Thursday, June 3, 2010

MobileMe To Be Free? I Hope So

It isn't wishful thinking on my part hoping MobileMe will be free. I have MobileMe and I want you to have it as well. And I think given the chatter today about MobileMe, it might happen.

Users have bee reporting changes in their status in the MobileMe Preference Panel. For the most part, users are labeled as "Individual". However, users saw the label changed to "Full Member" in the last few days.

What does this mean? No one can say for sure until official word comes from Apple, if it comes at all.

On the Macbook, my status is "Full Member" but on Safari, the MobileMe preference still has me as "Individual".

Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote at WWDC on Monday at 10AM PST. We may know the answer then.

More At 9-To-5 Mac.

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