Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For September 24, 2008

No rumors.  It's a promise but this post from Appleinsider is a bit more concrete.  You'll understand why this is important.

Appleinsider informed the world that there are now six additional placeholders in Best Buy's Futureshop computers up in Canada.  Four points to make of this:

  • New Macs are coming.  Like the usual suspects:  3 Macbooks, two 15" Macbook Pros, one 17" Macbook Pro.  
  • No Macbook Air update - MBA would take up two spaces all on its own.
  • No iMac updates - this is more obvious.  iMacs would take up three place holders all on its own.
  • No iBrick or any game changing device that will be coming with the new Macbook updates.
Again, we believe Macworld is when we'll see anything new if at all.  However, given the margin statement by Apple's CFO during the last round of financial call, it's still possible to see a drop in Macbook prices, maybe even iMacs.  
I was so hoping for a new mini Mac tower.  
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Still no words from Apple regarding NDA and such.  Right or wrong, public opinion is not good.
  • Macenstein is reporting iPhone saber is again available.  It's now very commercialized.  
  • Onxo on using hand cranks to power iPods.
  • Onxo on mobile convergence.  iPhone will be the first step on an evolution path towards that end.
  • Onxo on detailed difference between G1 and the iPhone.
  • Onxo hates T-Mobile's 1GB 3G cap.  But T-Mobile is now less even by removing that clause.  Still, very evil though.
  • TUAW reports Stanford now offers iPhone programming class.  Go to class, sell app, pay for tuition or booze.  
  • iPhone Atlas offers fix on iPhones not checking mail.  I actually experienced that yesterday.
  • Games - Touch Arcade reports Fox launches Terminator location-based MMORPG game.
Mac Update:
  • Onxo has a tip on using the cloud to store and encrypt passwords.
  • Macrumors has more in the six placeholders.  Update being that it was done with Apple's knowledge.  Suuuure...I think they know now.
  • Appleinsider offers a look at Adobe's new Photoshop.  Supports multi-touch.

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