Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going-Ons in Apple's Realm

The biggest news of consequence is a Flash app almost ready and pending Apple's approval.  The more I think about it, the more it seems like today's public disclosure is an attempt to corner Apple into reject the app and for Adobe to take the high road.

We'll see.  For other Mac and iPhone updates, such as IBM's iNotes Ultralite available to Notes users, please visit On Apple for more.

Analysis: PSP May Add Wi-Fi Store And Sony's Mobile Future

My question:  Can a PSP phone be too far behind?

Joystiq via PSP world speculated a forthcoming firmware for PSP will allow access to the Playstation Store.  This alone would be a great development not only in mobile computing and entertainment but if executed well and Sony does decide to take this a step further, we have a very powerful entry into the mobile market in general.

In addition to access to the Playstation Store, this PSP firmware will have an improved RSS reader and the ability to take screen shots.

Lets take this a step further and use this opportunity to analyze Sony's options going forward.   We already know Sony is wavering on Windows Mobile (with MW 7 possibly delayed until 2010) and is flirting with Android.

So Sony has two options.
  • create a PSP phone with it's own ecosystem and not have to rely on another for OS.  A true PSP phone.
  • create an app a la Amazon with with PSP emulation and access to the Playstation Store on a Sony branded phone..  With this option, it would exchanging reliance from Microsoft to Google.  Lesser of two evils?
These are options and speculation on my part but it would being a mobile convegence that we at Onxo advocates.  And surely, the powers that be at Sony has to have thought out what we laid out, or along similar lines.  A true mobile device for work, play, and Sony's unique design.  Tell me you wouldn't want a Xperia running Android.

The risk for Sony would be leveraging its PSP and Playstation properties and execution in an effort to create a mobile solution that rivals what Apple's iPhone, Android, and Microsoft are trying to create.

I have analyzed a similar option for Microsoft using Zune to create a mobile platform.  It is coming as well because it makes sense.  The ability for these mobile giants to create a complete mobile solution for its army of mobile warriors.

Via Joystiq

Note: I am blogging directly on the iPhone and hiding from the weird humid heat in southern California at a Ralphs.  I love being mobile.

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Skeptical About Flash on the iPhone

Today, the biggest news about the iPhone is a senior Adobe manager confirming (something everyone knows) that a Flash app is close to finishing and waiting for Apple's approval.

I'm skeptical that Apple will let it happen.  Besides the fact that it doesn't run well on mobile devices and kills the battery, Flash can effectively be the ladder over Apple's SDK prison.

And there's more.  Please continue reading at On Apple .

Regardless, if Apple and Adobe can come to term, that would be added value to the mobile platform for Apple.

Mobile Update For September 30, 2008

Did you know there's a Copyright Royalty Board?  They will make a ruling on Thursday whether to grant a request by the National Music Publishers' Association to increase royalty rates by 66% - from 9 cents to 15 cents.

Understandably, no one, the studios to Apple and other retailers, want to bear the financial increase.  Here's what we know based on Fortune , Apple had previous indicated it would rather shut down the iTunes Music Store than to pass along the increase to its customers.

Incidentally, this will be the first digital music decision by the board and will be good for a 5-year term.

Now, it may be posturing by Apple and others involved but it's something mobile warriors will want to keep an eye on since 80% of the market owns some kind of Apple device or another.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Gimzodo on new multi-touch trackpad for laptops!  Must Read!  Synaptics makes G1' screen.  What does it mean for G1?  Nothing but here's hoping a simple driver update will make G1's screen multi-touch.  
  • Onxo on laptops for students.  G1G1 to start on November 17th to be managed by Amazon.
  • Onxo reports a 128GB SSD drive is now a more affordable option at $299. 
  • Ubergizmo on new fast Toshiba batteries.  More at Wired.
  • PC World shows iPhone owners very happy.  Rejected developers are another story.
  • Phone Arena shows Best Buy willing Bold at close to $700.  We're talking about a $500 subsidy by RIM if it wants to compete at $200 with the iPhone and G1.
  • Blackberry Sync says Best Buy to start selling Bold on October 26th.  BGR expects $600 a pop.  This is why RIMM expects expenses to go up in the coming financial quarters.
  • Gizmodo reports Flash for the iPHone is almost ready - pending Apple's rejection to be officially unavailable - okay, we kid.   We don't know that for sure but Jobs hates Flash.  The fact that Adobe talked 'bout Flash being available is a violaton of the NDA, right?
  • Macsimum News reports Macbooks account for $1 of every $3 spent on laptops.
  • Macsimum News reports 2nd-class American citizens finally get iPhone.  What give, Apple?!
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo on Microsoft's slipping ship date for Window Mobile (now 2010).  Seriously, Android was announced and shipped in about a year.
  • PC Magazine -  What you need to know about XOHM
  • Onxo on Sprint's WiMax launch and evilness.
  • Onxo on state of mobile computing - netbooks versus laptops
  • Onxo's musing includes Moto's Android team.  One of these days, we'll talk about Android and it'll really be about the likes of Commander Data than a mobile platform.  Don't know when but that day'll come.
  • Mobility Today on firms working together on "Mobile Broadband".  Think of it as "Intel Inside" stickers.  It's all about stickers and getting manufacturers to pay to put it on your laptop or mobile devices.  Guilty parties include: Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, 3 Group, ECS, Ericsson, Gemalto, Orange, Qualcomm, Telefonica Europe, Telecom Italia, TeliaSonera, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, Asus.
  • Reuters reports Microsoft's Balmer said economic slowdown to impact Microsoft.
  • RCR Wireless reports handsets and mobile devices are important to the people.  Not worried about wholesale cancellations.
  • RCR Wireless reports wireless providers confident they'll survive economic turbulence.

Apple's Plan For Economic Bumps

If you don't already know by how, Apple stock got hammered with a 17% drop with a couple of downgrades.  It has since received 3% but the market has not closed yet as of this writing.

But with banks failing, housing bubble bust, huge slowdown in consumer spending, companies should be reining in costs, circle the wagon, and, in some cases, cut their workforce.  But not Apple.

As of August this year, there are about 240 stores with about 70 more future stores to be opened.  It like I hear a new store open every week.

In the past, Apple had stated they were going to innovate their way through of economic troubles.  I guess they failed to mention the expansion part too.  At the time, it sounded like just talk.

Thinking back now and with questions about Apple's $20 billion in the bank (good banks I hope), they stand to do a lot of things some of their competitors, even big ones with smaller amount of cash on hand, cannot do.  last week, HP and Dell both announced intentions to cut notebook R&D for the coming fiscal year.  That's the typical response I would expect from corporate entities that are trying to get past economic turbulence and hope for brighter days.

Now both HP and Dell will weather any problem in the near term because they both have a lot of cash and lines of credit but they also have a lot of moving parts, a lot more than Apple.  There, Apple can poise to position itself to expand even during dark financial days for the rest of its competitors.

  • Has the cool factor - still make gears and mobile devices like the iPod and iPhones that everyone wants.
  • With cash and more every quarter, Apple can afford to expand and plan for long-term growth, if it may mean at the expensive of short-term margins.
  • A good analogy is that Apple Stores are like embassies and Geniuses are good-well ambassadors who help you with Macbook or iPhone questions.
  • Increased visibility.  With 2,000 ATT store locations, 240 Apple stores, and about 600 Best Buy locations, the iPhone can be in places where it naturally isn't like Verizon or Sprint retail locations.  The increase footprint gives Apple added exposure.
  • Added retail locations offer Apple a better fighting chance against Samsung, Nokia, and Blackberries that are just about everywhere you go.
  • If you want something done, do it yourself.  Apple presence in the past was stunted by sales people untrained in Apple-ware and have zero or little knowledge about its software and hardware.  By training its own people at Apple stores and Best Buy locations, it stands a better chance of provider potential customers the right information (propaganda?).
  • Apple's pull.  Having an Apple store is a good thing.  It draws retail traffic.
  • Location, location, location.  In southern California, you've got stores - South Coast, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Century City, Beverly Center, The Grove, and Newport just to name a few.  You can't get more retail shelter from economic woes on Main Street than these "bling bling" locations.  I'm sure it's like that everywhere else.  

I wonder if Apple knows something we don't about consumer spending and their growth prospects. While I don't claim to know anything about their plans, take a look at where they've got the stores and you'll find economic bullet-proof.  It stands to gain a lot when the economy turns around.

Still, I really am looking forward to these innovative new products Mac blogs keep advertising about.

Source:  Wiki Apple Store (there's like a wiki entry for everything) and info Apple Store

Laptop For Students Picking Up Steam

http://www.liliputing.com/2008/09/venezula-orders-1-million-classmate-pcs.html Okay, last year's OLPC's Give One Get One program was a dud.  I was a part of it and it took nearly three months for my XO to be shipped to me.

I'm still out on whether I'll be participating in this year's program but I have more confidence in this year's program will be an even greater success (it's a relative term when it comes to OLPC at this).  Who so you ask?

First, Amazon is involved.  They'll be running the thing.  The cost should be $399 to make it attractive to donors.  So, how does this work and what are you talking about donors?  Well, the laptop costs approximately $200 but the cost is nearly double that because when you participate in the G1G1 program , you will get a laptop and donate another.
Your donated portion will be tax deductible.  That laptop will go to a child in a third world nation like Mongolia or something.

Second, Windows XP will be the default OS in this year's XO.  It's easier to use than XO and familiar to millions of users already.

The program will commence on Nov 17.

Not to be outdone, Intel's Classmate received an one million units order from Hugo Chavez, you know, of Venezula.  With all that petro money we send them, it's nice to see him spend a bit of that on the children, whatever your political feelings about him are (he doesn't like us Americans...in case you're wondering what I'm talking about).

Regardless of which camp you support, I'm glad to see XO and other educational laptops being picked up.  Now, if some of that $700 billion bailout can include a bit of goodness for our students, I might just call my...nah...

Source on XO:  Engadget
Source on Classmate:  Liliputing

SSD Pricing Drop

Less than a year ago when Apple introduced the Macbook Air, the 64GB SSD was priced at about $1000.

There were a lot of discussion about the worth of such storage devices and whether these drives will ever complete with traditional hard drives.  Then a mere seven weeks ago, we reported that Dell was offering the 128GB SSD, twice the storage of the Macbook Air, for $450.

At that time, Apple was still pricing the 64GB option at $500.

Today, we are excited to tell you that at least one SSD model from Super Talent launched the 64GB and 128GB SSDs at $179 and $299 respectively.

What?!  You didn't read wrong nor did we mistyped.  While these are low-end drives (slower read/write), they are a perfect option for anyone interested in solid-state storage.  Now, if you're interested in making sure your data has the best protection, these SSDs may be what you're looking for.

For executives, managers, or even students who have a lot to lose if your data is lost, the premium is well worth it.  We thought so when the Dell's 128GB SSD costed 50% more than these drives, and we certainly believe it more so now.

For someone who is interested in getting a new Macbook when Apple refreshes its line-up, I am seriously contemplating replacing the stock hard drive for one of these SSDs either as backup or the primary drive.

Plus, there may be added savings in battery life.

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iPhone Gaming Request: More Depth and Parity with Other Platforms

Even as I play Spore, I realized too that the iPhone's version of the game is a shadow of the DS version.  I really shouldn't be surprised given that the iPhone version is $20 cheaper than the Nintendo handheld's version.

And that's the problem.  We are getting games with lower price points but they are less than their counterparts on other platforms.  And to me, that affects the game play in its entirety.

For more, please visit On Apple.

Microsoft: No One Else to Blame But...

Well, initially, we discussed that we will not see Windows Mobile 7 until the second half of 2009 and devices even later.

Alas, that bit of bad news was even too optimistic.  Now, Ubergizmo and others are reporting the potential for WM 7 to slip into 2010.

What is going on?  Are we expected the next desktop to for Windows to actually ship on time?  I doubt it.

We are beginning to believe that the pressure in the mobile market has really gotten to the incumbents with the new comer, Apple's iPhone, and possibly Google's Android making waves with innovation and excitement that has not been see in the market since Palm bring PDA to the every day mobile warrior and Blackberries making e-mails easy.

What we do know is that Microsoft risks marginalizing itself with its partners, giving largely Android time and the second looks that it'll need to be viable in the market.

Yesterday, we discussed Motorola creating a 350-strong engineering team to develop Android devices and the possibility of Nokia looking at Android as well.  Perhaps Sony?

That leaves Microsoft with very little friends as it continues to slip behind its competitors.

We will know in the next few months if Microsoft's elusive delivery date for Windows Mobile will help Android or not.

Via Ubergizmo

Monday, September 29, 2008

On Apple: Blogging (with Pain) with the iPhone

I found some common blogging issues others have had with what I complained about.

I'm hoping that G1's Android will solve some of my issues because it's so closely associated with Google.  Hence, I am hoping Blogger will be better implemented on the G1 than on the iPhone.

Main issues?  Cut and paste.  Tagging.  Inserting links.

Read here at On Apple for more.

Via Pocketables

Mac-iPhone Update For September 29, 2008

Lots went on in Appleland this weekend and today.

Specifically, Apple made some changes to their app store (but has yet to address the NDA issues and developers' discontent).

Please see On Apple for more updates.

Mobile Update for September 29, 2008

The biggest news today had to be WiMax going live in Baltimore.  It's far from covering all of the US but one city is better than zero.  At the same time, Sprint vows to limit what you can do on the network.  Basically, it's afraid of web hogs and competition (maybe no VOIP period).

  • Infoworld/Yahoo - Does WiMax work in the real world?
  • PC Magazine -  What you need to know about XOHM
  • Yahoo News - Sprint redefines wireless Internet (and definition of "unlimited") - MUST READ
Mobile Device Update:
  • The Inquirer reports chip companies gains up on Intel
  • Crunchgear in Apple's fall today.  Agrees with CG - Apple will not and should not stoop to netbook levels.  You and I and most mobile warriors might not be rich but there are plenty of them who will still spend.  Apple continues to open Apple stores.  I think they know something analysts don't about their customers.  
  • Onxo's musing includes Moto's Android team.  One of these days, we'll talk about Android and it'll really be about the likes of Commander Data than a mobile platform.  Don't know when but that day'll come.
  • Blackberry Sync says Best Buy to start selling Bold on October 26th.  BGR expects $600 a pop.  This is why RIMM expects expenses to go up in the coming financial quarters.
  • Unwired View reports Korean phone giants to not launch Android phones until 3rd quarter of 2009.
  • JkOnTheRun reports takeover target, Sandisk, introduced $100 microSD card with 16GB.
  • The Inquirer reports LG and Ericsson will work together to suppose wireless access to netbooks and laptops.
Mobile Issues:
  • Yahoo News gives state of battery tech for mobile devices.
  • Gizmodo on why Google's Android army phones will take over. (Good read - for lovers/haters)
  • RCR Wireless reports wireless providers confident they'll survive economic turbulence.
  • RCR Wireless reports handsets and mobile devices are important to the people.  Not worried about wholesale cancellations.
  • Daily Wireless reports the Trans-Pacific Express, a cooperative venture between telecoms, is completed.  Links US with China, Taiwan, and South Korea.  NTT will join network later this year.  Now WAN-parties more reliable and cyber attacks more deadly.  Just kidding about the cyber attacks - sort of.

Sprint Welcomes WiMax Subscribers By Being Evil

I understand the need for moderation in all things.  Diet.  Can't have too much one thing over another.  We want balance.  Like sleep.  Spending too, right?  I even think web hogs suck.  Most mobile warriors do.

But when wireless providers, all of them as far as I know, advertise "unlimited" wireless Internet, I expect wireless access.  Apparently, Sprint wants to be the newest victim of my ire by placing limitations on subscribers even before XOHM, the belated WiMax network, is even available to more than one city (Baltimore).

Apparently, T-Mobile's ill-advised decision to redefine "unlimited" 3G access to 1GB per month was changed due to, really, the collective power of geekdom was missed by Sprint.

So, how does Sprint plan on going beyond What T-Mobile did:

  • Limit P2P applications.  Rather, it would not let P2P applications run on its network.
  • No VOIP
  • It will slow down your network speed as it sees fit.
In their contract, file sharing was specifically mentioned as a "no-no".  
Now, with Comcast being slapped by the FCC, Sprint somehow figures it can get away with it.  We shall see.  
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Short Musing On Effects of Today's Failed Vote For the Bail-Out Plan

Today's unexpected defeat of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act by the United States House of Representatives (228-205 against) has triggered a sell-out not seen in history.

What does this mean for the lives of Main Street's mobile warriors?  I'm not talking about mobile gadgets specifically but changes in the lives of our friends and families who do rely on tech companies for jobs and our livelihood.

At this point, I do not think anyone honestly knows.  With Presidential politics added into the mix of an election year, things become more unpredictable.  If it were any other year, this thing would have passed.

Perhaps the fact that members of Congress defied Congressional leadership and the White House is a good sign of things actually returning to the power of the people, politics as usual is not going away just like that.

Today, much of the tech world was jolted by the sell-off on Wall Street.  Apple was hit with a double-downgrade, Google trading below 400, and RIMM continues to be hammered.  Just about everyone else, Intel, Microsoft to Oracle and Cisco, we saw about a 9% sell-off.

I'll return to posts about the lighter sides of mobile life and gadgets soon and return to bitching about the evils of wireless providers next.  But here's hoping things turn around or, the very least, for a soft landing.

Breaking News: DOW now down 500

The United States House of Representatives rejected Bail-Out plan with a 228-205 vote, defying a plea from the White House for rebellious GOP members to support the plan.  It's an election year after all with a President winding down his second term.

As a result, the market was down as much as 700 points.

Ouch...not mobile news but important news for everyone.  The larger macro situation could impact mobility in the long run.

Feds also pumped $630 billion into the financial system to stem shock.  Crude down $11 at this point.

  • CNN Money reports pay checks could be affected.
  • Forbes asks "now what?
  • Forbes on subpoenas for the Fannie folks.
  • WSJ reports Wall Street asks financial community to act.
  • Yahoo News on fallout.
Just as well mobility, I think this is an issue we'll inject into Onxo's posts as it affects pretty much everyone (I doubt billionaires follow what we say her).  We'll return with posts, analysis, and links that directly affect Main Street mobile warriors.

Quick Musings - XOHM Is Live and MOTO with Android

A couple of quick notes to share.

Sprint's XOHM (WiMax in case you're wondering) IS ALIVE!!!  HAHAHAHA...in Baltimore...

That's right.  I got a notice today in my mailbox.  What's it mean?  Well, another competitor of the 4G kind.   Intel, Google, and Clearwire have been agonizing, pouring $$$, and trying to get this to take off.

While it's success is far from certain, after all it's late and in only one city, we can expect an exciting 2009.  There was a rumor-suggestion that Google will or should gobble up Sprint.  There are issues that ATT has with Sprint's desire to take over Clearwire and that has yet to be resolved.  It could merely be a delay tactic until ATT and Verizon's shared LTE network is ready, whenever that is.

Please visit XOHM for more information.  DC and Chicago are let to go live next.  LA...geez...we're usually last.  Dallas, Fortworths, Providence, Philadelphia are in the works.

And the second note:  Nokia and Motorola are looking into Android?

Channel Web is reporting Motorola is looking at Android as their last best hope for revival in the handheld market.  Just how seriously is Moto looking into this?  350 engineers, give a take or two.

Macnn reports there are currently 50 engineers but that number could swell to 350 folks if this takes off.  Moto uses Linux and Symbian in their devices at the moment.  Also, Windows Mobile is featured prominently in the Q line-up.

Macnn added Nokia, the sole protector of Symbian, could be looking to test Android water.  I find this to be suspect as any word of this gettting out could spell doom for its now open-sourced platform, not to mention the devastation to the millions who have dedicated themselves to Symbian devices.

I think this is likely more of Android propaganda than anything.  Having said that, Nokia currently runs Linux on their N800 series and was rumored to be in talks with Microsoft to use Windows Mobile.  So, any Android talk, while extremely remote, is not out of the realm of possibility.

Personally, I hope this is not true about Nokia's Android plans if there are any.  Competition is great and it is what mobile warriors want most of all.  Competition, innovation, and different platforms to choose from.

Ultimately, time reveals all.  Right now, it's just bogus.


  • Channel Web 
  • Macnn 
  • Techcrunch - provides reasons why Android be would something Nokia (and others) may be looking into it.
  • Engadget - see their moto/android figure, it's quite creative.

State of Mobile Computing

These days, we've been focused on smartphones and mobile devices like the iPhone and G1 with respect to mobile computing.  Regardless of which came you're in, these little devices pack a big punch.  Excel crunchers they're not but these phones and devices have the heart of lions.

But laptops and netbooks will not be denied as they are still the workhorses of most mobile warriors.  But given the economic instability and uncertain outlook, are the days of high-end laptops coming to an end?

After all, a netbook equipped with Vista, Windows, and Linux (and if you happen to hack your EEE PC to run OS X) are capable of doing 95% of all the tasks that one traditionally use a laptop for.  You can say 100% if you insists in running large Excel spreadsheets and going at a slow pace with large Photoshopping tasks.

Micrsoft Watch, a pro-Windows blog documented growth in the future will coming largely from netbooks as the units will go from over 5 million this year to about 50 million units in 2012.  Whatever the OS market-share is by 2012, this trend, which I largely agree with, may mean a couple of things:

  • Power average price sales for laptops/netbooks - not sure if "analysts" will lump the laptop and netbook into one big pot.
  • Price drop due to competition for revenue - not necessarily fighting over consumers
  • Shrinking revenue and may even knock one or two PC makers out of the market as due to stagnant growth. (Mergers)
  • Linux will gain shares at the expense of Vista.  XP may continue it's dominance.
  • Netbook costs subsidized by wireless providers for annual/biannual commitments for 3G access.
Suffice to say, netbooks are cheap, powerful, and improves mobility when added with big batteries.  And they are here to stay.  The landscape of laptops will change as a result.  We won't know if the laptop will welcome this new brethren or will have to compete with it on the open market.

So far, just about everyone has a netbook or two (or seven as in the case for Asus) except Apple.  I'm guess Apple will join the fight with a netbook of their own but something entirely different.  I do see them outfit a device with the iPhone and iPod Touch's OS with a bigger touch screen (and with a premium). 

Here are just some of the players:

Source:  Microsoft Watch

This Week on Onxo

We were all over the place this week at Onxo.  

Like most sites, we were concentrating on the new Android phone from T-Mobile.  Perhaps we were a bit more critical than most but that was only in the beginning.  Soon, most bloggers become more convinced the G1's potential was at the very least being hampered by T-Mobile such as the 1GB 3G limit (that has since been removed).  

Here is are post-announcement post from myself and others.  There will be updates through the weeks up until October 22nd and when we get our hands on one like everyone else.

Other Android Posts from Onxo:
Other Onxo Posts This Week:
Mac-iPhone Posts:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mobile Update For The Week (September 22-26, 2008)

This was Google's week.  I started off not being sure if I wanted to support the platform given the limitations placed on the first Android phone, the G1, by T-Mobile.

However, I think the opportunity to be a part of a true Mobile platform is too big an opportunity to pass up.  I ended up getting the brown G1.  I will provide a comprehensive review with pictures, impressions, and analysis on October 22nd.

It's my hope that we'll learn more between now and then.

Also Dell announced their intention to go completely LED with the fall laptop lineup.  LED screens are suppose to be brighter and offer more vibrant colors.

Also on Thursday, RIM hit the market hard with higher costs associated with introduction of new devices in the market.  The stock subsequently was down by more than 26% in trading on Friday.  Jitters regarding the economy and possibly competition from the iPhone lead investors to rethink RIM's dominant position going forward.

Mobile Update:

  • Yahoo News reports Sandisk trying to lower stock prices by introducing something no one will buy.  Samsung encourages move.
  • Onxo on Android's developer attitude.
  • Onxo likes it better if G1 looks like either one of these two phones.
  • Appleinsider reviews iPod Touch 2nd gen.
  • BGR reports no Storm until Nov.
  • Engadget has specs on Blue-Ray equipped Vaio subnotes.
  • Crackberry supposedly have final specs on Storm.
  • Symbian-Freak reports Nokia working on in-door positioning.  Very nice idea.  Bring it to Disneyland.
  • Daily Tech reports Eye-Fi addes more services together in one card - geotagging, Wi-Fi, and more services.
  • Wired reports Amazon and Google works together on wireless music access.
  • Phone Arena a reports Palm delays OS.  Vegas to take bets on when Palm starts going Android.
  • CNet reports Broadcom wins again against Qualcomm.  Yahoo News also covers subject.
  • Onxo:  Android, party's over.  Now what?  First impressions and concerns.
  • Onxo on comparing G1 and the iPhone.
  • Engadget on hand crank PMP.  We also talked about using hand cranks to power your iPod.
  • Wired :  Slingbox to laptops.  In HD!
  • Onxo likes 256GB SSD from Toshiba.  
Mobile Issues Update:
  • Onxo's post-Android announcement report.
  • Onxo :  What happened to RIM?
  • Onxo reports T-Mobile may open up crippled T-Zones.  iPhone and Google influence seen.
  • Onxo analyzes Verizon's no contract service.  Could mean lower service plans and device prices.
  • Onxo about EEE PC's 3G connectivity on the 901 model.
  • Onxo on buying refub models.
  • Onxo reports on the Governator outlawing texting while driving.
  • Onxo believes G1 and T-Mobile has a lot of issues to resolve.  
  • RCR Wireless reports on a report that by 2013, $600 billion worth of transactions will be made wirelessly.
  • Engadget asks if Apple should find new best friends.  Spotlight to be search engine one day?  I think it's a possibility.
  • Yahoo News reports Visa to bring payment app to Android.
  • Silicon Alley Insider on state of corporate email market share in 3 years.  As an iPhone fan, 16% seems quite good.  For I don't know if Microsoft will make the kind of gains stated.
  • Onxo discusses bill to protect our data privacy at borders.  Not effective at all.
  • Daily Wireless reports Wi-Fi ain't going anywhere.
  • DC police uses iPhones and Toughbooks to keep residents safe
  • Crunchgear asks about TSA friendly bags.
  • Yahoo News reports Sony Ericsson to roll out musice services for crowded mobile market.
  • Wireless Week reports Sprint's WiMax will go live on Oct 8th.
  • Daily Wireless reports M2Z Networks success with no interference with AWS band.
  • Yahoo News on a study about e-mail use after work.  Corporate overlords love it.  Drones don't have a choice. (Recommended Reading)
  • GigaOM on white space.
  • Onxo on fluid situation in mobile device convegence.
  • CNet reports Bush opposses RIAA backed bill.  Wow...
  • Ars Technica on anti-counterfeit trade agreement - must keep this quiet, it's a secret negotiation.
  • Wired:  Google patent could make mobile contracts obsolete.

State of Installing OS X on Non-Mac Hardware

Will Apple eventually license OS X?

I don't know but I'm beginning to come around to the idea that maybe Apple may offer OS X to 3rd parties.  Why is that?  Intel.  Since the early days of the Apple-Intel partnership, folks started trying how to efficient get OS X installed on non-Mac hardwares.

So, in a word or two, what is the state of this form of Mac jailbreak?

I think Apple will eventually loosen up but we don't know when that'll be. In the mean time, there are a few solutions with netbooks and an unreleased netbook from the maker of EEE PC that is perfect to be the next Hackintosh.

Read here to find out more.

Mac Hybrid

People are all over the place when it comes to what sercet product, if any, will Apple be introducing that require them to warn investors of lower margins in future quarter?

Some Apple fans think Apple will merely be lowering prices but others think Apple will actually introduce a brand new product that will cause panic and pandemonium among its competitors.

We'll know between now and Macworld 2009, when we think Apple will truly introduce a new product.  In the mean time, we analyze a bit about the Apple TV situation and came up with the "Mac Hybrid".

What is the Mac Hybrid?  Please read at On Apple to find out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mobile Warrior Profile: Josh Gates of Destination Truth

We live in a world where superheroes or simple human heroes who use their intellect to solve mysteries, overcome odds, and find solutions at the last moment with gadgets, laptops, or, here goes, Google.

Now, we're going to begin with a weekly post and focus on a specific individual, real or otherwise, and imagine what kind of gadgets they'll carry around with them on their quests or latest attempts to save humanity.

Now, I doubt we'll ever profile Batman or Ironman.  That's too easy.  For those two, watch the movies or cartoons.

This week's profile is a real person.  Josh Gates of Scf-Fi's Destination Truth.  With a degree in archeology and drama, he is the modern day equivalent to Indiana Jones (without the whip or hat).  On the show, Jos and his team travel the world as setting up camp to find the truth and evidence for urban legends, paranormal events, and other X-Files-type mysteries.

Featured prominently on shows are laptops, mobile gears, cameras, and other various gadgets.  So, I wondered what does Josh take with him whether his deep in Africa or looking for Yeti in the Himalaya.  Well, Sci-Fi has made it simple by actually listen stuff he takes with him on most trips:

  • Spot Messenger  - With a push of a button, Josh can send maps or messages back to base in LA whether just to check in or send an emergency call.  
  • Sunnto Core Watch - barometer, altimeter, compass.  
  • Olympus Stylus 1030SW Digital Camera - Josh took it for its toughness.  You'll have to visit maybe Olympus' site or Amazon for specs.
  • SteriPen - Use UV to sterilize water.  And to top it off, it uses a solar charger.
  • Tumi Travel Charger 
  • Battery Geek Portable Power Station - provides Josh's team with up to 13 hours of batteries.  So, if you're into ameteur ghostbusting or UFO watching, this is perfect.  
  • Nikon D200 Camera
  • Garmin GPS Map 60CSx - compact and tough.  Accuracy within 4 feet.  
  • iPod - He's got the first gen nano.  Someone tell him there are new ones with longer battery lives.  Comes in useful for an all night stakeout for boogymen.  I don't understand why he has a Nike+ Transmitter.  I mean when does he find time to go jogging in Mongolia?
  • Flir Thermal Imager - I think Batman's got one of these in his cowl.  A must have for anyone trekking out in the dark.
  • Unlocked Sony Ericsson W810i - Josh loves his iPhone but this is what he takes with him on his journeys.  It isn't that the iPhone can hack it.  I'm sure he rather it that with him except ATT has made sure Apple has it locked and won't work else where.  I suggest someone unlock and jailbreak his phone for him.  
  • Moleskine Journal - good choice.  But any paper pad will work too.  A couple of pens are good too.  I lose a pen a week and that's just in my office.  
  • Book - Josh should bring his iPhone for ebook apps.  Actually, a real ebook reader would be great.
Suggestions for Josh:
  • We're partial the Macbooks and Viaos .  I think the Macbook Air is light and provides enough power for most of Josh and his team's truth-seeking.  Plus it runs Windows well.  Viaos are great as well.  Well built and Viaos are my second love after Macbooks.
  • The iPhone now plays a lot of games.  But for some reason I would have thought Josh would take with him a PSP .  He's likely too manly for Pokemon so DS is out.  Josh is more of a NFL or NBA type of person.  

So, there you go.  Destination Truth is on Wednesdays at 10/9C (whatever that means).

Now, we don't want to profile just folks we see on TV or fictional characters.  If you lead an exciting life, special ops, secret agent, or peace officer and use mobile gadgets, we love to make you the subject of Onxo's Mobile Warrior Profile.

Future Profiles:  Jack Bauer and McGyver (what Colonel Oneil...I mean McGyver would use today if he was still active)

Note:  We've provided product links to Amazon or product homepages for easy access if you want to duplicate your boyhood hero or find the mobile gadgets mentioned useful or want more information.

iPhone and iPod Touch Gaming Not Ready Yet

It's been said that iPhone gaming is revolutionary and the CPU power it possesses is more than the DS and PSP combined.  In fact, it rivals the PS2 and Xbox in terms of graphic powers.

However, I know it's hype and marketing to think that the iPhone and the iPod Touch are being mentioned as a potential competitor to PSP and DS.  It is just like Google's G1 being compared to the iPhone.

But truthfully, the gaming for Apple's mobile devices still have a long way to go.  Maybe in a year, we'll know.  There could be 30-40 million iPhones and iPod Touches by the end of 2008 and 100-120 million by the end of 2009.  That an awful lot of gamers to sell to.

More at why we don't think iPhone is ready yet at On Apple.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today's Update for Mac and iPhone

I've posted today's Mac and iPhone updates over at On Mac.

The biggest news has to be the officially Apple-sanctioned unlocked iPhones now available for sale in Hong Kong.  They probably get it first there because they've got all our money.  Selling them iPhones and iPods is the American government's secret economic plan to get our money back.

Anyway, there's more news you'll be interested in.  Please visit.

This Week's Friday Movie

We've shown comedy.  And now, we've got a little video action going on here.

Tom Clancy's new game, Endwar.  Enjoy.

Have a great weekend. And com back for updates on G1 and the developing story of RIM's collapse and road to comeback.

Mobile Update for September 26, 2008

Today's biggest issue has to be RIM's bad quarter.  There is not much to it except they have more expenses in light of market conditions and competitions.

Still, they are making millions and they're not like, you know, Palm.  I've got more details here.

Mobile Device Updates:

  • TUAW reports iPhone now available unlocked in HK.  Also expands into 20+ nations.
  • Onxo likes 256GB SSD from Toshiba.  
  • Yahoo News reports Nokia to unveil touch-screen phone.  RIM just can't catch a break.
  • Onxo likes it better if G1 looks like either one of these two phones.
  • Symbian-Freak reports Nokia working on in-door positioning.  Very nice idea.  Bring it to Disneyland.
  • BGR reports no Storm until Nov.

Mobile Issues:

  • Onxo :  What happened to RIM?
  • Onxo reports T-Mobile may open up crippled T-Zones.  iPhone and Google influence seen.
  • RCR Wireless reports on phones and cancer.
  • RCR Wireless reports on a report that by 2013, $600 billion worth of transactions will be made wirelessly.
  • Engadget asks if Apple should find new best friends.  Spotlight to be search engine one day?  I think it's a possibility.
  • Yahoo News reports Visa to bring payment app to Android.
  • Onxo believes G1 and T-Mobile has a lot of issues to resolve.  

What Happened to RIM?

Research In Motion from Canada has been a darling on NASDAQ and Wall Street in general.  If you're a mobile warrior working in finance, tech, and Internet industries, you've got a Blackberry.

Since even before the iPhone came out and the economy started tanking, there was already a move by RIM to increase its reach beyond business users.  Hence, more consumer friendly features were added.  However, as enticing as it was, once the iPhone and a lot of other consumer friend smartphones started competing with Blackberries, things apparently got ugly for RIM.

RIM is still making money.  It is just not making money at the rate analysts on Wall Street would like them too.  After all, RIM's revenue forecast for the coming quarter outpaced estimates by a bit.  Still, it was the cost of new devices that will eat into the margin.

What is RIM to do?  Innovate, innovate, innovate.  Forget about what Apple or anyone else is doing.  In fact, RIM should expand in the goodwill the e-mail service has brought them.

Also maybe take a page out of Android's playbook.  Hook up with a music or video provider like Amazon.  As much as I love Apple products, I want to see competition for iTunes.

Going forward, RIM will need to look at the long-term picture and not worry about short to medium-term goals.  It is short-sightedness that got them to spend more than 350 million on pushing back against the iPhone.  And look where it got them.  They've lost half their valuation in less than a year.

Just don't do what Palm is doing with Centro.  It killed their margin and hurt their bottom line even though they've had success moving them.  The only winners in that scenario were the wireless providers and consumers.  I'm fine with consumers winning if RIM is willing to take the hit.

As CNBC analyzed , there is demand, they see no evidence of a slowdown in smartphone demand.  It's a matter of how confident RIM is about their products going forward.  If they feel they can compete well against existing products, RIM should be fine.  But if they have to take hits on pricing, boy, I don't know...

Silicon Alley Insider believes RIM will not repeat Motorola's RAZR mistake because in addition to sell phones, RIM also sell subscriptions.  Well, not so fast.  G1 has free push mail with Google and Apple has MobileMe (as bad as it is now, it'll only get better).

RIM has one choice:  make better products people will want to buy and make yourself recession-proof like Apple and Microsoft.

Note:  It's a great opportunity for everyone, not just RIM, with Microsoft possibly delaying Windows Mobile 7 to the second half of 2009.  Plenty of time for land grab.

Another Note:  RIMM down big today.  Massive downgrades ranging with target prices from $70-$90.  RIMM is being hammered for 25% today.  It'll recover some of that technically and from short-covers.  I don't think if short-selling ban by SEC covers stocks other than bank stocks.

Third Note:  Those who likes to hold grudges.  Macdaily News is infamous for making Apple haters eat their own words.

Prediction:  Apple will likely lower MobileMe's annual rate when new iLife comes out.  We'll discuss why at On Apple .

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