Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tablets May Increase Productivity And Concentration

This is just my opinion but I like to share it with you. I've been using the iPad for awhile now, since it went on sale. Waited early in line for it too. And when I am on it, I couldn't have been more productive. Yeah, even more productive with some tasks than on my MacBook.

I write, study, read, and, on a few occasions, draw. When the need arises, I surf the web, Bing out searches, and check on tweets. On a regular computer, there is quite a bit that can distract you. IM, video, emails, and whatever bells and whistles that one might install on there.

With a tablet, there is multitasking but the screen is only filled with the app and nothing else. Push notification might come through to let me know I've got to harvest my broccoli on We Rule but I van easily dismiss that. The same goes for incoming mails and instant messages. Get rid of the pop-up message and I get right back to what I was working on.

On the G1 and iPhone, I hack out a blog entry or two when I wait in line at post offices or supermarket checkouts. A few times, I also dictated notes and emails, allow me to maximize my time where as before, I would just waste away pockets of 10 or 15 minutes of time away staring at the back of the head of the person in front of me or lamented why I am always stuck in the slowest line ever.

Still, working on smartphones is nothing like working on the iPad or on the future on tablets with the hardware-software combo.

A couple if reasons why this is so. First, Apps are usually designed for single-purpose functions. Writing. Reading. Surfing. Searching. Gaming.

The other reason is real estate. Tablets have bigger screens. For me, It mean more production. Smaller screens such as those on the iPhone, while it doesn't mean apps are limited in what they can do, does hinder the workflow.

Even when I am gaming, it is nothing else but that. On a mobile device, you can be distracted by a call and depending on how popular you are, it can be quite frequent.

Of course, this is on the iPad and future tablets based on Android, RIM, or WebOS might be very much different. LG promises tablet that'll allow users to be more productive than the iPad. I think it is a rather bold statement and I love to see LG carry that though. Competition is great, especially for us mobile warriors.

However, I am not optimistic. Carriers and some Apple competitors have the idea that more is better. And I am not sure that is what we want on tablets. Take Sense from HTC. It is a nice skin but it can be distracting. It works well on smart devices but it may not fit well with an agenda-driven tablet market. And LG's idea of productivity may not yield the desired effects.

In general, tablets should be the tools that most students and mobile warriors roll as they become more power and versatile.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Internet Withdrawal

Yesterday, I altered my T-Mobile wireless data plan: now, I am without data on my G1, iPhone, or my upcoming Sony Equinox. I have done away with wireless data completely. Why?

I find that I am too connected. At work, home, Stabucks, and bookstores. Not to mentioned between stops at intersections and anywhere that doesn't readily offer free wireless broadband. However, today, it was different. This afternoon, I went to a supermarket deli area for continuing work on my iPhone development. There was no Internet access there. But that was fine as I was able to get considerable amount if work done.

But then I went to my cousin's house for dinner. While he has wifi access, I didn't want to ask (he would have seen it as begging since he detests anything Apple), I held off on it.

It was problematic, not because I could not check my emails or tweet my about my withdrawal but I had a few missed calls that went directly to my Google Voice voicemail. The only solution was to call the missing numbers back but a couple of them I wanted to screen possible voice messages first.

And truly, there was discomfort. It was not so bad that I was going mad but it was like a really bad itch that I couldn't get rid of.

When I finally arrived home, within the range of my wifi network, the chime of mail beeped from my iDevices and I instantly fired up the mail app as soon as I put my car into park on the driveway.

You know what it felt like? Like I was coming up for air after holding my breath for along time underwater.

Okay, you might think me pathetic or exaggerating this ordeal. Okay, perhaps a bit. But the feeling of disconnect certainly was there.

Hoe long can I last with this experiment? I don't know. I am very good at adapting. And the reason I wanted to do this was I was afraid the constant connectivity was preventing from stopping now and then to "smell the flowers". I saw my nephew appreciate his new Wii. Had I had Internet access, I might have missed much of it.

I think this is for the best. Should a greater need require that I have wireless Internet access at all time, I can always get it back.

I'll continue to update my wireless-less experiment as well as my iPhone development experience. Hopefully, both endeavors will turn out well and fruitful.

Note: I was offered an option to being back my data at a considerable discount. But even with this enticement, I will try to hold out longer. Not only that, I was even offered for free a brand new Android device for being such a long and loyal customer. Yeah, I passed on that too.

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First App Went Okay

My first app went okay. This is my first attempt at creating an iPhone app.

However, as you can see i have ran into a problem.

Anyway, I am currently trying to work around it. I've dedicated the day for just this. I am very excited about the plethora of fart apps I can contribute to the App Store.

update: this is due to an instance of the app already running in the iPhone simulator. So all I had to do was to quit or delete the previous build of app in the simulator. Thanks to Dave the mobile warrior for bring this up to my attention.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Completely On Mobile

A couple of days ago, I said I would go completely mobile for all of my computing needs except specific needs such as working on the iOS SDK or working on my personal site, Greenjava.

There have been no emails, searches, Netflix or even downloading iTunes U class lectures. All RSS updates, blog entries have been through the G1, iPod touch, or the iPad.

Even this blog entry is done without the support of my MacBook. And if I really want to, I can edit video clips I took using the mobile iMovie app.

So far, it's been going quite well. I am concerned about battery life from time to time. I make sure all my mobile devices have their batteries charged to 100% and with three devices (sometimes four), it isn't a big concern as it might be if I had only a G1 or my iPod touch with me.

One mobile activity that I have decided to give up is checking into various locations on Foursquare or Yelp. It is a personal choice rather than an inducement created by my decision to use only my devices for my computing and Internet needs. I just don't see any benefit yet. And I quit Facebook about a month ago.

Anyway, I'll report back from time to time when I discover some neat new experience or if I decide to give up this experiment.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

App Writing Progress

A while back, I said I was going to try to learn how write an app for the iPhone. Now, to start with, the last program I wrote was in Pascal back in high school.

I have managed to read the first chapters of a couple of books but I am not going to get into which books yet because I don't know at this time which book is better. So I took another route. I decided to base my education on the video provided by Stanford's iPhone development program.

I've watched the first couple of lessons while I was working out. I am going to have to go through some parts here and there but I think I am well on my way.

I've dedicated tomorrow to put in some time for this. Hopefully, I'll be able to get something going soon.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tablets To Replace 50% of laptop market?

Best Buy reportedly said that stores with iPads for sale has managed to cannibalized up to 50% of notebook sales and even managed to impact tv sales as well.

The iPad is pretty awesome as a device regardless which mobile platform you prefer and, soon enough, WebOs, Android, and even Windows 7 tablets will flood the market in 2011.

I think with all these tablets to choose from, I think I can boldly predict tablets will take about 50% of all notebook sales in 2011 and much after that.

But there will always be a market for laptops just as there will always be users who only need a regular cell phone without all the bells and whistles of an iPhone or Blackberry.

Plus, laptops are more functional than tablets and will remain so for a long time.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why No iOS 4 Goodies For iPad Until November

I had assumed when the iPhone 4 was introduced, we would see iOS 4 for the iPad as well. When that didn't happen, I chuckled to myself and said well, it's gotta be in September when Apple refreshed the iPod line.

Obviously, that didn't happen and now we are forced to wait until November for iPad to get up to speed with the rest of the iOS devices.

And now, we are hearing Apple giving developers the beta version of iOS 4.2 a long with some sought after features like wireless printing.

But I wonder if there might be other interesting features that Apple failed to mention and instead decided to wait until all is baked. And why give away too much when it is locked in an epic battle with Google's Android and soon Windows Phone 7?

This isn't just wishful thinking on my part to rationalize the two months wait. Apple is telling folks they have to use the latest unreleased Mac OS beta as well. I don't know what that means but iOS users with Macs might get a leg up on those without it.

We'll see in November.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steve Jobs To Japanese Airport Security: Those Ninja Thingies Are for Larry

You may have heard by of the great journalism exhibited by Bloomberg in quoted a Japanese equivalent of the supermarket tabloids which had reported that Steve Jobs was caught trying to sneak ninja stars onto his private plane. Apparently, he was unable to convince the Japanese customs and airport security that it doesn't make sense for him to hijack his own plane.

Anyway, Apple responded by saying that Steve Jobs is not a ninja. Sure, Steve. The black turtle neck. Total dead giveaway, dude.

Anyway, it's what happened after Steve's plane lands in the US that we learned what really happened.

Upon landing, Steve calls Larry and said, "I'm never doing you any more favors. 'Hey, 'bring back me some ninja stars, Steve. It's totally gonna be okay...everyone in Japan carries one in their wallet...just like everyone's got an iPod in their pocket'. Frak you!"

Don't ask me where I got that recording...okay, you got me. I'm a ninja too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Game Center Weekend

For starters, I just want to say Game Center is off to a great start and should get better over time. But I would like for Apple to give us a better indication of which games support it.

Now. I played my first game. Flight Control. The only unique thing about this now is that I am not just playing to beat my old score but also land as many planes as I can, which I managed to set a personal best.

I suppose a little motivation helped considering now that there is a leader board and ranking to consider. Obviously, I was out of my league. I don't see myself landing more than 15,000 planes in one day which someone managed to do.

I look forward to exploring the games and Game Center more this weekend and report back from time to time on how I am doing.

BTW, my Game Center name is "Sarcast". Looking forward to add new friends if you're willing.

Also, I think Apple should integrate Ping and Game Center together somehow. It doesnt make sense to have two separate social networks considering how important apps and gaming is now to iOS.

Note: Words With Friends would benefit greatly from being a part of Game Center.

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Stills Taken With iPod touch

Here are a few still photos taken with the rear camera of the new 4th generation iPod touch.

Are you can see, there are places for them but if you're looking for something closer to the iPhone 4's 5MP camera, well, then the iPhone 4 is what you ought to get.

The colors seems fine but I am not a very discerning photographer. And I use that term very very liberally.

This picture has no zoom. The next one was taken with digital zoom. You can see how awful it is.

Again, for general purpose pictures, the iPod touch cannot pass mustard with it's sub-1MP rear camera. But if you watch the videos in the previous post, you can see that the iPod touch provides the user with casual photo capture but very good 720p video capture.

It is mainly for folks who don't need an iPhone but want something more than a Flip or their regular phones or gaming devices can do.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sample Videos Taken With 4Th Generation iPod touch

I took a couple of videos this evening with my iPod Touch. The video is in 720p. I tried to capture as much of the different colors as possible.

Remember, I am far far from having any creative bone in my body. So I apologize ahead of time for the lack of creativity, jerky video, and the bad sound.

Love to hear from someone with a Galaxy, iPhone 4, or a Flip and tells us about the quality. I mainly bought the touch for quick and fun videos when I go out with friends and families. Eventually, it'll be used as a FaceTime device as well.

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4Th Gen iPod Touch - Almost Set to Replace the iPhone

I've just got the new 32GB iPod touch for a few hours. Haven't gotten to know it well yet. One of the thing that sticks in my mind as I try to clean myself of Steve Jobs' reality distortion field is that this touch is being called an iPhone without the contract.

Is it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New iPod Touch In My Future?

I will be visiting the Pasadena Apple store in a bit. And if the stars are aligned properly, I may be the new proud owner of the fourth generation iPod touch.

Of course, more than the stars have to be aligned. Through the day, I have seen samples of the pictures and videos taken with the new touch. I have also read about the..ahem...features Apple left out of the iPod touch that they gave to the iPhone 4.

256MB instead of 512MB, no vibration motor, a subpar Retina screen but still a retina screen, smaller battery (granted there isn't a cell antenna the touch has to contend with), and, certainly, the less than 1MP still camera.

All those shortcomings will need to pass my standards. I will be grateful for the increase speed over my 2G iPhone as well as the better screen and ability to enjoy all the iOS 4.1 features. And, not in the least, the ability to capture decent 720p video.

So in a few hours, I hope to report back with some great news. If not, I'll let on on why I decided to walk away empty-handed.

Oh, the store being out of stock of the iPod touch won't count.

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One, Two Punch of Apple And Google To Decimate Telecoms And Wireless Providers

It's rare to see Apple and Google working together in any meaningful way like they used to. Well, the combination of Apple's Facetime for the iOS devices and VOIP calling integration into Gmail/Gtalk, though accidental, means we can start the countdown clock to the demise of landlines, telecoms, and wireless providers.

Facetime for the iPhone and iPod Touch has the likelihood to transform communication and Internet calling just makes expensive wireless plans unnecessary once it becomes available on Android.

Of course, the telecoms and wireless providers can transform and innovate. But I'm not optimistic. Personally, I'm okay with them being dump pipes.

More on how Apple and Google are working, again not necessarily together, to end the era of draconian telecoms at Greenjava.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fifth Gen iPod Nano To Be Very Popular Relic

As you know by now, Apple just updated the iPod lineup. Well, I'm just gonna briefly talk about the nano. As squarish as it is, the 6th generation iPod nano with multi-touch is just a precursor to something better next year or the year after: an iPod Touch nano.

With the smaller body, the new nano is definitely an update, but not necessarily an upgrade. For me, I'm going to be picking up a 16GB 5G green iPod nano from Amazon and forgo the 6th gen squared body multi-touch iPod nano. Why?

Well, first, it's $20 cheaper than the 6G nano. Plus, you can still play video and has a video capture, even if it is not the greatest quality in the world.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple's Biggest Announcement - Ping And What Was Not Said About Apple TV

Everyone thinks yesterday's announcement was about new iPod touches with the dual cameras and the redesigned nanos. But the biggest news for iOS and iTunes users is Ping. For video fans, Apple's TV rental for Apple isn't the biggest news. It is what wasn't said.

First Ping. Ping is a social music site based in the iTunes application on Windows, Macs, and iOS devices. After downloading and signing on, it felt a bit sptartan when you compare it to Facebook and Myspace. But that is what Apple products are like in the beginning.

In time, Apple wil add new features and functions. Widgets and games may be normal. Imagine having Ping on your Apple TV as well. Plus, what about adding video and app discovery?

Well, it makes sense that all that will happen in time. First, video rental was just made available yesterday and Apple TV won't be out for another month. Apple will likely wait until there are more rental content before allowing video discovery and following on Ping.

What about apps? And isn't that what Game Center is for? game Center is Apple's leader board slash social network. It just doesn't make sense to have two completely separate social networks. I believe Apple will eventually integrate Game Center into Ping and add app discovery as well.

Is that all? No. Remember, this is Apple. You never want to take what Apple says at face value. Ping isn't a Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Not yet. Given the scope and opportunities, you bet Steve Jobs will move Apple more into the social realm.

Over time, other features will be added as it makes sense. Keep in mind that Apple has mobile ad design as well. With that comes location-based targetting. "Pinging" can become the next mode of checking in as some if us already do with Foursquare. So don't be surprised to see Apple made a buyout or two in this area to shortcut its way into the market.

Ping has no limits and I can't wait to see what apple does with it.

Plus, privacy, while a big deal, is less of an issue wih Apple. With Apple, giving them the same information an user might give Facebook or Google isn't the same thing. Facebook and Google has every intention of doing away your privacy and selling it to the highest bidder. Apple has always has always guarded its gotten information closely. And it isn't because Apple considers its customers In the highest regards. It is because Apple believes it has a base that is loyal, knowledgeable, and willing go spend money. And we belong to them to monetize.

Now Apple TV. Where are all the apps? Where is the tight integration with iOS devices like the iPad? Sure there will be Airplay but I want to be able to run my gaming apps on the TV and use my control iPod touch or iPhone as controllers. I want to be able to tweet updates or make Ping comments while watching a show.

A lot of things that Apple can do with Apple TV was left out. Sure we love the $99 entry fee but we also know the device can do so much more and should be allowed to do so much more.

Hence, all of that was not said. Which is why it's so important. Will Apple TV be allowed to run apps and offer more social media integration? Only Apple knows but I think Apple will begin to make more substantial announcements about Apple TV and iOS integration in the coming months.

We are still about six months away from any kind of new iOS announcement in Spring. Look for clues and neat things then. This time next year, the name "Apple TV" may no longer apply. iConsole or iBox, anyone?

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Apple Music Event: Day After, Apple TV And Ping Should Be Headliners

I don't know what to make of what we saw yesterday. Fantastic update to the old work horse lineup? Definitely. A hobby inches towards being another pillar of the Apple digital strategy. You bet. My order of the iPod Touch? Yup. Well, no. Yes, sorta. We'll see.

That's where I am right now. After work, I called the Pasadena Apple store to find out when the new gears will be in store. Next week I'm told. Fine, I think I will go in and check things out before I jump headlong into this.

I had ordered a 32GB iPod Touch almost right after Steve Jobs finished up yesterday music event. Then later in the afternoon, I cancelled it. Not because I had a change of heart but I really do want to go into the store to see for myself the quality of the video capture and use of the Facetime feature. Yeah, I have used the Facetime feature in the iPhone but this is the iPod Touch. And as with any new Apple product, you'll want to make sure Apple has gotten the kinks out first.

I think it was a prudent move on my part. Apple TV was fine except I think I didn't get everything I wanted. Steve wanted a subscription plan but the studios wouldn't go with it. I wanted to be able to use my apps on the Apple TV and control it with my iPhone. I didn't get that. I'm sure that'll happen eventually. And I'm sure Apple will get its subscription plan in due time (years from now).

One thing I'm a bit disappointed in is that we lost the ability to play video on the iPod nano. It's not perfect as many people have said in the past but it was an option there and I like having it. I think I might go and pick up an older model just because.

Anyway, the big thing is going to be Apple TV. It might seem like it now but we will in time. Just wait and see.

And now iTunes. Ping. Yeah, it's not much now but like Apple TV, just wait and see. It'll be huge.

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