Friday, May 10, 2013

Myspaced: Facebook Home Downloaded One Million Times, Just One Word: Pathetic

Source:  Media Post.

Facebook Home has only been downloaded one million times since it came out.  You might that that's a lot but consider that Facebook Home isn't just any other app but, rather, it attempts to give Android users the feel of getting a new device.

Put it another way, it's Facebook phone versus Android in a way.  And given how many more millions other devices sell than Facebook Home is downloaded, it's an utter failure on so many levels.

I’ve got one word for that.  Pathetic.  Facebook is on its way to getting marginalized in ways that should shock its shareholders.  It’s being myspaced by a plethora of social apps that does not need to have any kind of centralized network like Facebook to anchor them.

And more apps are coming.  Facebook can try to spend another billion to buy up the next hottest app like it did with Instagram but it can’t keep doing that for ever.  It’s looking to buy location/map app Waze (Wired) but users of the app will have to take notice of Facebook knowing where they are going to be ever single second of their lives.


On another note, you can get the Facebook phone built by HTC for 99 cents now (Ubergizmo).  It’s already been deemed a failure by many tech pundits and it looks like the market agrees as well.

Word is that around 10K units were sold.  Maybe there's two words to describe this:  pathetic and myspaced.

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