Friday, June 18, 2010

iPhone: Screen Shortage Will Cause Shortage Through 2010

Unless Apple can make some arrangements, it looks like there is going to be shortage for unfilled iPhone 4 demands for the rest of 2010 as Apple is unable to get enough of the touchscreends.

This is information from MacObserver. Their source is While I don't take too seriously (they report 4M planned production a month. Only Apple has that number. No one else does), the current shortage does give some credence to their report.

So if I were you and you want an iPhone 4, just pre-order, and go into the store on launch day and every day after that to see if you can get your hands on one.  That's my absolute best suggestion.  May ATT orders were cancelled and orders from Radio Shack such as mine are no longer guaranteed to come in on the 24th.

At least I've got my iPad.  Oh, there's a waiting list for that too.

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