Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhone: Comparison Chart From Tmo or it iPhone 4 Coming to Tmo

I don't want to get ahead of myself here but there is something I want to share with you. Tmo-News got a hold of what looks like a comparison chart between three of T-Mobile's top existing mobile devices and the iPhone 4 (except in the picture, it is that of the 3GS).

Now, that could be just what is it: a comparison chart. Or is it? It doesn't seem to be making any disparaging remarks about the iPhone. Rather, it seems to be playing up both the strengths of iPhone 4 and iOS4. The three devices also in the chart are myTouch Slide (lame because it's using two-year old tech), HTC HD2 (lame because it's using last decade's OS), and Garminfone (no comment because I honestly know nothing about it but welcome it to the market because more competition, the better).

As with other comparisons released by, say, Verizon, Verizon make sure not to make the iPhone sound good at all (like what "Droid does"). Not one single good thing about the iPhone at all.

Again here, the descriptions for the iPhone 4 could have come from Apple or ATT because they all sounded very good. Lots of Apps. New OS. Thinnest iPhone. Better battery life. Frontal camera. Better display than the other devices.

So, I submit this: this is not a comparison chart but a chart of a line-up of mobile devices that T-Mobile has and will have in the near future that includes the iPhone 4?

Why with the wrong pictures for the iPhone? My theory is that No one has been given the right marketing pictures (comparison chart or otherwise) of the iPhone 4. T-Mobile can't very well go to ATT and Apple's websites and rip off the pictures they need.

Also, to keep in mind. Most of Tmo-News' commenters do not think this is anything other than a comparison chart that really made some of them want to get an iPhone 4.

What do you think it is?

Note: This may well be just that, a comparison chart that was trying to be "fair and balanced" (take notes, Foxnews) and nothing more. Historically, folks unhappy with ATT have unlocked their iPhones for use with T-Mobile running on the slower EDGE rather than suffer through the network issues or whatever problems they may have encountered with ATT in the past (for me, it was bad coverage and worst customer services in the industry). Or, though not likely because of Tmo-News' connection, is that this is a fake chart to make us think the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile.

More at Tmo-News.

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