Wednesday, June 16, 2010

iPad: Better For Social Interaction Than Laptops

Okay, when I mean social interaction, I don't mean a hot girl at Starbucks coming over to have her with me, well, no, I mean my iPad.  No, I'm talking about the iPad as a vehicle to break people away from their laptops with its keyboard and using the iPad as a means for sharing.

Imagine trying to show someone sitting next to you a website or a doc, you'd have to turn over the laptop that may be tethered to an outlet.

But with an iPad, it's like handing over a piece of paper, book, or a notepad.  It's that easy.

Also, I imagine more games that are like digital board games where families and friends an kind of gather to play together.  This is also implied in this USA Today article and it hit it on mark.  And as the article said, it's not just about gaming.  It's about interacting.  People can flip things back and forth, handing the iPad from one person to another.

When I was in college, we used to take breaks from studying for finals or meetings by playing Boggle. And now, there is a Boggle's game from EA.  Instead of the actual game, we may play it on the iPad just as well.

And this is just the beginning.  With each passing app release, we figure out new ways to learn, share, and teach and generally be creative in the process.  Yeah, with the iPad, Apple has really changed not only mobile computing and provided the means for creative social interaction.

More at Newark Advocate.

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