Wednesday, June 2, 2010

President Obama Needs an iPad And iPhone

I don't get it. The President while running to be the Democratic nominee for the office of POTUS didn't hear a lapel pin with the US flag until the media made a big deal about it. Maybe we need to make a big deal of the fact that he's got a Blackberry instead of an iPhone.

What do you say? Blackberry is made by RIM, a Canadian firm. So why isn't the President using an iPhone made by an American company.

Plus, it's night and day when it comes to the mobile experience using the iPhone versus the Blackberry. Case in point. After ATT announced the new mobile data plan, I heard more than a couple of posts saying that Blackberries might have something to gain because it doesn't use as much data as the iPhone.

Duh! It's because the Blackberry isn't even in the same class as the iPhone. The iPhone is a true mobile computing device that happens to be able to make calls. The Blackberry is a smartphone that is struggling to do more than make calls and receive/send e-mails.

If you're a Presidential IT advisor, it makes sense that you recommend to him the iPhone. After all, President Obama wanted a Blackberry because he didn't want to live in the White House bubble. I'm glad he's so forward looking and wanting to remain connected to reality. But a Blackberry that doesn't even come with a real modern mobile browser?  You're joking right?

Seriously. I think the whole White House staff out to be oufited with an iPhone as well as an iPad. And if the White House needs customized versions of Apple's mobile devices, trust me, Steve Jobs will personally head the project to make it happen.  And Apple will show you what getting things done mean.

The Prime Minister of Norway uses it. Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia, even suggested that both he and the President get iPhones to chat and text and dispense with aides. Executives who aren't Microsoft at the D8 are singing the iPad's praises. Don't you think the leader of the free world ought to have one too?

The answer is yes. President Medvedev even has an iPad. Furthermore, the minister of Presidential Affairs is considering ordering iPads for staff in the presidential palace.

In the recent Icelandic eruptions that sent ashes through the atmosphere, grounding flights across the Atlantic and Europe, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway was seen in hotel working from his iPad.  The freaking iPad can run a whole country!

So, I would like to see the executive branch of the United States government with iPads and iPhones. Okay, if Rahm doesn't want one, no one force it on him.  Don't want to cross him.  But the President needs one now.

Note:  I don't think the VP should have one.  God knows what he's gonna way about it or with it.

Another Note:  The President recently called technology troubling in some ways.  I happen to agree.  But use it right is key.

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