Friday, April 30, 2021

Tales of the iPhone Mini - Perfect for Health

 When we think of health these days, we have plenty of options and tools available to us to stay health, lose or maintain weight, or other health related goals we have.  In the Apple world, the most obvious one is the Apple Watch.  Before that, we have the iPhone with its ability to count steps and GPS to let us know how far we have walked, ran, or rode.  Today, with the different sizes of iPhones available to us, only the iPhone mini is the perfect choice for 

There are plenty of apps with the sole goal of achieving better health.  How much water to consume, what to eat, and much more.  Some apps even duplicate what the Apple Watch does very well - measure your heart rate.  The iPhone 12 mini, the regular iPhone 12, and the two iPhone Pro models all do that very well because they can run all these same apps.   However, only the mini does all of these and is easier to carry around on the go.  

This is obvious - the mini is smaller than all of the other iPhone 12 models.  The iPhone 12 mini with its size makes it easy to carry in the pocket, armband, or with one hand.  I’ve ran with the iPhone 11 Pro Max before and half the time, I’m worried about dropping it.  This is not the case with the mini.  I can easily handle it with one hand and not worry about dropping it. 

The iPhone 12 comes in at 5.78 oz.  The iPhone Pro and Pro Max at 6.66 and 8.03 oz., respectively..  The mini comes in at 4.76 oz.  It’s not a big difference unless you’re comparing the mini with the Max Pro wieghts.  It really comes down to the size.  The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 feels big.  And the Max even more so.  So when you’re trying to run with them in your hand, stuffed in a pocket, or anchored to your arm, you really feel them.  This is not the case with the mini.  You almost do not notice it.

Of course, that stills can’t compare to the Apple Watch that simply sits on your wrist. Next post: iPhone Mini versus Apple Watch workouts and health.

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