Saturday, April 24, 2021

Old Is New If You Learn Or Teach Your Devices Skills - Old iPad Mini Now More Valued Than Before

 At the latest Apple event on April 20th, this past Tuesday, I was looking forward to a new iPad mini but Apple totally went in another direction. I was expecting an iPad mini. Instead, Apple went for power and updated the iPad Pro with its most power chip, the M1 that currently powers the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.. Now, I fully expect Apple to upgrade the iPad mini later this year also with the M1 while it migrates everything else to the M2. However, I have picked up learning to code again and I am doing it part time on my MacBook and iPad mini 5. And I’m having a blast. Now, I’m not sure I’ll be upgrading later this year when Apple does release an M1 powered iPad mini. 

Working on Python, I realized for my current level of the language and what I plan on doing with it, I can do what I need with just what’s available to iPad OS.  And at the same time, I discovered that I could do Swift exercises using the playground module on Apple’s Playgrounds app that Apple developed to introduce users to the concepts of coding so they become more comfortable to real coding. 

I’m a novice and I don’t know what limitations I will run into when I get to the point that my coding becomes rather serious. Python masters are doing a lot on the iPad while Swift programmers still have to do all the heavy lifting on a Mac. 

I’m really excited about what is possible and discovering what I can do on this small piece of glass.  Tools are important but it’s what you do with them that is more important

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