Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhone 4: Digging the RETINA DISPLAY; When Will It Show Up On MacBooks and iPads; Storage Implications

All everyone has been talking about is the FaceTime feature and the sexy new look of the iPhone. So, let's talk about the new display.

  • 960X640
  • Officially called by Apple as the "Retina Display"
  • 4X the pixels in the same 3.5" screen.
  • 4X the contrast
  • 326 pixels per inches, make it virtually difficult for the human eye to see from 18 inches away.  It's about the right range when one holds the iPhone from one's face.
  • IPS - same technology as in the iPad:  in-plain switching
  • More durable, scratch-resistant glass - used in helicopters and high-speed train
  • Finger-print resistant - sort of
There are other technical details that we don't need to bother ourselves with other than that it's just absolutely gorgeous.  

However, in the last week, there have been back and forth debate about the quality the Retina Display and whether Steve Jobs' claim at 326dpi is higher than the 300dpi is more of his reality distortion field. Does that matter?

It's competition.  For a while, some devices on the market like the Droid has a higher resolution and now, it's been eclipsed by the iPhone 4.  At this point, it doesn't matter much anymore.  Our human eyes, at this stage of evolution, will not be able to tell the different should there be a resolution war.

I can't wait to get my hands on it.  However, not necessarily on the iPhone.  I want to see it on the iPad as well as the Touches.  And hopefully, we'll see this come to the displays as well.  Maybe even the Macbook.

eBooks And Print. Taken together, the iOS, advancements in hardware like Retina Display, could be just what the print and book industry needs to save it.  the iBooks already look very nice on the iPad.  I think this will help sell even more books over time.  Apple has already sold (or just downloaded) 5 million books on the iPad.  More books and magazines will be sold by Apple once iBooks start showing up on iPhones.

I imagine we are likely to see this technology on the iPad before the Macbook or displays.  Armed with Retina Display technology, it will enable the iPad to display even more impressive text and graphics for books and magazines.  

A word about video.  Because of the higher resolution, it also means the iPhones can display video at a higher quality. Higher quality and resolution also mean bigger files.  That's something you'll want to think about if you like carry a library of movies with you on the go.

We're less than 48 hours from being able to pre-order the iPhone 4.  So if FaceTime or any of the other new features doesn't entice you to considering getting the iPhone 4, take another look at the display.

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