Saturday, April 24, 2021

My Coding Journey - Cannot Wait For The Snowball Effect

 I am waiting for the snowball effect for when I need to solves a problem, I can fire up the Python IDE or Xcode and hack away. From what I’m reading online, that is about 4-6 weeks away is I continue at the pace I’m on. For now, I’m experiencing a different snowball effect: really doubling down on learning how to code and hope this will expand my skill sets for work but, more important, personally.

For the last week, I put in time for Python with online contents, exercises, videos, and experiments with what I’ve learned. I find Python easier than Swift for the moment. What I’ve realized is the importance of having a fundamental understanding of coding. That will cut back on a lot of growing pains later on and avoid wasting time. 

I am giving self self 14 days until I start writing own own apps. I think I can do it sooner. 

Anyway, back to work. 

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