Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand Crank to Charge your iPod

I was looking to see if there is a hand crank out for the XO (OLPC's laptop) when I came across a link that takes you to a page where there is instructions on creating a hand crank to power your iPod.

Geek Technique has a very interesting way to go about it.  That post was from 2005.  Since then, there have been other more modern ways to go about it.

I also recommend going over to Brookstone at your local mall and check out their own solutions.  You'll see one of the flashlights used in GT's demo as well.

I also like this Bodyguard Survivor .  It's McGyver-approved.  It has 13 functions with a hand-crank to charge up the internal battery.  And more importantly, it'll charge your phone or iPod.

However, you will still need to create a link between the proprietary iPod connection and theses devices.   Of course, you can save yourself the trouble with the self-powered weather radio .  It already has a connection for iPods.

I initially discussed these products in an earlier post on surviving natural disasters for mobile warriors.  And as a big proponent on self-sufficiency and power, we'll keep bring this up

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