Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steve Jobs Emails Chinese Developer Mugged in SF, Likely Generated Lots of Postive PR

A developer from China goes to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference at Cupertino's invitation.

So he comes to SF and ends up getting mugged and his IPad gets damaged during the commission of the assault. So what does Apple do? They hooked him up with a new iPad never mind that the iPad isn't even officially available on the Chinese market.

That right there is create PR. I am sure this was leaked to the Chinese and international media. Great for the developer and even better for Apple right? It's not over.

Steve Jobs emailed the guy to wish him a safe journey home. Contrast this to when an ATT subscriber emailed ATT's CEO and got a cease-&-desist letter for his trouble.

So, Chinese developer dude, on behalf of all peace-loving and mild-mannered Americans, I apologize for your experience. But you certainly picked the right mobile platform to develop for and, while I rather see no one s victim of this kind or any other kind of crime, I am glad this happened in SF and not LA.

More at 9to5Mac for this incredible story.

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