrol officer.

However, this LA Times story really takes the cake.  A teen trying to find a signal for his cell walks right into a rattlesnake nest and gets bit multiple times.


I do pay attention to the occasional poop that people’s dogs leave behind.  But I guess I now have to look out for snakes.

This blows…but what are the chances I’ll be in the wilderness, not wearing boots, looking for cell signals.

Petraeus the Movie

CNBC has its own ideas about what the movie should be about.  I think it'll work as a comedy as well.  I love for it to be turned into a sitcom.

Again, you knew the movie was coming...It'll be called "Petraeus:  Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer and Got-No-Word-For-This".

But after that, what will happen to the main actors in this whole mess?

After all this dies down, Petraeus will join DWTS, Jon Stewart will offer Broadwell a job as the fitness correspondent on The Daily Show, and Kelley will get her own reality TV show and clothing line.

For for General Allen? Well, in case you don't know who he is.  He's also involved with Kelley.  Apparently, he sent some naughty emails to Kelley.  So, we will ship Allen off to NATO...let the Europeans have a little fun so they can have some laughs.  They'll need it given their economic pains they're in.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Stop Posting DigitTimes Nonsense! No iPhone 5S In The Next 6 Months!!!

You might be hearing rumors about new Apple stuff coming.  People, don’t believe a word of this.  This is from “always wrong” Digitimes which I will not dignify it by linking to any sites that uses them for their click-baiting activities.

So, there will not be any new iPhone 5S in the next six months.  I know that Apple just refreshed the iPad but with the same form factor so I wouldn’t put it past Apple to refresh it with one similar to the iPad mini but there is no hurry there as far as Cupertino is concerned.

Think about it.  Apple has not even come close to finishing rolling out the iPhone 5 in most territories and has has problems keeping up with demands in the Western world. What makes you think it's gonna go ahead with the 5S production?

Also, iTV?  Will this rumor die already?!  Unless Apple has content deals in place, you can forget about that.

So, there you have it.  The only thing worth noting this morning is the hundreds of millions Apple is guarantee to get from HTC in the 10-year patent licensing deal and quite possibly more from other Android device makers.

I really implore Apple fan sites to stop using Taiwanese tech tabloids as basis for their posts.  You guys are looking more stupid with each of these posts.

Samsung Does It Again: 16MP Galaxy Camera

Source: Droid-Life.

Ready for a Galaxy camera from Samsung?  You better be.  Some might call this trying to throw stuff up on the way and see what sticks.

Me?  I call it innovation and Samsung is on a roll.  It has been for a while.  The Galaxy phones are selling by the tens of millions per quarter and the Note phone/tablet is not too shabby.

And now, this 16MP with a quad-core CPU with a 21X optical zoom and the latest Android OS.

Of couse, it’s still too early to tell but I like where Samsung is going with their consumer line.  They are not as dogmatic as Apple when it comes to trying new things.  Can you ever see Steve Jobs coming out with a dedicated iOS camera?  Right.

What I want to know is how heavy this thing is, if it can make phone calls, and how long the battery life is and if it’s user-replaceable.

Until then, this Galaxy Camera is still the one to beat for point-and-shoot cameras.  How many out there can say that they’re also a mobile computing device as well?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Government And Military Using Counterfeit Tech.

Right to the point: the federal government and the US military is being flooded with counterfeit tech.

What's worse is that most of these fake products originate from China, you know, folks who constantly hack us and try to steal out corporate and industrial secrets.

Whether this is oversight, incompetence, or something criminal, this is what Congress should be holding hearings on and not why FBI did not immediately inform those pompous fools on the Hill with juicy details of an investigation with no national secruity implications regarding the CIA director, General David Patraeus.

We already know that the Patraeus issue, which resulted in his resignation, had nothing to do with his position as director of the CIA and it was a personal matter.

Of course, many of the buffoons in Congress who legislated over the poorest approval rating in history were reelected and this is what they chose to do.

- Posted using Mobile

Based On The Commercials, Which Will Convince You To Buy A Product?

Here are three commercials.  One is from Microsoft.  Another from Samsung.  And one from Apple.

Just watching them, there is one that stands out.  One that doesn't really show me what its product is capable of doing and why I ought to pick it over other competing devices.

This first one is from Microsoft to show off the new Surface tablet based on its Windows 8 RT.

This one is from Samsung for the Galaxy S III.  It's cute.

This one is from Apple showing off the iPad mini.  It's cute and it shows off the size and that being smaller doesn't mean you have to compromise.

Now that you've seen all three, what do you think? The one is from Microsoft to show how well the Surface clicks, as in how well the keyboard cover clicks well with the Surface.  My iPad's Smartcover also clicks well with my iPad too.

I spent a good amount of time with the Surface.  It's a fantastic commercial but aside from a simple swipe, it doesn't show off what the Surface can do for the user.  Here are a couple of more Surface commercials that Microsoft should show more than the one above.

This one shows off a Windows 8 computer in ways that the iMac cannot compete with.  A computer becomes a canvas for a child looking to be challenged and a potential artist to be challenged.

Whether you're an Apple or Google fan, or just a general mobile fan like myself, you have to appreciate the fact that Microsoft has a very good product in Windows 8 here.  But some of Microsoft's commercials suck.  They're just as bad as Samsung's commercials that made fun of Apple users but do nothing to showcase its own products.

Call Of Duty 2 Commercial: Wasn't Gonna Buy an Xbox 360 But Now I Will

I've been told by just about everyone who is anyone that I should just forgo getting an Xbox or a PS3 and wait until 2013.  Wise advice.

But while watching today's NFL games, I saw this commercial for Call of Duty 2.  Wow.  Just wow.  Now, I don't know what to do.  I might just go ahead and buy it anyway.

Watch the commercial and you'll know what I'm talking about.  The commercial guest stars none other than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

All In: The Daily Show Interview With Petraeus' Mistress

Source:  Hollywood Reporter.

I saw the original broadcast of this The Daily Show With Jon Stewart earlier this year with Paula Broadwell.  Who is Paula Broadwell?

Well, she's the other woman.  It's kinda harsh but that's the way it's being said right now.  Broadwell is the woman who wrote General David Petraeus biography.  The title of the book is "All In" which kinda now has a different meaning.

So, in case you are not aware, news broke on Friday that General Petraeus resigned as director of the CIA because of his affair with Broadwell.  It was a sad day.  Believe me.

Here is the interview Jon conducted with Broadwell.  What's interesting is that you can come away from the interview with the same perspective and respect you have for General Petraeus which I still do.  No one can dispute the hard work, duties, and sacrifices the general has done for the United States.

Or you can now kinda look back and be jaded.  Personally, I am going to take that all in and simply appreciate the irony of life, thank the man for what he's done for this country, and remember that he's also just a man.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Didn't See This Coming: Apple and HTC Settles Patent War

Source: Yahoo.

Yeah, I definitely didn't see this coming. Apple and HTC has settled their patent war and has a 10-year licensing agreement.

Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung continues to fight it out. Maybe the $1 billion+ judgement Apple won against Samsung had something to do with this.

We don't know the details yet but I am sure elements of it will leak out over the next dew days. Analysts will want to know how much this helps the bottom line for both companies.

The losers in all this could well be patent attorneys.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Movie: World War Z Trailer

Source:  MTV.

You all know what World War Z is.  If not...OMG, are you kidding?!

Seriously though, you have got to go pick up a copy of World War Z, fictitious chronicle of a zombie outbreak

Now, you know that when there is a good thing, Hollywood can't help but get its hands on it.  Well, now there is a movie based on the book (very loosely I might add) starring Brad Pitt.

Now, here is the trailer.  Enjoy!  I've already watched it at least 5 times!!!

I've already watched it at least 10 times!!!  Yeah, between post the video until now, I've watched it another 5 times with my coworkers.

Again, you have got to get yourself a copy of it this weekend at your local book store.  I know Barnes and Noble has copies of them. In fact, go tonight after work and you'll be able to start reading it tonight and through the weekend.

Here's the wiki page about the book, not the movie.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2016: Bush Versus Clinton Rematch And Why No Biden?

Politico has a post out today about political order being restored once President Obama finished his newly earned (won) second term.  How so?

The GOP could look towards the Bush dynasty for guidance in the form of Jeb Bush while the Democrats could well lean on the former First Lady, former NY senator, and currently our secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Of course, if either does run, would you be surprised 2020, 2024, 2028, or some time in the future when Chelsea Clinton decides to pick up that mantle to reestablish the Clinton dynasty or the next generation of Bush could try to have a go at it.

Hey, don't get the Kennedys either.  They just go a newly elected Joe Kennedy III.  So far, dude looks clean if somewhat inexperience.

But they all do, don't they?  It's the name.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a Hillary-Jeb facebook.  But you have to wonder why Biden has not been mentioned at all for 2016, except by himself.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Microsoft To Make Sub-10" Tablet - Xbox or Surface Tablet

Source:  The Verge.

This is in the rumors category but I think this time, I can make an exception because we all knew this was coming.  And yes, I still hate trafficking rumors.  Now, with that out of the way, here we go.  

Anyway, Microsoft has an Xbox tablet in the world.  Microsoft is making a sub-10" tablet.  The Verge is saying it is a 7" tablet but I think the powers-that-be in Redmond are probably still finalizing the details.

And we truly don't know what the details are.  What I do know is this:  Microsoft ain't out of the game.  Microsoft's attempt to become more Apple like is moving ahead full steam.  They've done bad with the Zune but they seem to be doing quite well with the Xbox.  So, why not follow that model?  

I am not quite ready to say that Microsoft is back.  It'll be years before we see Windows tablets and phones make inroads if at all.  However, Microsoft has a history of succeeding, if not the first, second, or even the third attempt, they'll eventually get it right.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

This Blows: Surface Tablet Has Only Half Of Usable Storage

Source:  9to5Mac.

This isn’t a bad joke and I know today ain’t April Fool’s Day.  Still, this is one of the worse wake-up calls as far as Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet goes.  And Surface users are not going to be happy about this when they find out.

Remember how everyone has been crowing about how for the same amount of money, you get double the storage on the Surface over the iPad?  So, for $499, you get 32 GB on a Surface tablet while you get only 16 GB on the iPad from Apple.  Advantage Microsoft, right?  Not quite.

See, with a Surface’s 32 GB, you actually only get about half of that for your wares and stuff.  That’s right.  HALF!  And where’s the other half?  Microsoft took them up.  5 GB for Windows recovery and tools and the rest for built-in apps.  Talk about bloatware.  But that’s is only 13 GB, that’s still more than the iPad, right?

Well, for whatever reason, only 29 GB is reported by Windows.  So you get 16 GB.

Well, technically, that is still more than the 16 GB iPad because Apple does siphone away a couple of GB for itself.  Still, that isn’t quite the shocker that Surface users are faced with.

So, there you have it.  Still about 1.5-2 GB more than the iPad but definitely not double as Microsoft would like to have us believe.  It’s likely that this same is on the Nexus 7.  Android does not take up half the internal storage for itself and bloatware like Microsoft does.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 6th: GOP Evidence of Obama Victory?

I don't know who is going to win.  If someone forced me to pick now, I'd have to say President Obama should win by a narrow margin.  Maybe not the narrow margin that many are suggesting but definitely smaller than in 2008.  However, with the polls all over the place and the vastly different interpretations and perceived biases, who really knows.

But a couple of development this weekend has me thinking that maybe the Romney campaign thinking that they are going to have a tough time winning on Tuesday.

The first one is Romney campaigning in Pennsylvania.  I don't think he'd be there if he thinks he's got a shot at Ohio.  And this is forcing Governor Mitt Romney to take this route to the White House.  Maybe it'll work.  Maybe it won't.  I think Sandy will help the President somewhat.  And it's a long shot move but an absolutely necessary one.  

The second is what Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan said on Sunday.  He said an Obama victory would mean the days of Christian values are over.  Depending on your religious views, this may or may not be true.  Regardless, what Ryan said isn't important but when he's saying it:  less than 48 hours before election.

You might think that Ryan is trying to rally the conservative voters to go out on Tuesday.  Maybe.  On face value, that is what it appears.  However, it would also smell of desperation and goes well with my theory that Romney is going to try to get to the White House via a non-Ohio victory route.  

If Ryan's message about Christian values isn't about rallying the base, then it means only one thing: Ryan is eyeing 2016.  See, you don't talk about stuff like in the general election.  You would say things like that if you're trying to win primaries by pandering to the base and avoid things like that during the general election and move to the center.

In Ryan's case being a Republican, he's going after all important values voters that he'll need should be running in 2016.

So, did Ryan bring up the idea of a second term for President Obama being bad for Christian values in an attempt to rally the religious conservative base or is he trying to gear up to be win the GOP presidential candidate for 2016?  Well, if you have to excite your base two days before the election, you're screwed and a Romney victory doesn't look promising.  And if that's not what Ryan is doing and, in fact, he is looking towards 2016, that also doesn't look promising for Romney either.

Well, hopefully, we'll know by Tuesday if Obama gets four more years or if we'll be getting a new president.  

Voting Online: It's Not Going to Happen Anytime Soon

I would love to be able to vote early and by mobile means, be it my smartphone or tablet. However, this very well written post from The Verge explains why.

It's simple folks. It's about fear and trust. And then, some more fear. It might be oversimplifying things a bit that but we are in an increasing polarizing political environment and a persisting two-party system, the losing side will always find a way to fan the conspiracy fire.

Therefore, it'll be a long time before we can see any kind of Internet-based voting. And that's a shame. With voter intimidations, attempts to disenfranchise voters through the guise of eliminating voter frauds, and general misinformation, we do need secured and simply means to vote.

Regardless, don't forget to vote on Tuesday, November 6th.


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