Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ducati Film Shot Using iPhone 4

Okay, I didn't know who they are but I do now. The Ducati motorcycle team shot a short film using entirely an iPhone 4. Frak! That's amazing.

I watched the video twice and I'm simply amazed by what the little mobile device can do. Apple has really created a monster here and I'm not judging it by the 1.7 million units sold in 72 hours.

Plus, after waiting on the phone with ATT for 90 minutes last night without accomplishing anything, I was ready to say no to the iPhone 4 if it means using ATT. But watching what it can do and the other awesome features, I am once again wavering.

Enjoy the clip. You will be amazed by the quality of the HD film.

More at TUAW.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yesterday, I went into what the next iPod Touch will look like. Now, let’s have fun with what I think the next iPod Touch will have in terms of features might migrate from the iPhone 4. I’m going to try to be realistic about what features we’ll see and not a whole wish list of what I like to see.

FaceTime. So, let’s start with FaceTime. On the surface itself, I would say forget about it. But as many have pointed out, including Dave the Mobile Warrior, Steve Jobs declared that there will be millions of FaceTime devices for people to chat with by the end of the year or something like that. I specifically remembered him saying something along that line.

Camera or cameras? Also see the next section on iMovie for the iPod Touch. By now, it’s likely we’ll see two cameras. One for taking pictures and another for FaceTime if Steve Jobs’ words are correctly interpreted. And while I like to think that Apple will be forced to subjugate iPod Touch users with lesser cameras, I don’t think that will be the case. We’ll be pleasantly surprised with the same 5MP camera that now sits in the iPhone 4.

Why is that? There is a lot riding on a successful, and I’m talking mega-blockbuster, launch to combat its competitors. Hey, It’s lonely at the top and what better way to earn friends than to make tons of iPod users happy with HD video capability. Millions of upgraders will be joined by folks who are looking for handheld video cameras with HD capability this Holiday season. Until the iPhone 4 was released last week, the Flip cams virtually had the whole market to itself.

In the past, Apple would have likely provided the iPod Touch a lower end feature such as the same 3MP camera used in the iPhone 3GS so that if anyone wanted HD video capability with an iOS device, they would be forced to buy the iPhone 4.

iMovie. This is tied into what kind of camera we’re likely to see. For the moment, I’d have to say yes because the ability to show HD as well as

Screen. Yes, what’s the point of being able to shoot video in HD and edit the video if you can’t appreciate your work? Plus, Apple likes to keep things simple and having Retina Display on the iPod Touches as well as the iPhones will make it easier for the developers as well.

Battery. Like the iPhone 4, there is going to be a serious jump in battery life and allow users to do more without worry about power rationing. I don’t have more to say about this other than that any additional power will be greatly appreciated.

Everything sounds great up to this point. Basically, you’re think we’re going to see an iPod Touch san the telephony function using almost the same iOS. Here’s where I have to add an asterisk.

There will be two models of the iPod Touch. A high end model will have all of the above features that I mentioned. And it’ll cost you. The new A4 chip that acts as the heart of the iPhone 4 and iPad will power this high end Touch. This is going to be similar to the iPhone 4 without the 3G connectivity and telephony functions.

A lower end iPod Touch with last year’s tech will also be available only it won’t have a 5MP camera capable of shooting HD video or works with the iMovie app. It still might have a frontal camera for FaceTime. This lower end model will allow Apple to differentiate its ipod Touch lines. And the more expensive iPod Touch will avoid iPhone 4 cannibalization. We’re basically looking at last year’s iPod Touch with cameras.

Is that it?

What I didn’t talk about yesterday: A bigger iPod Touch with a 5-7 inch screen. This is venturing dangerously into the wish list territory. So, I’ll going to end here and start a new post on that possibility tomorrow.

So what do you of the features I’ve laid out for the next iPod Touch? Still too much of a wish-list feel to it?

Monday, June 28, 2010

iPod Touch 4: What Will It Look Like?

Conventional wisdom tells us that the iPod Touch isn't going to follow everything the iPhone is. Soon upon us will be the next iPod Touch upgrade and while it's likely going gain a lot of the upgraded features from the iPhone 4, my question is what will it look like?

So far, the Touch is a thinner version of the iPhones for the last three years. I don't see a lot of that will change.

If there is change to the body of the iPod Touch, we might see is a thinner version of the current iPhone 4 but with only the same glass faceplate as the iPhone 4 but still keep the same aluminum back. The reason for this is probably because iPod Touches are generally bought and used by kids who are more likely to drop them during use and transport.

As for the buttons, it is difficult for me to see the depth of the iPod Touch deep enough for those round buttons. So it's likely we will see the same volume controls as on the current Touch. There is a chance that the iPod Touch might gain some thickness to accommodate the new buttons.

And what of camera? That's a tough one. I am going to to go out on a limb on this one and say there will be cameras. More than one. There will be one on the back with a 2 or 3MP camera for taking pictures and a frontal camera for Facetime video chat. If the iPod Touch does gain some thickness, having two cameras makes it more likely given the added space.

Plus, Jobs did promise at the WWDC keynote that there will be tens of millions of FaceTime capable devices for people to communicate through video chat. And if he does mean the iPod Touches, in one masterful stroke, Apple's iOS will be the dominant mobile platform for video conferencing.

So that's where I think the next iPod Touch is headed physically. What do you think? One more thing: there might be a change to the speakers to accommodate voice-in if my FaceTime guess pans out.

-- Post From My iPad

Short Short-Movie Made On An iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has the ability to shoot 720p video but the less advertised feature is the iMovie app that allows the iPhone to edit video and sound as well.

Here is a short movie called "Apple of My Eye" by Michael Koerbel of Majek Picture. It is entirely amazing. That does it. I'm not waiting. I will get the next iPhone, black or white, when it comes available to me. This is just too amazing and cool.

One might even call it "magical". If you go to the Vimeo page for the movie, there are explanations about how the movie and sound was edited. Amazing once again.

"Apple of My Eye" - an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

More at Vimeo.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How Will Video Chat Change Society?

In Star Trek, away teams don't exactly communicate with one another or their starships through vid chat. It has almost always been through a video-less communicators or other communication devices. And in our "reality", there have always been devices with video conference abilities. But the idea of chatting via video has always been plagued by a multitude of hurdles.

Apple's iPhone 4 isn't the first mobile device with to have a frontal camera for video communications but it is the first to overcome the hurdles I mentioned: quality of the video chat, lack of market saturation in the market, ease of use, and other technical and, likely, social obstacles.

We don't know if Apple's iPhone 4 will usher in a new paradigm in social communication through video but we should begin to talk about it now.

Apple posted a video of a father way from his family but being able to view his baby live from his hotel room. Staying in touch. That is going to be the key for video chat, not just Apple's FaceTime to be accepted as a viable mean for communication. Is society ready for this? Is it even necessary?

Imagine being able to examine a factory in China live using an iPhone 4 or another mobile device by the company's executives in the United States. Also consider the ability for a team of reporters to offer live broadcast of a breaking news event.

As good as the above scenarios look, this is going to take time. Right now, Skype is the dominant player in the VOIP market for consumers. Just last night, we conducted an hour long video chat with families overseas. However, Skype uses a closed and proprietary system to make that happen. Apple has open-sourced FaceTime but it remains to be seen if it will be adopted by others. Having either Microsoft or Google, two of its main competitors, accept this will go a long way in making that happen. And yes, MSN Messenger allows video chats as does Google Talk over the Web.

Also, FaceTime isn't available over 3G or other cellular wireless networks at this time and only works over Wi-Fi. Steve Jobs promised this ability next year. Nevertheless, it is a setback for Apple and video chat in general, not being able to over FaceTime calls over cellular data.

Thus, compatibility will be a key issue as is accessibility.

Still, this is very exciting for mobile users. I am waiting for a white iPhone 4 and when I get it, I look forward to trying it out.

-- Post From My iPad

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone 4: Drop Test

I don't know what rating this video from iFixYouri should get in the mobile world but it was gruesome as far as the desecration of an iPhone goes.

But it does show you how fragile the iPhone is or isn't. I've dropped my 2G iPhone countless number of times and the iPhone 4 does seem much more fragile than any of the other iPhones.

Anyway, here you go. If anything, I will be getting a case for my iPhone 4, whenever my order comes through.

Video from 9-to-5 Mac.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

720p Video Quality of the iPhone 4, 3GS, and Samsung Camera Comparison

Thanks to Macrumors, they've found a link for video taken by the iPhone 4. As you may know at this point, some lucky folks already have their iPhone 4s in hand.

And thanks to this individual, we now have a sample of the quality of the HD recording capability of the iPhone 4. What do you think? Directly below it, I've posted another video with the iPhone 3GS compared to a Samsung handset. I'm not say that we should be comparing the iPhone 4 with the 3GS but we at least can know what's possible.

And the video quality taken by the Samsung NV8, a camera seems better than the one taken by the 3GS. Hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Plus, this is Apple we're talking about here. It's about quality after all.

Lots more at Macrumors.

Note: Be sure to selection "720p" for the Youtube quality.

Monday, June 21, 2010

iOS 4 Is Out But Nothing To Install It On

As you know by now, iOS4 is out. Unlike when iPhone OS 3 was released last year, I am no hurry to rush home to download it. Why?

Because I have no iPhone to install it on. Rather, I don't have the right iPhone or iPod Touch to install it on. I am a guy but I can see this as an analogy where a girl has the perfect dress for a party but no shoes to go with it.

Are you one of the lucky ones? Well, I'll know on Thursday if my iPhone 4 order from Radio Shack came through as I hoped. And if get the call to go down and pick it up, I'll have the perfect dress and shoes to go to the party with.

Ah...that's if I was a girl. Which I'm not. I know nothing about dresses and shoes and match. Damn, I shoulda thought of a better analogy.

But for those if you who have a 3G or a 3GS version of the iPhone, I envy you. For everyone else, sorry. Apple is going to support officially us. Unofficially, I am waiting for jailbreak solutions.

And for slower iPhones like the 2G and 3GS (and older gen iPod Touches), if the jailbreak community does come through, the iOS 4 does have quite a bit to offer us.

Right off the bat, multi-tasking is pretty much out (yes, some have gotten it to work but I don't want to go there just yet). But other features like Folders is an immensely important feature. There are other subtle features like Spotlight searching the Internet and wireless notes syncing that I think a lot of users will appreciate.

I'll run through a list of great iOS 4 features that the rest of us can appreciate even if we don't have the right dress and shoes to go together. Yet.

iPhone 4: Shipping Already and FaceTime Will Not Use Up Minutes

First, ATT is confirming iPhone shipments have begun. I read over the weekends that Apple was doing the same but I did not want to get into it but with a secondary source like ATT, it's a lock. As a matter of fact, MacRumors has a screen shot of the matter.

This is fantastic news despite the dismal day everyone had trying to order the iPhone last Tuesday. This Thursday is going to be wild. As a matter of fact, iOS4 is suppose to be released today. So be ready to be flooded with Apple and iDevice news.

If you have not order one, I feel for you. I went through Radio Shack because there was no line and I was the second person to have ordered that day in person. I noticed that many of the Radio Shack folks were ordering for themselves and friends.

FaceTime.  Although I anticipated as much it's good to have confirmation that users will not be charged their cell minutes for using FaceTime.

It would have been moronic for ATT to charge mobile users who use their own Wi-Fi network to use video chat that has nothing to do with ATT itself.  But you can blame us after all right?  ATT will be charging users who use microcells to improve network connection extra.  

Ma Bell hasn't been exactly consumer friendly.  At times, Apple also has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude and that does drive me crazy.  But the difference is that Steve Jobs sells great products.  It's Apple so everyone who buys into it knows there are certain things we have to put up with.  The main thing is that with an Apple product, it works.  It just works as advertised.

We are with ATT because we don't have a choice.  So it's great to hear that ATT is going to jack users further with FaceTime.

More at MacRumors.  More about FaceTime at Appleinsider.

3D on iPad

Here's a clip of how 3D can be done on the iPad.  Last week, the rage was all about Nintendo's 3DS. Of course, this video coming up is a simulated 3D. I don't know how the 3DS will actually look like since we'll have to see it in person.

For now, this works for me.

Responsibile iPad Use For Kids And Education in General

I don't have kids but I am in the fortunate position of being an uncle to a few little and adorable nephews and nieces. The best part about being an uncle is the absolution of any real parental responsibilities.

However, I am concerned about the mental and educational development of these kids. Instead of yielding their development to the Disney gang, Dora, and clueless blue dog, I tried to get them to work with games and puzzles. Of course, that doesn't always work.

But they were highly interested in my iPhone. And now, with my iPad. So, i make it a point to load up a page of apps suitable for their use.

Of course, it isn't just replace the TV with an iPad. A lot of it involves adult supervision. My three-year old nephew is adept with the home button and the swiping.

I think there is an inherent advantage to this. Not only I am able pull these kids away from the TV, which is the biggest win of all, they are learning something. At least, that's what I am hoping.

So far, the app that had the cutest animals, the noisiest, and large buttons seem to my nephews favorites. With an alphabet app, I worked with the kids to repeat the sounds. I think in two weekends of playing with the apps, my oldest nephew has learned quite a bit.

And that is what is going to make mobile work. Most the important mobile lesson I got out of this experience. Parents, teachers, and caretakers don't have to be tethered to a desktop to work with children. The convenience of a robust mobile platform with child-proof hardware (this includes drops, banging, excessive pressure on the screen, and, of course, drools).

More importantly, adult supervision is a must. Yes, there isn't any technology available that can supplement an adult working with a child. No technology that can replace a parent. Nevertheless, I am encouraged with what mobile tech can offer our children these days.

Note: I didn't get into motor skills but if anyone can point me to any app that improve motor skills, greatly appreciate it.

Another note:  I've yet to know of any device that can supplement a teacher in school or parental guideance at home.  I'm very serious about the positive impact of mobile gears like the iPad but very concern that adults might use them to remove themselves from their responsibilities of educating and raising children.

-- Post From My iPad

Friday, June 18, 2010

iPhone: Screen Shortage Will Cause Shortage Through 2010

Unless Apple can make some arrangements, it looks like there is going to be shortage for unfilled iPhone 4 demands for the rest of 2010 as Apple is unable to get enough of the touchscreends.

This is information from MacObserver. Their source is While I don't take too seriously (they report 4M planned production a month. Only Apple has that number. No one else does), the current shortage does give some credence to their report.

So if I were you and you want an iPhone 4, just pre-order, and go into the store on launch day and every day after that to see if you can get your hands on one.  That's my absolute best suggestion.  May ATT orders were cancelled and orders from Radio Shack such as mine are no longer guaranteed to come in on the 24th.

At least I've got my iPad.  Oh, there's a waiting list for that too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lakers Are The 2010 NBA World Champions!!!!

I would like to thank Ron Artest's psychiatrist for a job well done.

-- Post From My iPad

MobileMe Update - Please Make It Free For All

We know that Apple will take down MobileMe for a few hours tonight. It could just be something routine. Regular maintenance. Lord knows that there is still a lot of work to be done.

But there have been talk about this being something more than just working out the kinks.

I don't know. But I hope that parts of the MobileMe will be made free like e-mail at the very least. Bur more needs to be offered to iPhone users.

This would an opportunity for Apple to show case more of it's technologies and innovations to traditionally non-Mac users. You know, the PC guys.

-- Post From My iPad

iPhone: Who's Next? T-Mobile or Verizon

I'm on the camp that T-Mobile is likely to get the iPhone next before Verizon.

Two reasons why. T-Mobile uses GSM like ATT and that really says it all. Plus, T-Mobile is the smallest of the major national networks in the US and they're usually pretty open to "experimentation" if you will. And another point. T-Mobile's HSPA+ network is live now for 80 million users and will expand to 180 by the end of 2010. Going this route is easier than the CDMA route.

The other reason is that Steve Jobs probably doesn't like the way VW spurn Apple in the past and the Droid campaign last year didn't help much. Having said that, Apple will have VW iPhones because as much as Apple like to hold grudges, it knows it is in a major mobile with multiple competitors with one or two with as much innovative energy as it does. Still, moving T-Mobile ahead of VW for a quarter of two just to sting Verizon a bit is fine by me.

So, I'm still betting on T-Mobile because of its parent's international relationship with Apple and it's a pretty good one given the lack of problems. For Verizon, well, first quarter of 2011 is likely the earliest when it might get the iPhone. I also think Apple might wait until there is sufficiently large LTE footprint from VW's 4G network.

Furthermore, ATT has generously given anyone whose contract expires before December 31, 2010 an upgrade now so that does say volumes about what will happen in the iPhone landscape and when iPhones might be coming to another network.

And if I'm wrong about T-Mobile, I apologize.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Center:  Social Network For More Than Gamers

It isn't unusual for Apple to change names of a product. And Game Center, being billed as a social gaming network, can grow beyond gaming and Apple is likely to change the name as it becomes a full fledged social network.

That's what it is going to become over time. A full network but likely much with more to offer than anything we have in existence today. You want a couple of examples? Look at what Apple has done to the mobile market. And also look at what it plans to do with iAd in advertising.

One of the reasons I started thinking about this is because I've made a couple of long distance friends while playing Chess With Friends and Words With Friends. Even with such a rudimentary set of social interactions, I come back to it again and again.

It is absolutely rare such happens now but as more developers integrate Game Center into their gaming apps, developers will discover that it is not only gaming apps that can benefit from a social network. And users will find it more useful than to keep track of high scores or tracking achievements.

Don't be surprised if Apple eventually integrate a friend list as part of the evolution of Game Center.

For those of us who are familiar with MobileMe, it would make sense for Apple to integrate Game Center into its online services. There was word that Apple will making some of the MobileMe services free for all who wants to use it.

Furthermore, I fully expect Apple to provide the option for its iTunes customers to be become MobileMe users. And by default, Game Center users as well. In one stroke, it will have more than one hundred and fifty million members just like that.

MobileMe integration will be key. Imagine being able to create a list for friends and a separate list for gaming buddies. This will afford users greater privacy. And let's not forget why Apple is doing all this. iAd will help Apple and developers make money.

Of course, all this is conjecture on my part but this is the likely course of development going forward.

Game Center is going to be huge. You just watch. It will be the backbone of anything iOS, OS X, iDevices, iTunes, and Macs going forward. And depending on how you see it, this Apple social network will have Steve Jobs as the wizard.

Note: I am sure it didn't escape Apple and Steve Jobs' attention that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dissed the iPhone 4 on his own Facebook page. So here's message for you, Zuckerberg: Apple might look like it's got its hands full with Google. But trust me, it can fight more than one war at a time.

-- Post From My iPad

iPad: Better For Social Interaction Than Laptops

Okay, when I mean social interaction, I don't mean a hot girl at Starbucks coming over to have her with me, well, no, I mean my iPad.  No, I'm talking about the iPad as a vehicle to break people away from their laptops with its keyboard and using the iPad as a means for sharing.

Imagine trying to show someone sitting next to you a website or a doc, you'd have to turn over the laptop that may be tethered to an outlet.

But with an iPad, it's like handing over a piece of paper, book, or a notepad.  It's that easy.

Also, I imagine more games that are like digital board games where families and friends an kind of gather to play together.  This is also implied in this USA Today article and it hit it on mark.  And as the article said, it's not just about gaming.  It's about interacting.  People can flip things back and forth, handing the iPad from one person to another.

When I was in college, we used to take breaks from studying for finals or meetings by playing Boggle. And now, there is a Boggle's game from EA.  Instead of the actual game, we may play it on the iPad just as well.

And this is just the beginning.  With each passing app release, we figure out new ways to learn, share, and teach and generally be creative in the process.  Yeah, with the iPad, Apple has really changed not only mobile computing and provided the means for creative social interaction.

More at Newark Advocate.

Apple Is Out of iPhone 4s

Apple and its partners have pretty much exhausted its initial allotment of the new iPhone 4.

However, if you're still interested in getting one on launch day, stay tuned to what Apple may have to say.  I wager many of the pre-orders may have be claimed.

Furthermore, if history is any indication, there may be a limited supply of the iPhone for walk-ins.  When the iPad launched, there was "enough for everyone" who wants one.

T-Mobile in Germany suffered through the same issues in the US after seeing a 10X increase in demand compared to last year's largely popular 3GS.

T-Mobile USA.  Here's an interesting tidbit.  T-Mo announced it will be bringing HSPA+ (21Mbps) to close to 80 million users by the end of June and will blanket 180 million users by the end of 2010.  Many, including myself, strongly believe Apple will being bring the iPhone over to T-Mobile.

It would make sense now that T-Mobile has also suggested their 3G network is highly scalable and has capacity to grow.  Should Apple grace T-Mobile customers with the iPhone, it'll likely be in the fall when more of the updated 3G network is online.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mobile Tip: Pre-Order iPhone 4 At Local Radio Shack Store

It's pretty much hit and miss for anyone trying to order an iPhone 4 online.  Mostly, it's misses as the server connection would time out.

So the best way is likely to go to Radio Shack if you're fortunate enough to live or work near one.  And if you don't but really want an iPhone 4 on launch day, drive there.

I decided to go there after having issues with both Apple and ATT's online ordering.  It's just brutal.  Then around 10AM PST, I drove to the strip mall where there was an ATT store as well as a Radio Shack.

The ATT store had a long long line.  I was in despair.  So I decided to see if Radio Shack was accepting pre-orders.  Before I left for the little iPhone pre-order trip, some folks were saying Radio Shack would not be part of the retail stores accepting pre-order.  Maybe this is why there was no line there.

When I walked in there was one guy in front of me.  He had just came from being the second to the last person at the ATT store.  Now it was first at Radio Shack. And Radio Shack was accepting pre-orders.

What's also cool was that the folks there were very knowledgeable and had me all set to go.  I left before they were able to get through the pre-order process but the guy who helped me called me an hour later telling me that my order went through and that they would call me to set up an appointment for activation.

So give Radio Shack a go.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Analysis: Apple Should Allow iPhone Apps on Mac, But Need To Own iPhone To Use

In reading a CNet article about how iOS features can make it on to the Macs, I thought of how Apple can use the iPhone to sell more Macs than the halo-effect the iDevices have already generated for the rest of Apple's business.

Allow anyone who owns an iDevice, including the iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch, to use their apps on the Mac and only the Mac. For the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Macbook owners, wouldn't it be great to use our apps with our Macbooks with the multitouch trackpads?

This would sell tons of Macbooks.

But hey,I don't to leave out iMac, Mac mini, and the Mac pro either. There was talking last week of some sort of a multitouch pad for the desk-bound Macs. This pad will enable every Mac to use iOS4 apps.

Once more, Apple will be smart to make this a Mac specific feature.

The question is how likely is this to happen? Not likely. But as the saying goes, improbable but not impossible. At D8 and during his WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs seems to imply that the era of PCs (including the Macs as many bloggers and tech watchers seems to believe Apple's focus is no longer on traditional computing) is over.

Having said that, the Macs remain a viable business and growing at a faster rate than at any other time in the past. With Apple, never-say-never isn't something you want to associate with Steve Jobs. And the perfect time for this special feature would be with the next Mac OS update - ability for owners of both an iDevice and a Mac to share and use iOS apps.

More at CNet.

iPhone 4 To Get VGA Out! Almost There

In the title of this post, what is almost there?  Well, I'll get into that a bit.

Right now, Appleinsider is reporting that the iPhone 4 will be getting VGA-out just like the bigger brother (or cousin).  And as the article aptly pointed out, there is no HDMI support.  Yet.  I'm sure Apple will get it to eventually once whatever it is that is holding things back for Apple are worked out.  I'm guessing it might have something to do with the power use.

Of course, I don't have a device that supports HDMI and even if I did, I don't have an output device (HDTV) to use it with.  So, I can't attest to how well such a device might work or how the battery life will end up being.

Having said that, this is a very incredible development.  This is where I get to the "amost there" part.  And for Mac campus, relax.  Take a deep breath.  Here goes.

The iOS4 and iDevices are progressing towards the natural mobile evolution of becoming computing units much like what the Mac Mini is.  And to go a step forward, they can totally become desktop replacements.

Imagine only having displays at work and home and all you need to do is to take your iDevice with you and use it wherever you happen to be working or playing.  This isn't just for TV or video.  The ability to display and extend the iDevice display is just as import for work.

With a VGA monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard and apps like Pages and Numbers (as well as Documents-To-Go), you literally become a true mobile warrior.

Of course, Mac folks will be happy to know that we are at least two or three iDevice refreshes away from the iDevice to become a threat to the Mac or a PC.  Many things still need to happen for this to work.

For one as I mentioned above, how is the battery life for just such a use?  Right now, you cannot charge the iDevice will simultaneously using it to project its screen into a screen for the iPhone 4.  Well, not easily.

Second, the ability to be able to print with the iDevice is still missing.

Third, the iOS4 just got the ability to multitask and I imagine it'll take iOS5 or IOS6 for the iDevices to be more desktop or laptop friendly.

Still, knowing the iPhone 4 can do VGA-out is still exciting.

More at Appleinsider.  There is more in the post about the iPhone's Retina Display with its 960x640 display allowing developers to display apps between iPhone 4 and the iPad without modification.  Please read if you're interested in those details.  I'm a mobile warrior, not a mobile developer. As long as the apps "just work", I don't need to know how it works.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steve Jobs Emails Chinese Developer Mugged in SF, Likely Generated Lots of Postive PR

A developer from China goes to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference at Cupertino's invitation.

So he comes to SF and ends up getting mugged and his IPad gets damaged during the commission of the assault. So what does Apple do? They hooked him up with a new iPad never mind that the iPad isn't even officially available on the Chinese market.

That right there is create PR. I am sure this was leaked to the Chinese and international media. Great for the developer and even better for Apple right? It's not over.

Steve Jobs emailed the guy to wish him a safe journey home. Contrast this to when an ATT subscriber emailed ATT's CEO and got a cease-&-desist letter for his trouble.

So, Chinese developer dude, on behalf of all peace-loving and mild-mannered Americans, I apologize for your experience. But you certainly picked the right mobile platform to develop for and, while I rather see no one s victim of this kind or any other kind of crime, I am glad this happened in SF and not LA.

More at 9to5Mac for this incredible story.

-- Post From My iPad

iPhone: Comparison Chart From Tmo or it iPhone 4 Coming to Tmo

I don't want to get ahead of myself here but there is something I want to share with you. Tmo-News got a hold of what looks like a comparison chart between three of T-Mobile's top existing mobile devices and the iPhone 4 (except in the picture, it is that of the 3GS).

Now, that could be just what is it: a comparison chart. Or is it? It doesn't seem to be making any disparaging remarks about the iPhone. Rather, it seems to be playing up both the strengths of iPhone 4 and iOS4. The three devices also in the chart are myTouch Slide (lame because it's using two-year old tech), HTC HD2 (lame because it's using last decade's OS), and Garminfone (no comment because I honestly know nothing about it but welcome it to the market because more competition, the better).

As with other comparisons released by, say, Verizon, Verizon make sure not to make the iPhone sound good at all (like what "Droid does"). Not one single good thing about the iPhone at all.

Again here, the descriptions for the iPhone 4 could have come from Apple or ATT because they all sounded very good. Lots of Apps. New OS. Thinnest iPhone. Better battery life. Frontal camera. Better display than the other devices.

So, I submit this: this is not a comparison chart but a chart of a line-up of mobile devices that T-Mobile has and will have in the near future that includes the iPhone 4?

Why with the wrong pictures for the iPhone? My theory is that No one has been given the right marketing pictures (comparison chart or otherwise) of the iPhone 4. T-Mobile can't very well go to ATT and Apple's websites and rip off the pictures they need.

Also, to keep in mind. Most of Tmo-News' commenters do not think this is anything other than a comparison chart that really made some of them want to get an iPhone 4.

What do you think it is?

Note: This may well be just that, a comparison chart that was trying to be "fair and balanced" (take notes, Foxnews) and nothing more. Historically, folks unhappy with ATT have unlocked their iPhones for use with T-Mobile running on the slower EDGE rather than suffer through the network issues or whatever problems they may have encountered with ATT in the past (for me, it was bad coverage and worst customer services in the industry). Or, though not likely because of Tmo-News' connection, is that this is a fake chart to make us think the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile.

More at Tmo-News.

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iPhone 4: Digging the RETINA DISPLAY; When Will It Show Up On MacBooks and iPads; Storage Implications

All everyone has been talking about is the FaceTime feature and the sexy new look of the iPhone. So, let's talk about the new display.

  • 960X640
  • Officially called by Apple as the "Retina Display"
  • 4X the pixels in the same 3.5" screen.
  • 4X the contrast
  • 326 pixels per inches, make it virtually difficult for the human eye to see from 18 inches away.  It's about the right range when one holds the iPhone from one's face.
  • IPS - same technology as in the iPad:  in-plain switching
  • More durable, scratch-resistant glass - used in helicopters and high-speed train
  • Finger-print resistant - sort of
There are other technical details that we don't need to bother ourselves with other than that it's just absolutely gorgeous.  

However, in the last week, there have been back and forth debate about the quality the Retina Display and whether Steve Jobs' claim at 326dpi is higher than the 300dpi is more of his reality distortion field. Does that matter?

It's competition.  For a while, some devices on the market like the Droid has a higher resolution and now, it's been eclipsed by the iPhone 4.  At this point, it doesn't matter much anymore.  Our human eyes, at this stage of evolution, will not be able to tell the different should there be a resolution war.

I can't wait to get my hands on it.  However, not necessarily on the iPhone.  I want to see it on the iPad as well as the Touches.  And hopefully, we'll see this come to the displays as well.  Maybe even the Macbook.

eBooks And Print. Taken together, the iOS, advancements in hardware like Retina Display, could be just what the print and book industry needs to save it.  the iBooks already look very nice on the iPad.  I think this will help sell even more books over time.  Apple has already sold (or just downloaded) 5 million books on the iPad.  More books and magazines will be sold by Apple once iBooks start showing up on iPhones.

I imagine we are likely to see this technology on the iPad before the Macbook or displays.  Armed with Retina Display technology, it will enable the iPad to display even more impressive text and graphics for books and magazines.  

A word about video.  Because of the higher resolution, it also means the iPhones can display video at a higher quality. Higher quality and resolution also mean bigger files.  That's something you'll want to think about if you like carry a library of movies with you on the go.

We're less than 48 hours from being able to pre-order the iPhone 4.  So if FaceTime or any of the other new features doesn't entice you to considering getting the iPhone 4, take another look at the display.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

iOS4: New iPhone 4 Features Coming Sooner to Other iDevice?

With just the iPhones, Apple should easily sell anywhere between 15 to 18 million iPhones through the the rest of 210. However, his tone at WWDC seems to indicate that he means more than the iPhones.

Listen go a podcast today, they said Steve Jobs specifically said iOS4 devices when he referred to the number of devices people can use FaceTime to chat with using video, not iPhones. If we aren't getting ahead of ourselves, which iDevices is up next for this upgrade?

The natural pick is the iPod Touch. Apple is in the midst of their back-to-school deal where you can get a free iPod with a Mac purchase. Historically, this is followed by an iPod refresh in the fall. That is likely when we might possibly see iPod Touch equipped with a frontal comera for FaceTime use.

As for the iPad, we may have to wait another year since the iPad was just released. Apple typically has annual refresh cycles for their iDevices. This may apply to the iPad as well.

What will be interesting is whether there might be another iDevice like an iPad (bigger iPod Touch) with a smaller screen in the neighborhood of 5-7 inches or a previously unimagined device.

Apple is going to have a very busy schedule for the rest of 2010. I love to see FaceTime permeate through the rest of the Apple line-up including the Macs and Apple TV.

Note: We will eventually see a FaceTime implementation for the Mac at some time in the f uture but I think that will be a long way off. Apple will be pushing FaceTime as a selling point for the iOS4 devices and keeping it off the Macs will mean anyone who want to do mobile video chat will need to buy an iPhone 4.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3G - Is A Monthly Allotment of 2GB Enough?

Is 2GB of monthly allotment enough for myself? That's what I endeavored to find out tonight. And why 2GB a month? Well, that's what whacky ATT decided on recently by killing off their previous unlimited data plan.

With my G1 acting as a Wi-Fi access point, I linked up my iPad and put both devices through a series of apps just to see how the G1 handled the load and how much data was downloanded and what the real world speed is.

Skype, Slingplayer, ABC video app, and Netflix.

I came away with some interesting conclusions.

More at Onxo.

Tens Of Millions of iPHone 4 To be Sold - What Does It Really Mean? More than 10 Million? 20 or 30 Million?

On Monday's WWDC keynote given by Steve Jobs, he promised iPhone 4 users will have a lot of folks to talk to using FaceTime because he promised Apple will sell tens of millions of iPhone 4.

Based on past quarter experiences, it's not a lofty goal but it's the manner in which he said it.  So how many iPhone 4 can Apple sell?

I am calling this now.  No FaceTime for the new iPod Touch that will come out this fall.  We might see a camera but that's about it.  We aren't likely to even see a 5MP camera like iPhone 4 but just the currently one on the iPhone 3GS.  That will be about it.  

2010 Will be about Apple selling iPhone 4 and trying to dominate the mobile market.  For Apple to sell 20 million iPhones for the rest of second half of 2010 would be a walk in the park  How about 25 million?  30 Million?

We'll have to see just how popular features like FaceTime is and whether it will take off given the artificial limitation placed on it by carriers.  FaceTime can only be used WiFi.  And this will be entirely an iPhone-to-iPhone affair.  Previously, I had hoped the feature can be extended to other iOS devices (since they don't have a frontal camera yet, they can at least participate in viewing the video).

If FaceTime really takes off, families will be looking into buying more than one iPhone 4.  Plus, I can see aunts, uncles, and, especially, grandparents who want to use FaceTime to keep in touch with their grandchildren.  You can bet that I'm going to make sure my brother's next phone be an iPhone.

I'm not here to talk about marketshares but more about the experience of using Apple's mobile gear, iPhone 4.  Be ready for Apple to flood the airwaves with FaceTime.  Plus, Apple is rolling out the iPhone 4 rather quickly this time.  By September, Apple will be selling the iPhone in 88 countries.  

I think twenty-five million iPhones is doable.  Thirty million iPhones might be a stretch.  However, from Steve Jobs' tone of voice at the WWDC, it sounds like Apple plan on blowing away any kind of estimates Wall Street can throw at it.

By the end of 2010, we can be in the midst of another social change in mobile computing and communication.  And once again, it is Apple leading the charge.

Note: Qik, Fring, And Skype are three apps that quickly comes to mind that offers (or plans to) video chat.  Ease of use will be the key differentiator for FaceTime.  With FaceTime, there are no cumbersome steps of setting up accounts.  Yeah, Apple made it that easy to use.

Safari 5: Reader Feature Changing How We Read

I can enough about Safari. Version 4 was pretty good when it came out but with Google doing a great job innovating with Chrome and, let's be honest, really out paced every veteran browser on the market.

But with Safari 5, Apple has signaled to the world that it intends to compete in the browser market. Forget about extension support. Been here, done that as far as the browsing experience goes.

It's the Reader feature that has changed to game now. And it has the markets backpedaling. And I do mean markets. Reader basically strips away the nonessentials like ads and visual distractions on a webpage and intelligently displays the main article or content in a pop-up screen.

In Apple's words, "Safari Reader removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles. So you get the whole story and nothing but the story. It works like this: As you browse the web, Safari detects if you’re on a web page with an article. Click the Reader icon in the Smart Address Field, and the article appears instantly in one continuous, clutter-free view. You see every page of the article — whether two or twenty. Onscreen controls let you email, print, and zoom. Change the size of the text, and Safari remembers it the next time you view an article in Safari Reader."

First, the advertising market. Web operators are still going to get the views but click-throughs might go down. How will this affect ad revenues? Safari 5 has only been out about 24 hours. I think users are still trying to get used to Reader and it is unclear how the online ad guys are reacting to this.

With Reader, Apple is able to provide users with a great non-distractive way to consume text while potentially hurt it's main competitors in the battle for the future of computing, Google and Microsoft.

For the publishing and content market, this is a potential game-changer if not a wake up call. Any Internet property that relies on ad revenue may be affected. At the very least, they need to figure out other sources of revenues.

For me, I found myself loving the Reader feature very very much as it makes it easier for me to concentrate and see how long the article or post really is without the trappings of modern Web payout like videos, ads, and other miscellaneous links that are not pertinent to the article.

Note: I can't wait to see if this makes it into iOS 4 or not.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4 Possible on T-Mobile? Need Someone With Tech Understanding To Clear This Up

Is it possible for the iPhone 4 to get 3G speed on T-Mobile's network? We'll need someone with technical or expert engineering skillz on this one.

Towards the end of the WWDC 2010 keynote today, I kept hoping Steve Jobs would tell us about this "one more thing" in stored for us. That one more thing being that the iPhone 4 is coming to all the other networks in the US. At the very least, given that T-Mobile uses GSM as does ATT and my current network, I had hope that to be the case.

No go. The disappointment was not as acute as the Lakers loss last night but it weighed in me a bit into the afternoon. So this is what I tweeted:

iPhone: no iPhone for T-Mobile...sniff, sniff, sniff...AT&T, guess I'm gonna have to be your bitch...

T-Mobile tweeted me back about myTouch Slide. Right. iPhone 4 or myTouch. I am not that stupid.

So I trolled the Internet for more details and I came across an interesting comment about the iPhone 4 and T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. A couple of things happened.

On MacNN, the FCC page for iPhone 4 stated it is now a five-band phone. Penta-band? Anyway, none of the frequency is the 3G frequency used by T-Mobile's 3G network. 1700Mhz.  That's the end of the story, ain't it? Well, maybe not.

And this is where we need someone who knows what ins-and-outs of 3G technology and how everything works.

Over at TAUW, I read a post about the iPhone's new world-phone ability.  It's the exact same topic as the MacNN post except, now, read the 3rd commenter.  An astute observer no doubt who pointed out that the new HPSA+ network currently being deployed by T-Mobile in select markets but will be coming to more than 200 million users uses many of the frequency supported by iPhone 4.

The evidence is the Web Connect modem being sold by T-Mobile, which supports 850, 900, 1800, 1900, and 2100Mhz.  No mention of the current 1700Mhz that the current T-Mobile 3G network is running on.

And the iPhone 4?  It supports 850/1900Mhz in the US and 800/900/2100Mhz in the internaitonal realm.  Like the reader, MacNN pointed out the lack of support of the new iPhone 4 for 1700Mhz but not what the T-Mobile HPSA+ network and iPhone 4 both support.

Does this mean anything?  See why I am hoping someone with wireless engineering backgrounds can help us out.

Will the iPhone 4, officially or otherwise through unlocked means, support T-Mobile's fast 3G network?  Does this also mean that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will soon run on T-Mobile's 3G network?

If this is the case, there could be another positive possibility.  That being that the iPad will also run on T-Mobile's HPSA+ network as well.

FaceTime Versus iChat Video

By now, you're pretty familiar with FaceTime.

If not, FaceTime is a new video chat feature on the iPhone that uses the frontal VGA camera on the iPhone. Here's my question.

Does it work with iChat? If not, why not? Should Apple make it work with the iChat?

I can understand if Apple won't make it work with the iChat until the next OS X update but eventually Apple should.

It will really make the whole platform more compatible as well as signal Apple's support for the open source protocols used to make iPhone video chat possible.

I suppose it is possible Apple may update iChat before the next OS update. However, given Apple's past update behavior, it isn't likely. Plus, by bundling FaceTime compatible iChat with the next OS, people will be forced to upgrade en mass.

Right now, I also want to know if it's possible for non-iPHone 4 users to install the FaceTime app as well. I know the other iOS devices have no frontal camera but at least the might be able to participate on the receiving end of the video chat. Then again, given Apple's behavior in this respect, it's not likely going to happen.

Apple is like to force everyone else to upgrade their iOS devices if they want to be a part of any video calls.

But hey, one can hope.

More at Apple - FaceTime.

Apple Video Demo For Facetime, Video Chat App For the New iPhone

Facebook is the new video chat app for the iPhone 4. Here is a demo of what it can do.

Note that users can toggle between the frontal and back camera. Brilliant. A reporter's dream if you ask me.

Apple Video on the New iPhone 4

Here is the video on the new iPhone 4. A lot of updates coming tonight after we've got some time to digest the information. All is good except one thing. We're still stuck with AT&T.

will be availabe on June 24th. Pre-order June 15th.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MobileMe To Be Free? I Hope So

It isn't wishful thinking on my part hoping MobileMe will be free. I have MobileMe and I want you to have it as well. And I think given the chatter today about MobileMe, it might happen.

Users have bee reporting changes in their status in the MobileMe Preference Panel. For the most part, users are labeled as "Individual". However, users saw the label changed to "Full Member" in the last few days.

What does this mean? No one can say for sure until official word comes from Apple, if it comes at all.

On the Macbook, my status is "Full Member" but on Safari, the MobileMe preference still has me as "Individual".

Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote at WWDC on Monday at 10AM PST. We may know the answer then.

More At 9-To-5 Mac.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can Now Google App To Find Link

CNet is reporting users can google for apps on their mobile devices, iPhone or an Android device, through mobile search to find the app they're looking for. It is a unique and pretty neat feature but CNet is a bit perplex as to why Google is indexing app search when users can simply go into the App Store or Marketplace to find the app through the built in search.

I can think of a few reasons. First, Google is about search. So it makes sense for Google to offer its services in this respect. Second, Google is trying continuing to improve mobile services as well as mobile presence. That means offering app search for Android as well as the iPhone.

There really is no redundancy on Google's part in offering search for the iPhone. If Google can do a better job for searching for the right app in the store's own search function, users, particularly iphone users, will rely more on Google.

However, another likely possibility is that Google, who we all know is prepping an webapp store for Chrome and Chrome OS, will be using what it learns from mobile app search and apply it to its endeavor.

Regardless, we will know in the near future if this will go beyond just searching for apps. Chrome OS is slated to be released in the second half of 2010.

More at CNet

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President Obama Needs an iPad And iPhone

I don't get it. The President while running to be the Democratic nominee for the office of POTUS didn't hear a lapel pin with the US flag until the media made a big deal about it. Maybe we need to make a big deal of the fact that he's got a Blackberry instead of an iPhone.

What do you say? Blackberry is made by RIM, a Canadian firm. So why isn't the President using an iPhone made by an American company.

Plus, it's night and day when it comes to the mobile experience using the iPhone versus the Blackberry. Case in point. After ATT announced the new mobile data plan, I heard more than a couple of posts saying that Blackberries might have something to gain because it doesn't use as much data as the iPhone.

Duh! It's because the Blackberry isn't even in the same class as the iPhone. The iPhone is a true mobile computing device that happens to be able to make calls. The Blackberry is a smartphone that is struggling to do more than make calls and receive/send e-mails.

If you're a Presidential IT advisor, it makes sense that you recommend to him the iPhone. After all, President Obama wanted a Blackberry because he didn't want to live in the White House bubble. I'm glad he's so forward looking and wanting to remain connected to reality. But a Blackberry that doesn't even come with a real modern mobile browser?  You're joking right?

Seriously. I think the whole White House staff out to be oufited with an iPhone as well as an iPad. And if the White House needs customized versions of Apple's mobile devices, trust me, Steve Jobs will personally head the project to make it happen.  And Apple will show you what getting things done mean.

The Prime Minister of Norway uses it. Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia, even suggested that both he and the President get iPhones to chat and text and dispense with aides. Executives who aren't Microsoft at the D8 are singing the iPad's praises. Don't you think the leader of the free world ought to have one too?

The answer is yes. President Medvedev even has an iPad. Furthermore, the minister of Presidential Affairs is considering ordering iPads for staff in the presidential palace.

In the recent Icelandic eruptions that sent ashes through the atmosphere, grounding flights across the Atlantic and Europe, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway was seen in hotel working from his iPad.  The freaking iPad can run a whole country!

So, I would like to see the executive branch of the United States government with iPads and iPhones. Okay, if Rahm doesn't want one, no one force it on him.  Don't want to cross him.  But the President needs one now.

Note:  I don't think the VP should have one.  God knows what he's gonna way about it or with it.

Another Note:  The President recently called technology troubling in some ways.  I happen to agree.  But use it right is key.

More Videos of Steve Jobs from D8: Android, Microsoft, Etc

It's not all juicy information. We find out that the iPad was a tablet before it gave way to the iPhone.


Orgin of the iPad:

Getting Back Stolen iPhone and Gunning For Gizmodo:

On Google, Android, iPhone:

Everyone Can Blame Flurry For iAd Restriction:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

With Virtual Personal Assistant, Apple Will Surpass Google And Bing

At D8, Steve Jobs was asked about competition with Google. Steve Jobs said Google went to mobile to compete with Apple. And that Apple will not go into the search business to go after Google.

While that is technically correct with search as we know it, I believe Apple's recent purchase of Siri represents a direction which no search engines will be able to follow. Apple will be going one step (many steps as a matter of fact) beyond search and into virtual personal assistant (VPA).

With a VPA, it will reside on your mobile device and basically do things for you that no calendar or search engine along can do. I never had a chance to play with the Siri app but with a sophisticated AI system, it will help the user provide a richer mobile experience and, over time, it gets better with use as it learns the user's habits and needs.

And should you ask your VPA to do a few searches, well then, it'll just have to search. Maybe it'll involve Apple creating its own search engine or pass that off to Bing or Google. However it's done, the VPA can do more than just search.

Here is a video demo of the app in action before it was bought by Apple:

KEYNOTE: The Game Changer: Siri, a Virtual Personal Assistant from Semantic Universe on Vimeo.

I am sure we'll hear more about this from Apple pretty soon. Yes, I am very very excited about the prospect of an AI keep my live in order. Too bad, it doesn't vaccum...

More at Macrumors.

Why No Wireless Sync For iDevices Yet

I think there could be a number of reasons why Apple has yet to offer a viable solution for wireless syncing of the iPhone, Ipod Touch, or the iPad. My guess is as good as the next guy but I'm gonna say mine's better - because, well, they're my guesses.

The most talked about reason for no wireless sync is bandwidth. ATT isn't going to be able to support millions of iDevices trying to sync their movies, music, and mail. The network would be killed. However, there's WiFi you say. I agree.

Which brings me to my next point. WiFi ought to work just fine. I agree but even with gigabytes of data, it can take a while. And it would mean battery life expended. Why use up battery life when you can connect your iDevice to your PC or Mac that also charges your iDevice at the same time?

So, that could be why but I'm not so sure. Here's the reason why I think Apple is partially keeping wireless sync from taking place. iTunes store.

When you plug in your iDevice into the USB port, iTunes starts up. And it starts up to the iTunes store where you see the music, movie, and TV selections that are prominently promoted. There could be a good chance you'll see something you like and end up buying it.

I think that might have something to do with the lack of wireless sync in the beginning. Getting users to buy more content would definitely help Apple acquire more content since providers would be able to sell more.

If I am syncing wirelessly, I am not going to see what's on the iTunes store front.

I wager that if wireless sync happens, bandwidth, battery life, and the ability to promote content would all have to happen.

Apple Intelligence and Apple Watch - Perfect For Each Other But Not Yet

Apple intelligence will not be coming to the Apple Watch just as it will not be coming to the Apple Vision Pro. That is not only the word on...