Monday, June 28, 2010

iPod Touch 4: What Will It Look Like?

Conventional wisdom tells us that the iPod Touch isn't going to follow everything the iPhone is. Soon upon us will be the next iPod Touch upgrade and while it's likely going gain a lot of the upgraded features from the iPhone 4, my question is what will it look like?

So far, the Touch is a thinner version of the iPhones for the last three years. I don't see a lot of that will change.

If there is change to the body of the iPod Touch, we might see is a thinner version of the current iPhone 4 but with only the same glass faceplate as the iPhone 4 but still keep the same aluminum back. The reason for this is probably because iPod Touches are generally bought and used by kids who are more likely to drop them during use and transport.

As for the buttons, it is difficult for me to see the depth of the iPod Touch deep enough for those round buttons. So it's likely we will see the same volume controls as on the current Touch. There is a chance that the iPod Touch might gain some thickness to accommodate the new buttons.

And what of camera? That's a tough one. I am going to to go out on a limb on this one and say there will be cameras. More than one. There will be one on the back with a 2 or 3MP camera for taking pictures and a frontal camera for Facetime video chat. If the iPod Touch does gain some thickness, having two cameras makes it more likely given the added space.

Plus, Jobs did promise at the WWDC keynote that there will be tens of millions of FaceTime capable devices for people to communicate through video chat. And if he does mean the iPod Touches, in one masterful stroke, Apple's iOS will be the dominant mobile platform for video conferencing.

So that's where I think the next iPod Touch is headed physically. What do you think? One more thing: there might be a change to the speakers to accommodate voice-in if my FaceTime guess pans out.

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