Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facebook Used By Man To Kidnap And Kill Girl

Source: Fox News.

Social media can be a good platform for people to stay connected with friends and families.  However, social networks like Facebook which has offered very little oversight into the activities of its users or does not even verify the true identities of its users, it can be a very dark and dangerous place.  This is especially true for a teen from Maine who was in contact with a man using a fake Facebook account.

The murderer, Kyle Dube, had used Facebook to lure Nicole Cable, the victim into a trap whereby he would kidnap her and rescue her later to appear to be the hero.  However, Nicole died while she in the truck of his car.

I hope the guy gets what he deserves in prison and hell.  We all do I'm sure.

However, does is Facebook also responsible?  It had been pressing to get teens to sign up and Facebook, as you well know, has zero safeguards when it comes to protecting its users, let alone, vulnerable teens.

For the record, you have to be at least 13 to join Facebook.  Nicole Cable was 15.  It shows just how dangerous Facebook and other social networks can be for children.  If anything, the least Facebook can do is to make sure anyone under the age of 18 cannot be friended by anyone who isn't family or a true friend.

However, it's unlikely the death of this teen would sway Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to implement stronger safeguards for children.

Apple Has Sold 100 Million iPod touches; Should Position Device As A Social Device To Continue Momentum

Source:  The Loop.

You know a guy is connected when he gets information directly from Apple in ways that not even the press can. Apple told Jim Dalrymple, not the AP, CNN, or Reuters, that it has sold 100 million iPod touches since its introduction in 2007.

That's a lot of touches.  How much compared to other gaming devices?

Nintendo's wildly successful Game Boy and Game Boy Color (wiki) sold a combined 118.69 million units since its introduction in 1989 in Japan.  It took Nintendo 12 years for the GB to sell almost 120 million while .  It was eventually displaced by the Gameboy Advance in 2001 which went on to sell about 81.5 million units in in seven years.  Sony only managed to sell 76 million PSP (wiki) units in eight years.

For the iPod touch, Apple managed 100 million units in 5.5 years.

As a mobile fan, I love the fact that Apple's iPod touch is finding this level of success.  However, where does Apple go from here?  Today, it introduced a base 16 GB iPod touch for $229 without the rear camera.

On the surface, that looked pity and like a bad move.  However, Apple is trying to get users to go with the $299 touch with a rear camera and 32 GB of storage for $70 more.  I think it would help Apple's effort if it also market the $299 iPod touch as a social media device in addition to the gaming and music playing device it is now.

The rise in popularity of Twitter and, specifically, social and sharing apps is undeniable.  And with the youth turning away from Facebook due to its loss of coolness and possibly the encroachment of adults, Apple can position its device as one that allow anyone to enjoy all the benefits of iOS without paying for monthly fees.

Tim Cook Might Have Lied: New iPod touch (Without Rear Camera) with 16 GB for $229

Source:  The Loop.

here's my try to see how it feels about turning something that Apple do, as benign as introducing a 16 GB iPod touch without the standard rear 5MP camera for $299, into something bad like WSJ, NYT, and haters are so apt at doing.  So here goes.

Tim Cook lied.  He said no new hardware and what's this?!

Okay...I suck at it.  I think it's news about this new iPod touch variant but it is neither good or bad.  And without the rear camera, it's not for me either.  However, as The Loop said, it's the perfect gaming machine.

I was considering getting one for my niece but I would want her to be able to take photos.  For $70 more, you get the iSight camera (the rear camera I'm talking about) as well as doubling of the memory to 32 GB at $299.  Another $100 will get you the 64 GB model which I understand isn't for everyone.

I'm sure Apple has its reasons for coming out with the new 16 GB model - it now serves as its base iPod touch.  And it's like I said above, Apple wants you to spend a $70 to get the version with the camera and twice the storage.

Brilliant placement of product and pricing.

Wait...doh!  I tried so hard to start off the post with negativity towards Apple and I end up complimenting them!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did Apple Design Itself Into A Corner By Focusing On Thinness And Weight For the iPhone? Probably.

Tim Cook talked about trade-offs that currently exists that is prevent Apple from release an iPhone with a bigger screen.  And until some of these trade-offs are addressed, that'll never happen.  Some of these trade-offs are technical while others are related to the what kind of a mobile experience a 5" iPhone can bring to the user.

Let's focus on the technical ones here and discuss why I think that by releasing the iPhone 5 in the form factor it is in, Apple may have painted itself into a technical and design corner that is preventing it from releasing a 5" or bigger screen iPhone.

With each successive iPhone update, Apple focused on how they were able to shave off a few grams here and there while making the iPhones thinner and thinner.  This was especially apparent with the iPhone 5 because it had a bigger 4" screen while managing to weigh considerably less.

Should Apple be thinking about a 5" iPhone, the expectation for thinner and lighter will remain.  However, there is only so much Apple can continue to do that given the technical restraints.  And this will be especially difficult with a 5" iPhone because of the battery that will be needed to power the light up the screen. It would also mean more pixels for a CPU to drive.

And even if Apple doesn't make a 5" iPhone thinner and lighter but keeps it around where the iPhone 5 is now, might may not be enough to give the iPhone user the same or greater level of mobile experience because of the battery constraint.

Maybe Apple will find a way to come close.  However, had Apple kept the iPhone 5 thickness the same as the iPhone 4/4S, battery life for a 5" iPhone might not be an issue at all.

So, where does that leave us as far as a 5" iPhone goes?  Well, Apple could reverse years of practice of releasing thinner and lighter iPhone and, in fact, maybe make the 5" iPhone thicker and heavier to commodate a bigger battery.  Well, since this issue itself in the trade-off, it's not going to happen.

So, Apple has no choice but to wait until their engineers find a way to design a vastly more efficient CPU and more power friendly 5" Retina Display while accommodating Jony Ives' designs.  It would also mean that we could be a year or more away from see such an iPhone.

Meanwhile, yes, Apple's competitors like Samsung and its Galaxy lines, from the S 4 to the Note, continue to sit unmolested by Apple's mobile devices.  Sure, these devices have many of the trade-offs that Tim Cook is talking about but they are also sales that Apple is missing.

Personally, I would not want Apple to make compromises to the whole mobile experience.  However, I think I am speaking for many Apple fans that if Apple does release a 5" iPhone that is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5, we would not mind at all.

Hey, Senate: Where's The Hearing On Facebook Allowing Hate (Or Free Speech)

Okay.  So, Apple does what it is supposed to with respects to paying taxes under laws written by Congress and, yet, it was hauled in front of Congress so Levin can try to score a few political points.  It was a shameful display of political theater and a waste of American tax payers money and time.

Meanwhile, Facebook is allowing hate in the name of making advertising dollars.  Hate against women in particular (CNN).  And all they have to say for it is a blog post.

Where is the Senate hearing on this?  I'm serious.  Exposure to this kind of hate speech and others is something you see on the Web every day.  However, Facebook isn't the Internet.  It's Facebook.  And given that there is very little safeguards on Facebook, children can easily find stuff that many of us will find objectionable.

On top of that, there is the issue of free speech.

So, Senate, where is the hearing on this matter and trying to balance that with free speech on Facebook?

So far, Facebook only acts when pressed and that seems to be an issue with me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mobile: Steelcase Chair "Gesture" For Tablet Uers - Pricy But Looks Promising And May Be Worth It To Keep Good Postures

Source:  SteelcasePopular Science.

We text, watch videos, and consume information on our mobile devices quite a bit more now.  On our Android or iPhone devices.  Especially on our tablets like the iPad.  And it has changed the posture of our bodies.  Quite a few more postures than working on a desktop with a laptop, according to Steelcase, maker of office furniture.  Which is why they came out with Gesture for mobile and tablet users.

9 new postures identified by Steelcase Global Posture Study

And Gesture looks like.

Gesture Chair - gesture recognition for your body.

The website has more information about it but what I like it most is the built-in fundamentals for adapting to what the users wants and how the user sits when using a device.  Steelcase did their research based on 2000 individuals to craft the Gesture.

My only issue is that it doesn't come with a head rest.  I suppose given what it is suppose to do, the head rest doesn't apply.  Too bad.  It would have been nice to see it come as an option (I'll be writing them to find out if they could incorporate that in as an option).

It ain't gonna be cheap.  It retails at $978.  I'm hope it'll come down quite a bit more before I jump at it.  And the reason I'm considering it is because it's my body.  When it comes to that and my health, I don't want to go cheap.  I've skipped cable and other stuff like eating out.  The bucks I've saved is worth investing in something like this.

What do you think?  Here's a video of the Gesture from Steelcase.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chicken Dance On Arrested Development (New Season This Sunday!!!)

Source:  Flavorwire.

Here’s a brilliant chart of how to do the chicken dances on Arrested Development we have come to see and love but was initially embarrassed about it but no longer. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, dude, you have to watch the old shows on Netflix, DVD, or whatever other means you can.

You will not regret it.  And to see what I’m talking about, here are a few compilations of the various chicken dances from members of the Bluth family from Orange County, California.

I’m going to go on the assumption that you know what the Arrested Development is about.  Essentially, it’s about the head of the Bluth family who defrauded investors and was sent to jail while his family is constantly harassed by authorities, each other, and just idiotic decisions they make.

It’s crazy funny.  And Michael Bluth, portrayed by Jason Bateman, put himself in charge of keeping the family together and rebuilding their former glory.  Seems like a normal guy right?  Well, that’s not quite normal in his dysfunctionally funny family.

Here’s are the clips.  Enjoy!  And enjoy the new season on Netflix!

Note:  Nope, this isn't a mobile, Apple, or Google post.  It's not even a social media post but who cares.  Watch AD on your mobile and talk about it on Google+ or Twitter!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One: Three OS Under the Hood - Seems Like Two Too Many

I don't know how many OS Playstation 4 has but I'm guess it probably only has one.  And I'm guessing Apple TV, the closest competitor Apple has to the One, and Q, Google's Android based device, all have just one OS.

One has three (CNET).

I think Microsoft unnecessarily made it more complex which I hope doesn't influence future developments.  It feels like Microsoft is going all in because of its competitors may or may not do and try to out think them.

I think the CNET post was being kind and giving us Microsoft's talking points.  I'll still get it but I wonder though...

Xbox One: With Blu-Ray Player, I'm Getting Back Into The Console

The Verge confirmed the next Xbox, Xbox One, will have a Blu-Ray player that actually plays them Blue-Ray movies.  Prior to this, I was gaming for the Playstation 4 but I'm definitely getting the One now.

Time to start saving up again...


Troubling: CBS Reporter's Computer Hacked -

Source:  Politico.

Sharyl Attkisson, award winning CBS reporter, who produced on previous investigations and reports on Obama Administration policies and scandals like the embarrassing Fast and Furious debacle found her computer to have been compromised.

She has not said anything since she has to check with her attorneys and, of course, CBS.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to go nuts with this but let's not go crazy just yet.  It could be as simple as her clicking on a porn site or something and not some nefarious government thing or another.

However, this comes on the heel of an Obama embarrassment where the IRS had targeted Tea Party organizations and a DOJ investigation into a Fox reporter.

Disgrace: Tim Cook Hauled In Front of Senate Panel For Doing What's Good For Apple

This is an absolute disgrace.  I'm a middle of the road kind of guy and I absolutely think people should pay their fair share of taxes, including companies.  And like anyone else, I'll take deductions where I can.  Just like any company would.

And because over the decades, the United States Congress has given in to special interests, of which Apple and Google were not around to lobby, Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Google's executives did what they were hired to do to minimize costs and do what's good for the company's future (and yes, shareholders too).

Today's corporations are not just mindless soulless entities.  May of these rich such as Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Steve Jobs, and the Gates Foundation have gone on to do great philanthropic things around the United States and the world in areas of education, health, and fight against poverty.

The companies are not stupid in trying to avoid legally paying their tax bills.  It would be insane to try to pull a fast one on the government.  However, if there are loopholes, they'll use it because it would also be stupid not to.

So, the Senate committee convened here to make Apple out like a tax dodging villain should look at themselves and look at what they've done over the years to the complex and unfair corporate tax laws. It's complex as you all know that.  Unfair because companies tried to gain advantages through the tax codes.

Real Villian of Corporate Tax Mess: United States Congress

Apple has proposed some changes to the tax codes.  I don't know anything about how they would work out but I do know that inaction by this Senate committee will continue because of special interests that line the political pockets of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

So, yeah, this is a disgraceful move by the Senate to cast blame on someone else.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Social: Yahoo's Tumblr Buyout Will Not Fail Like Instagram Buyout for Facebook

Okay, some of you are probably perplexed why I'm declaring Instagram a failure.  Well, it's not.  Not yet.  However, the buyout by Facebook itself is a failure.  And I'm confident that Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, will make a good thing of it.

First, she's not reactionary.  Not like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.  While, Zucker and Facebook has a singular mission in eroding privacy of its users in order to continue to sell them to advertisers and third parties, Yahoo has a plan for Tumblr which should be made apparently soon enough.

Second, Tumblr buyout isn't like previous Yahoo buyouts like those in the dotcom era.  Again, there's a plan there that Yahoo will implement with Tumblr.

Third, Yahoo has Facebook to thank for its public debacles.  Time and time again, Facebook's attempt to change terms on the fly, whether it's privacy or content ownership, Yahoo should keep things the same.  At least for a long while.

And lastly, while Instagram really has no business model other than to eventually introduce paid filters, messaging, or even advertising, Tumblr's former owners were not keen on advertising and had a laser focus on the end user experience.  Should they stick aroung, that should continue for a while.

So, if you're a Tumblr user, fret not.  Not for a long while.  And in face, with Yahoo's resources, Tumblr's team of developers could make the product even better.  You certainly have not seen that with Instagram.

Friday, May 17, 2013

HTC One Has A Better Form Factor And Finish Than Galaxy S 4: Good Enough To Make iPhone Users Switch

Source:  MacNN.

Your photo gallery brought to life.

For years, while Android dominate the market, the iPhone market, particularly in the US, has grown at the expensive of Blackberry and Windows but starting to impact Android as well.  And surveys typically suggest that iPhone users are more loyal to their chosen platform than Android users are to theirs or even to their branded devices.  However, I wonder if HTC One could change all that.

In fact, I think it will.  I think HTC has a winner with the One because of its awesome screen and high-end feel to the form factor and use of metal instead of the cheap feel of the Galaxy line.  It's good enough to make some iPhone users take a look at the HTC One as a potential jumping off point for Android than the Galaxy.
HTC BoomSound™: Sharper, richer, louder.

However, there are a couple of things that might hold some users off.  One is the camera.  That's a deal breaker for me.  4MP?  Really, HTC?  I know there will be folks who will argue that megapixels isn't everything.  While I buy that argument, 4MP is different from the 8 MP in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  With the next iPhone likely to go to 12MP or higher and the Galaxy S 4 already with 13MP, 12MP, 13MP, or more in these other high-end devices compared to the unique "UltraPixel" in the One is a big difference.  And yes, the iPhone camera will be vastly improved regardless of the MP.

The second issue is a big one.  Android.  I'm not suggesting that Android is inferior to iOS or the other way around.  In fact, Android has innovated in ways that has left iOS behind and look dated.  On the other hand, the ease of use of iOS is still second to none even as some pundits complain about the looking and feel of it being dated.

The real issue for iPhone users regarding Android is the ecosystem. If you spend money with Apple's app and iTunes ecosystem, you will have to reinvest in Android as well.  You will have to repurchase all of the apps again on Android.  And as for movies and TV shows, the DRM keeps Android users from purchasing or viewing content from iTunes (except for music - but then again, if you're an Android user, why would you buy music from iTunes instead of Google Play?).

All in all, I think the advantage for iPhone or even the Galaxy S 4 for the typical mobile buyer has diminished with HTC's release of the One.  If you can get over the camera, some learning curves, and Android itself, HTC One should be among one of your top choices.

HTC One doesn't enjoy the reputation of Samsung's Galaxy S 4 so it isn't going to overthrow Samsung nor really encourage a wholesale defect of iPhone owners over the the One, but it could be enough for HTC to mount a comeback on a global scale.

If I'm HTC, I would spend a lot of money, on the scale of Samsung's mobile ad budget, and promote the heck out of it.  Window is closing as Apple is rumored to be release its next iPhone this summer or early fall.  HTC has one a couple of months before users either stop buying and wait to see what Apple comes up with or simply buy the next iPhone instead.

Also, imagine if HTC put Windows Phone in the One.  Wow.

Future Apple Products Made In The USA - Starting With a Mac

Source:  PoliticoMacrumors.

For those waiting for the Mac Pro, looks like it could be one of the first Mac to be made solely in the United States for years.  At least that's the going convention on which Mac Apple's Tim Cook is talking about when he said Apple has invested $100 million to make that Mac here in the US.

Here is an interview with Brian Williams of NBC last year where Tim talked about it.

Visit for breaking newsworld news, and news about the economy

As you can see, it's not easy.  $100 million is nothing to Apple but it's something to most companies and what Apple hopes to achieve could be the spark of something big for consumer electronics and electronics in general.

While this is old news, Politico has new details from Tim Cook as Tim start a PR trip through the East Coast which will end with his testimony on corporate taxes in Congress next week.  While that is a very important issue, it is outside the purview of what I normally consider to be Apple and mobile, new details about Apple manufacturing in the US isn't.

Here are a couple of new details:

  • States to benefit from Apple's domestic manufacturing:  Arizona, Texas, Illinois (President Obama's home state), Florida, and Kentucky.
  • Deep into the project - looks like Macs could be coming off the assembly line soon.
  • $100 Million spent on making this possible.  

What's interesting is the public and economic policies of this.  I like to know where the workers will be coming from, what kind of educational background they'll need.  How much automation is involved.  And what comes next for Apple's domestic production agenda.  And what kind of relationship Apple will have with its workers and whether they'll be unionized or not.

And it's also possible that Apple's future domestic expansion could hinge on any corporate tax reforms that Apple and other tech giants are seeking from Washington.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Social: Abercrombie & Fitch Targeted For Not Making Certain Size Clothes - Doubt It's A Good Use of Social Media Campaigns

Source:  Yahoo.

So, if a company decides to make clothing for kids but not adults, it’s fine.  And if an adult is small enough to fit in those same clothes, that is fine too.  However, can one fault this company for not making bigger sizes for bigger people?

Well, apparently, you can.  It’s America, right?  You’re allowed to protest whatever you like.  And folks are.

Apparently, Abercrombie & Fitch doesn’t make clothes for size 14 and up.  Apparently, some stores like the flagship one in NYC doesn’t even go beyond size 10.

In fact, AF CEO has affirmed in an interview that they’re very selective about what they make and who and fit in them.

It is an image decision and a business one.

Is this worth organizing social media campaigns against?  Again, it’s a free country and people can do whatever they want, including shopping elsewhere for clothes that fit them and boycotting others.

In this case, I get the feeling that AF probably doesn’t care too much and it may even enhance their image in the eyes of the youth.

Ordinarily, I don't care about fashion but the speed of this issue being picked up in social media is very interesting.  I'm curious to see where to ends up.

Google Maps: New Features, Photosphere - Improvements Evolutionary But Welcomed

Source: Cult of AndroidCNET.

At Google I/O, Google unveiled new Maps services and changes to the UI.  I've simplified it into bullet points.  It doesn't do justice to the whole user experience that will improve as a result but it saves you the effort of having to go through the Web looking for it all.

  • 3D support with live cloud view
  • Better and easier UI
  • Real-time traffic
  • Dynamic routing
  • Zagat review
  • Support for iPad
  • Google Offers
  • Desktop map search results will overlay on the map directly
  • Sign into maps to create your own landmark and have that information available no matter where you are or which device you use

All those are expected and great.  All of the above features have been in one map apps or another already.  What I like about the new Google Maps is the Photosphere which allows users to upload their own pics allowing Google Maps users to create their own street-view.

Google Maps improvements will be coming to Android and iOS devices this summer.

Wanted: Car Accessory for Siri And/Or Google Now For Older Cars

(from Auto Blog)

Services like Google Now and Siri are going to become a bigger part of our lives over the next few years and it’s quite possible that the next generation isn’t going to have to go through the antiquated search process we go through now, whether it’s through Google, Bing, or Siri.

And in all likelihood, cars five to ten years from now will all support integrated systems for these AI systems.  Until that happens, there are millions of mobile warriors who commute in cars without the new and sophisticated integrations for systems like Siri (is there any out there for Google Now?).

It would be great if someone can offer an accessory that would work with our mobile devices via BT or the plug and allow the user to use voice commands hands-free.

Such a device will not cost too much.  $100?  I think even a module or stereo system with such support would be wildly popular for a few hundreds bucks.

So, any enterprising engineers out there who can create such a device?  Maybe go on Kickstarter and get it going?

Google Streams Music!!!

Source:  CNET.

It’s finally here.  Google now offers Spotify-like service – pay $10 a month for streaming music.  Not sure how this changes the landscape of music consumption yet.  There could be some defectors from Spotify and Pandora, even put a dampener on any plan Apple has for its own music streaming service.

Love competition!!!

Social: Crowdsourcing/Fundraising For Small Projects on Kickstarters Is Helped By Famous Folks

You might think that just because the new Veronica Mars movie raised $5.7 million on Kickstarter, it sucked up all the air on the room from other projects.  However, VM backers were mostly new to the crowdsourcing and went to to support other projects to the tune of $400,000 (Economist).

In fact, I think this is just the beginning for all concerned.  Consider the era of $150 to $200 million mega-budget movies that Hollywood tends to put out, $5.7 million isn't all that much.  It's likely a standalone Veronica Mars movie would probably cost around $50 million if the studio wanted to do it.  

Back in 2005, Serenity cost $39 million to make.  How much would it have raised on Kickstarter?  

The thing is we're still at a pretty early stage of Kickstarter-like projects and only a very small percentage of likely supporters are involved.  Probably only a few thousands people at most.  When tens if not hundreds of millions of people become comfortable with this format and supporting projects or enterprises they like, it could have a real change on real economic terms for many industries.

So, right now, I'm okay with famous rich people asking the crowd for money.  They have just as much right to do that as a couple working on a cool project in their garage looking for some seed money to take off.  

On a couple of years, five years, or ten years, who knows?  There could be studios or companies that are formed around crowd sourcing to produce their goods or media.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blackberry: BB Users Don't Like Android Apps, Not Sure Who They Blame

Source:  CNET.

Okay, so Blackberry users don't like using Android apps on their devices.  Who can blame them?  I think BB should be the one to blame for this and I hope no one is suggesting that Android apps are not easy or good to use.

When you simply port one app over from one platform to another or run them in emulation, the experience diminishes greatly.  Everyone knew this.  Whatever the reason, Blackberry likely shot itself in the foot when it sought to pad its app count instead of trusting time and developers to build native apps.

Whatever.  Regardless of which mobile device you use, we are all rooting for Blackberry because they, along with Windows-Nokia, represent about 10% of the mobile market which can stand up to Android and the iPhone.

I think Blackberry has stabilized right now and they are making money.  With the Q10, keyboard-based device running Blackberry 10, on tap, I think Waterloo has turned the corner.

The Onion: OJ In Court Brought Back Good Times

The Onion does it again...seeing OJ in court, pre-"bad things" was nostalgic.
"Sure, he may be a murderer, but those were good times back then, you know? Clinton was in the White House, gas was $1.35/gallon, and the biggest thing in the world to worry about was whether some football player had killed his wife and her friend. And remember the Bronco chase?"
As for the Bronco chase?  I was on the other side of the 405, near UCLA, when he drove by.  Too bad we didn't have smartphones back then.  So, no pics.

Even in LA, that was a big deal.  It was also the start of the era of car chases.

Rest of 2013 for Apple: No Retina For iPad mini And Other Products We Can Realistically Expect

Tim Cook said no major Apple product launches happening until fall of this year.  So, I find it funny that we still need posts from analysts or pundits affirming that.  The latest is that from the MacDailyNews/Cult of Mac stating that no new iPhone models will be coming.  What's interesting is that the two posts above quoted the same analyst, Peter Misek, as saying that Samsung will carve out a bigger piece of the high-end mobile device market from Apple.  It remains to be seen if that is so.  The thing is that bigger screen smartphones are gaining steam but there is evidence that they're limited in terms of adopters who really want something that big.  On the other hand, Apple's customary 70% of the mobile profit share has shrunk to 57% while Samsung has picked up nearly all of the rest (Fortune).

Let’s go through realistically what we can expect in 2013.  More at On Apple.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's An Ice Shove, Not Ice Tsunami

Source:  CNN.

You gotta watch this video of an ice shove.  Basically, it's blocks of melted ice that is pushed by the wind with the ice acting as its own sails and then the momentum does the rest as the ice sheets move onto land and right through homes.  Literally, into the homes.

It's like a freaking movie from Hollywood.  Yup, Mother Nature is pretty powerful.

Student Rant About Her Teacher: Love It!

I've had great teachers, good teachers, and a few duds.  And apparently, this kid has the latter and he spoke up about it.  It was freaking awesome to see!

You have to check out how he went off on his teacher about it and he did it with respect due to the lazy ass teacher he had.  Apparently, she was just giving them packets to read and that was about it.

In a perfect world, teachers like that would be dimissed and fired.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where their unions protect the lame ones as well as the good ones. Again, unions are good and have a purpose but when they become beasts themselves, it's not helping its members but themselves and hurting the businesses or workplaces they serve.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Social: Offering Paid Service Could Solve Privacy Issues

Source:  NBC News.

Last week, I proposed that if Facebook and other social networks or app developers, even search engines offer a paid version of their free services, it could go a long way in giving people choices regarding their private information and what is or isn't being shared.  After all, all these free services that have been blasted for sharing and selling user data to advertisers and third parties has to make money some how.

My beef with the likes of Facebook is the lack of transparency, and not whether they have the rights to sharing information about their users.  Also, I detest how companies change policies on the fly to manipulate the public and change their relationships with the users.

So, while I do believe some legislation is required to rein in those like Facebook, companies that provide free services can start charging them for people who are willing to pay to keep their information private.

Seriously, right?  Why haven't people started doing that?

Frankly, any legislation from Congress or other world regional bodies are themselves going to be so complicated and filled with loopholes that it wouldn't make sense at all to end users.  It will end up being just as bad as those privacy statements and rules Facebook themselves put out.

Right now, a bill in Congress, H.R. 1913, AKA Apps Act, requires companies of app makers and platform makers to "timely, easy-to-understand disclosures about what data they collect and how the data is used". However, I wonder if that is too narrow. There is no mention of social networks.

The bill would require companies to give users the means to delete their data once they stop using the apps.  Do you really think Facebook, Google+, and Twitter will comply.  And even if they wanted to, consider how sophisticated your Google ID is.

It would be infinitely easier if there is paid service that makes control of information much easier. And who knows, with paying users granted more control, they may be more comfortable giving up information of their own volition rather than having companies and their services/apps try to forcibly take it from them.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surface Tablets May Not Be Selling Well But It Could Win the Long Game

Surface RT/Pro (Microsoft) may yet take a sizable pie of the tablet market and create a halo effect for Windows Phone in the mobile market.  This is not to say that it will happen.  Apple, Google, and anyone else will have to keep innovating and make sure it doesn't happen.  

You're thinking what is this guy talking about?  Surface sales barely register.  True but Microsoft isn't in this for a year or two.  Not like HP, Palm, Blackberry, or Cisco who all gave up easily.

I'm trying to remember a product in which Microsoft just hit it out the park.  Can you remember one?

No One Microsoft Product Was An Instant Success Out Right

Windows?  No.  Internet Explorer?  No.  It's dominant position is due to some illegal and shady tactics in which Microsoft was fined a lot of money.  Both products are still going strong.  Xbox? Right now, the Xbox 360 is probably the most popular console in the world and the next version is even more highly anticipated than Sony's Playstation 3.  

Sure, there's the Zune and the multi-year failure of the Windows Mobile platform.  Windows Phone 7 was just as much a dud as its predecessor but Windows 8 for Surface and smartphones really stopped the bleeding.

Importance of Mobile Computing - Future is Tablets, Smartphones, and Wearable Devices

And given how important mobile is the future, Microsoft will keep throwing billions after billions of dollars at it until something sticks.  It has no choice.  The PC market in general has been stunted by a changing computing environment as well as the success of the iPads and Android tablets.  On top of that, the iPhone dominance in enterprise has proven that not everything needs to have anything to do with Microsoft or the Windows logo.

The day will come when the PC market, which won't go away, will become a niche market for those who need heavy lifting by their computers.  Windows sales will shrink and that would impact other profitable divisions and products like Office.  And those products are what brings in the billions in cash every quarter and allowing Microsoft to throw billions at money losing products.  

Unable and unwilling to give up, Microsoft may not be selling a lot of gears but it remains a part of the conversation and that is just as important at this point.

Next Step

Microsoft will continue to advance its R&D for mobile and Windows.  Surface 2 products will address some of the shortcomings pundits have with them.  For instance, the next Windows 8 update will bring back the Start button.  Microsoft is not above admitting that it has made mistakes.  It also isn't above trying to duplicate the successes of its competitors.

On top of that, Microsoft does innovate.  And it's most dangerous when it's behind.  And while Windows 8 has been blasted for confusing users, I'm not so sure that will continue indefinitely.  With one OS and one interface, Microsoft has made it more difficult for traditional Windows users but over years, the comfort level will increase.  

With the new UI, Microsoft has basically tried to trim years of learning for users and instead of releasing changes in increments like Apple might do, it has decided to leap years ahead, creating pain and chaos in the interim but could reap in benefits going forward.  

There is a risk to that.  The current chaos in the Windows market may for users into the arms of Apple and Google but then again, it's not like Microsoft has that big of a share to start.  It's a risk but one worth taking.  It's a disruption to be sure but one that could benefit it in the future.

Surface RT and Surface Pro symbolizes the hybridization between today's tablet and PC experience.  It's not elegant.  Not yet.  And eventually, it may be a route that Apple has to take.  For years, Apple has slowing added iOS features into OS X and visa versa.  

The difference is we know what the future of a hybrid tablet-PC looks like from Microsoft because we have the Surface.  Apple has shown that it has something in the works.  Maybe Apple's future hybrid iPad-Mac will work.  Maybe it is going about it slower than Microsoft.  

Maybe Microsoft will continue to innovate with the Surface that eventually becomes something that is more desirable than anything Apple can come up with.

Why Am I Not Surprised: China Creates New Strain of Bird Flu That Is Deadly And Easily Transmitted

Source:  Fox News.

Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should.  Kids are told that all the time.  We tell mad scientists and billionaires who wanted to create their own dinosaur resort.  Apparently, Chinese scientists didn't get the memo.


Specifically, scientists from the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute merged two strains together:  one is the H5N1 bird flu know for being lethal but not easily transmitted and the H1N1 virus which can easily be spread around.  We all know about the H1N1 from 2009.

Of course, Western scientists blast the study while the Chinese defended the unnatural creation as a means to study how hybrid viruses can be created in nature.  At issue is the risk of this getting out of the lab and into the public.  It's heard to know what kind of protocols the Chinese employs for this kind of virulent work. In all, more than 120 variants of the virus was created.

Also, the Chinese scientists discussed how the virus can be created but little else about what to do should it get out into public.  Or the likelihood of hybrid flu happening in nature that is both lethal and easily transmitted.

Right now, Chinese is dealing with a new strain of bird flu that has so far perplexed authorities.  So far, 33 have died of the H7N9 flu centering around Shanghai.  Maybe they ought to spend more time on that than on making new viruses (zee news).

Environment:  Pigs and Pollution

So far, no one knows where the new strain of flu came from only that it's deadly.  However, the opportunity for this type of outbreak in China is made all the more likely given economic growth priority over environmental concerns and neglects in general.

In February, 16,000 swine corpses were found in one river while more than a thousand dead ducks were found in another.  On top of that, Beijing suffered pollution so bad parents do no allow their children to go outside (NYT).

You put all that together, pools of corpses, poor environmental standards, lowered immune systems, and increasingly virulent bird flus, you've got a natural lab for ever increasing and sophisticated diseases and viruses to occur naturally, no need to create new ones just because you can.

Adobe Goes Subscription And, Soon, Maybe Apple's Warranty Service, So Why Not Everything Else?

Source: Arstechnica.

Adobe is going cloud-based and subscription for its Creative Suite. Microsoft has already done that with Office and more companies have gone down similar paths or are considering it.

Take Apple. It's AppleCare warranty products, currently are sold in an individual basis per device, could become subscription based soon. For Apple, it could be a changing landscape of how business is conducted. Recently, Apple was targeted by the self-serving Chinese central government over warranty issues.

What's to keep Apple from launching subscription services for other Apple products like OS updates and even iTunes services. iTunes Match is already something that Apple has offered since November of 2011. It's generally considered to be a precursor for a full on music streaming service. Furthermore, Apple is looking to strike a deal for video subscriptions as well.

For Apple, they will likely take their time with this and see where the market is headed. Netflix's services started with the DVD services with streaming added later only. However, there was a major in the summer of 2011 when it attempted to separate the DVD and streaming subscriptions. Apple is likely going to take its time to avoid repeating of Netflix's mistake.

All said, there is nothing that is going to keep Apple from going down the subscription route, for warranty, hardware or app services, or, eventually, more iTunes content.

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How Much Would Google+ Be Worth On Its Own? Social Strength and Staying Power Important In Determining Value

Twitter is valued to be around $10 billion if its shares were to be openly traded on the market.  Facebook is valued at $60 billion but at one time was closer to $100 billion and as low as less than $40 billion.

Google is worth close to $300 million and probably will go higher soon.  Suppose if Google+ was a separate company, how much would it be worth?

Personally, I don't get Wall Street that can punish a company like Apple for billions but just short of a few bucks less than irrational Wall Street analysts expect while companies like Amazon and Facebook, barely managing to scrape by, gets rewarded for subpar performances.

Whatever valuation one might put on Google+, I think one metric that needs to be taken into account is the social staying power that can keep the interests of its users.  There's a lot of stories out there that Facebook is losing its younger users as they move onto other social apps and networks.

The same can be said of Twitter and even Google+ with Google+ following Facebook's social structure more closely.  I bring this up because of Myspace and Friendster, two social networks that were second to none but today are mere shadows of their former glorious past.

Furthermore, Facebook's better days are likely behind it and entering an era where it struggles to tread rough waters ahead.  Case in point is how quick interest in its Facebook Home has dropped while sales of HTC First, the Android device with Facebook Home as its default skin, has disappointed to the point that the $99 phone can now be bought for a buck.

If anything, Google+ and Twitter has the social structure and audience that could sustain it.  Twitter's ability to spread information is something that users, companies, and advertisers like while Google+, currently without ads, has a dedicated following of subgroups that use Google+ for information.

All these social networks and search engines can talk about metrics like click-throughs or impressions, at the end of the day, if your users are not engaged as they once were, it doesn't matter what clever ways you come up with to show ads.

So far, Twitter has been holding its own with Google+ closing close to Facebook in numbers while evidence of Facebook fatigue is more apparent every day.

Nexus 7 (or 8): Looking Forward To iPad-Like Form Factor

I like the iPad mini's for fractor.  It's light, smallish despite having a generous 8" screen, and a smaller than expected form factor largely due to its smaller bezels.  Now, it appears the next Nexus tablets should follow suit as well with their own updated form factor.

According to early specs, we could be looking at not only improved screen resolution which would bring us better text for reading.  7" Is fine for many things but reading small text isn't that great.  With an improvement from 1280x800 to 1900x1200, we should see greater improvements, bane for optometrists I'm sure.

More at On Android.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cleveland Kidnapped Victim Leaves Hospital and Asks to Be Left Alone: Media, Back Off

I hope the media respects her wishes to be left alone.  This isn’t the type of scoop you want.  Leave her alone.

Myspaced: Facebook Home Downloaded One Million Times, Just One Word: Pathetic

Source:  Media Post.

Facebook Home has only been downloaded one million times since it came out.  You might that that's a lot but consider that Facebook Home isn't just any other app but, rather, it attempts to give Android users the feel of getting a new device.

Put it another way, it's Facebook phone versus Android in a way.  And given how many more millions other devices sell than Facebook Home is downloaded, it's an utter failure on so many levels.

I’ve got one word for that.  Pathetic.  Facebook is on its way to getting marginalized in ways that should shock its shareholders.  It’s being myspaced by a plethora of social apps that does not need to have any kind of centralized network like Facebook to anchor them.

And more apps are coming.  Facebook can try to spend another billion to buy up the next hottest app like it did with Instagram but it can’t keep doing that for ever.  It’s looking to buy location/map app Waze (Wired) but users of the app will have to take notice of Facebook knowing where they are going to be ever single second of their lives.


On another note, you can get the Facebook phone built by HTC for 99 cents now (Ubergizmo).  It’s already been deemed a failure by many tech pundits and it looks like the market agrees as well.

Word is that around 10K units were sold.  Maybe there's two words to describe this:  pathetic and myspaced.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Macbook Redesigns: Could Be Narrower and Lighter Airs Be Coming?

The Macbook Airs are great.  Just great.  My only complaint about them right now is that their battery lives could be longer.  I know, I know.  With me, it's always about the battery life.  However, I don't think Apple is looking to prolong the battery life of the Macbook line any time soon.

In fact, if there is a redesign as some suggests, and it's likely to happen given how little the Macbooks and Macbook Airs have changed except for the Retina Display Macbooks.  Just how would Apple change the Air?

It just happened that I was walking down the street today with my 11" Air.  It was light.  Not iPad light but it was not difficult to carry in my arms for about a third of a mile.  Now, I've got little girl arms and muscles so you can understand.

I took a look at the shell, the whole form factor.  I really don't think Apple can make the Air any thinner.  Lighter?  Sure.  See, the bezel of the keyboard?  That's about what?  Half an inch?

I think there is room for Apple to shave off anywhere from 1/4" to 3/8" and still give the Air a sturdy feel.  On top of that, I figure Apple will save a few ounces as well as build material and come out very much ahead.

Also, take a look at those iPad folio keyboards.  Some of them have little room between the outer most keys and where the keyboard case ends.

And while the Airs are not that heavy, currently 2.38 lbs and 2.96 lbs for the 11.6" and 13.3" models, respectively, I like to see the 11.6" model go down to less than two pounds of possible.  And maybe the 13.3" model can do down to 2.5 lbs.

The question is how likely is this to happen?  Well, Apple has learn from building the iPad mini with the smaller bezels than the regular iPad and we are certain we'll see a redesigned iPad with similar form factor as the mini, meaning lighter and thinner bezels.

Given that the Macbook Air has more room for Apple's engineers and designers to work with, it's more likely than not that we'll see this happen.  Apple has gone lighter and thinner for the iPhone and iPad.  It's time they do the same, at least in terms of weight and the thinner bezels for the Air as well.

Wall Street Hiring Power To Deal With DC - It's The Way The World Works

Source:  Politico.

I'm not against companies hiring former DC guys, politicians, regulators, or anyone else, who once worked to regulate what Wall Street and other industries.  It's as old as apple pies.  These hires will become executives, attornies, and lobbyists that do the bidding of their masters against their former masters, the American people.

I get that.  It's okay.  However, I suppose the problem now is that companies have so much influence in Washington that they're literally running the place.  If not, they soon will.  Take the 2008 financial meltdown. The aftermath was the Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 that would rein in the financial institutions and what they can do with our money.  It also provides some consumer protections as well.

Now, the game in Washington is delay, delay, and delay while financial companies try to get Congress to "defang" the act.  When possible, defund parts of it.

And that's how it now works in Washington.  You do what you can against laws you don't like by not funding it or get the rules changed after the fact to work for you.  Here is a very, very long post about how it is allowed to happen.  But it's worth the read.

And it's not just this.  Obamacare is also facing the same issue.  I'm not for it but it's the law of the land and it has to be followed.  All conservatives know that.  Rules are rules.

So, Washington becoming a hired gun for special interests isn't surprising.  It's the way the world works now.  Party politics is about money politics and the good for those who has money, not the good for the nation.

And yes, had the gun control law for background checks passed, you would see the NRA and gun makers send in their armies of lobbyists and lawyers to defang/defund it and delay it by taking it to court.

Social: Facebook's Privacy Problem Could Be Easy As Paid Service

I don't like Facebook at all.  I'm sure you know that by now.  However, I do recognize the desire for people to want to connect.  I'm a social creature myself.  I love being around people and talking to them.  And I also recognize that over time, you might lose touch with some folks.  And Facebook is a good place to stay in touch.

But ohhhh!!!  It's so maddening that in order to do that, we have to sell our privacy (and likely souls) to Zucker and Co.

So, what if there was a way to do it without Facebook selling us to their advertisers.  It's how Facebook provide its services to us for free.  It's how Google search and its apps are free.  Advertising.

Maybe Facebook and others should consider a paid service to those willing to pay for using their services on the promise (an airtight promise) that our information would never be divulged to outsiders and/or third parties.

Would you go for that?  And how much would you be willing to spend to achieve that level of privacy on a social network?

Another Vote To Repeal Health Care Law: What A Fraking Waste Of Time

We have more important and pressing concerns on this country that needs our elected representatives' attention but the Speaker of the House, GOP John Boehner, wants to put up another vote to repeal Obamacare (Politico).

Whether you're a conservative or liberal and you're intelligent in one manner or another, you know that the repeal vote ain't gonna work.  It's just a waste of time for the Republican leadership in Congress to try to show its base that it's doing something.

Having said that, stuff like this just turn off the rest of America, including myself who want common sense solutions and our leaders to get their heads out of their party's own asses.  That includes Reid, Pelosi, and the Democrats too.

Frak!  Stop waiting time!

Star Trek: Sitting Down The Riker Way

Source:  HP.

I never realized this until I saw this Youtube video of how Captain William Riker, currently captain of the USS Titan and formerly the commander of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (just wanna show off my ST creds), sits down at a table.

For a short guy, I guess I won't be doing too much of that but what an awesome move!  I have a greatly renewed respect for Riker now.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Incredible Story: Three Kidnapped Women Found Alive After Years In Captivity

As incredible as this is, and glad that they're alright, it's amazing that three women missing, given up for dead, were all found in the same location (CNN).  Hope the perp burns in hell.

I'm sure we'll learn more tomorrow.  I think the less is that we should never give up on anyone or anything until we know for sure.  Very happy for the families of those women.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Google Lost Another FRAND Case to Apple: Motorola Buyout Not Paying Off Yet (If Ever) - What Else Can Google Get Out of Motorola?

Source:  FOSS Patents.

I haven't been following any of the mobile lawsuits for a couple of months and suddenly, I'm reading a string of losses for Google's Motorola (and Samsung to some extent).  Now, it looks like another Wisconsin loss could put Motorola versus Apple case back on grounds that is more favorable to Apple.

So far, Google's use of Motorola's mobile and essential patents in lawsuits against Apple has not worked out well.  Most of the patents used by Google in countersuing Apple (Apple did start most of the patent lawsuits) are deemed FRAND patents (wiki).

Essentially, FRAND patents are patents pooled by companies that are deemed essential for standards and companies have pledged to license them on reasonable terms.  And many courts have deemed their use in lawsuits unfavorable while some government bodies have begun looking to Google and Samsung for using FRAND patents in suits.

And if most of Motorola's patents are either FRAND patents or too weak to be used against its competitors, what exactly is Google getting out of Motorola?

So far, we have not seen the super Android device coming out of Motorola yet.  We may still but even now, Google is looking to other companies to build its Nexus devices.

I have been excited when Google bought Motorola in the belief that we'll see an innovative mobile leap ahead of the market in much of the same way the iPhone leaped ahead of the market in 2007.  Still there is hope.  Google has been trying to downplay any hope of an exciting new Android device out of Motorola.  I believe it's a smoke screen.

I think it's time for the patent wars to end.  Steve Jobs' thermonuclear war against Android has not panned out the way Apple had hoped.  Tim Cook has indicated that while Apple is not willing to be the research lab for the rest of the industry, he is willing to find a solution outside of the courts.

Back in November of last year, Apple and HTC came to a resolution to their patent dispute.

It's time for Google and Samsung to do the same.

Heiress Nominated By President Obama To Head Commerce

Source:  Yahoo.

Penny Pritzker is being dubbed as President Obama's Mitt Romney, from Chicago instead of Boston.  She's an heiress.  And from what I can tell, she'll be the first one to be in the Cabinet.

It's an interesting read to see how similar (or not) they is from Romney.

I suppose the president is trying to put forth something who speaks the language of the corporate world.  Oh, and she's a heck of a lot wealthier than Romney.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twitter Hires M&A/IPO Expert Probably For Her Acquisition Experience

A couple of posts back, I wrote that Twitter isn't considering going IPO.  If it does, it's because current investors are looking to cash in and not because Twitter needs the money to grow.  It has money to grow even now.  Sure, going public will likely bring in a couple of billion in cash but it's not likely going to be spend in ways that Twitter needs to.

However, Twitter just hired Cynthia Gaylor of Morgan Stanley who has a background in IPOs and M&A.  I'm hoping they picked up her for the M&A portion.

These days, going public just is too insane given the irrationality of investors and the poisonous atmosphere generated from Wall Street and financial media coverage.  On top of that, bloggers with agendas and even an ounce of influence could create problems for companies.  Ask Apple.

I think at the end of the day, Twitter, thought not considering IPO at this time will eventually go public.

This CNBC post highlighted a couple of her more high-profile roles in acqusition:  Amazon purchase of Zappos and AdMob by Google.

Going foward, Twitter is probably going to buy companies or startups.  They're probably in the millions to a few tens of millions but its unlike to be involved in hundred million buyouts like Facebook with Instagram (which was a dumb buy).  So, Gaylor's expertise in this area would be helpful.

And I'm sure when the time comes, her IPO background will also help.

Note:  Obviously, I've got my beef with Facebook and I'm not going to hide that fact but I promise you I have no financial incentive in it.  Just want to show folks Facebook for what it is.

Siri – Number One Job Is To Make Things Easy

Yesterday, I finally had it with AT&T for my phone and Internet service.  So I switched to my local cable provider.  Good riddance to those arrogant bastards.  On the day when my new cable Internet service, phone service, and TV shows are on, I get to call AT&T and say good-bye.

However, I used Siri to remind me in 11 months what I have to do:  call my cable company to make sure they’re not the ones who’ll end up screwing me over after their one-year special is up.  See, I’ll be paying $105 for faster Internet service, TV, and phone for a little over $100 after tax and everything.  In a year, that’ll go up another $25 and another $25 after that.

So, while as much as I hate AT&T, I want to pad my wallet so with Siri’s help, I’ll be shopping around a bit to see if my cable company will keep my rates the same or will I be going back to AT&T or someone else.

But this post isn’t about how I hate AT&T. I’ve written plenty on that and I’m sure you have come across others on your own.  This is about Siri and the ease of use.

So far, people have been discussing how Siri is intelligent and it’s constantly being compared to Google Now and many other voice-centric services.  However, like humans, you can be intelligent but sorely stupid as well if you don’t get the context.  I know a lot of humans like that.

And while setting up a reminder about a year away is child’s play, it goes to show that future development of AI like Siri or Google Now has to be first about being easy to use and useful.

Specifically with Siri, Apple has to see what other services its iPhone and iPad users perform that Siri can help out with.  And when Siri does become available on OS X for the Macs, the needs of PC users may be different or require additional services for Siri to perform.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

China Sorta Invades India But Indians Seem Okay With It; Twitter Shows What Regular Indians Feel About It

Source:  Times of India.

Chinese troops have taken up a position deep in Indian territory in violation of a 2005 accord.  However, New Delhi seemed a visit from a senior Chinese official too important to evict the Chinese incursion force.

India misreads Chinese incursion, ties itself in knots

It'll be interest to see how all this plays out.  Had someone done this to us, we should have sent them back to the Stone Age.

A quick look on Twitter shows that most think Prime Minister Manmohan Singh valued a longer term view with better relationship with Beijing more important than a couple, on wait, now it's five tents with trucks being in supplies to reinforce the encampment.

Of course, that's putting it mildly.  Pretty much everyone thinks the PM screwed up on this.  Well, I guess folks in the region should learn the Chinese words of whatever Beijing renames that area.

Kickstarter: Star Wolf - From Former Star Trek Writers Who Want To Show Networks We Don't Need Them Anymore

Source:  Kickstarter.

I'm in the midst of forming my thoughts on why science fiction shows doesn't work on television despite a few hits like Star Trek and the X-Files.  Any other shows have had to struggle with the idio network executives who simply don't get it or are too chicken to take risks.  Meanwhile, I came across this Kickstarter project formed by former Star Trek writers.  Along with an A-list of designers, music writers, and producers, they're going to produce Star Wolf.

And in reading the synopsis of the story, the series producer and writer, David Gerrold and D.C. Fontana were right.  TV execs would never have picked this up. and even if someone were to do it, like SyFy, there will be too much interference from the network and its parent company.

Take Stargate series, SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.  Those shows were profitable with dedicated followings but it was still not enough for the network.

Anyway, I don't know if I would like this series or not but it's science fiction and from the folks who gave us years of awesome trekness.  So, why not.

Back them now!!!  And let's enter a new era of online video entertainment.  Screw the networks!!!

Apple Should Prepare to Leave China (There Is Still Time To Execute Such A Plan)

At first glance, you might think that the title of this article is a clickbait considering that China is the second biggest economy in the w...