Saturday, June 12, 2010

iOS4: New iPhone 4 Features Coming Sooner to Other iDevice?

With just the iPhones, Apple should easily sell anywhere between 15 to 18 million iPhones through the the rest of 210. However, his tone at WWDC seems to indicate that he means more than the iPhones.

Listen go a podcast today, they said Steve Jobs specifically said iOS4 devices when he referred to the number of devices people can use FaceTime to chat with using video, not iPhones. If we aren't getting ahead of ourselves, which iDevices is up next for this upgrade?

The natural pick is the iPod Touch. Apple is in the midst of their back-to-school deal where you can get a free iPod with a Mac purchase. Historically, this is followed by an iPod refresh in the fall. That is likely when we might possibly see iPod Touch equipped with a frontal comera for FaceTime use.

As for the iPad, we may have to wait another year since the iPad was just released. Apple typically has annual refresh cycles for their iDevices. This may apply to the iPad as well.

What will be interesting is whether there might be another iDevice like an iPad (bigger iPod Touch) with a smaller screen in the neighborhood of 5-7 inches or a previously unimagined device.

Apple is going to have a very busy schedule for the rest of 2010. I love to see FaceTime permeate through the rest of the Apple line-up including the Macs and Apple TV.

Note: We will eventually see a FaceTime implementation for the Mac at some time in the f uture but I think that will be a long way off. Apple will be pushing FaceTime as a selling point for the iOS4 devices and keeping it off the Macs will mean anyone who want to do mobile video chat will need to buy an iPhone 4.

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