Monday, June 14, 2010

Analysis: Apple Should Allow iPhone Apps on Mac, But Need To Own iPhone To Use

In reading a CNet article about how iOS features can make it on to the Macs, I thought of how Apple can use the iPhone to sell more Macs than the halo-effect the iDevices have already generated for the rest of Apple's business.

Allow anyone who owns an iDevice, including the iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch, to use their apps on the Mac and only the Mac. For the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Macbook owners, wouldn't it be great to use our apps with our Macbooks with the multitouch trackpads?

This would sell tons of Macbooks.

But hey,I don't to leave out iMac, Mac mini, and the Mac pro either. There was talking last week of some sort of a multitouch pad for the desk-bound Macs. This pad will enable every Mac to use iOS4 apps.

Once more, Apple will be smart to make this a Mac specific feature.

The question is how likely is this to happen? Not likely. But as the saying goes, improbable but not impossible. At D8 and during his WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs seems to imply that the era of PCs (including the Macs as many bloggers and tech watchers seems to believe Apple's focus is no longer on traditional computing) is over.

Having said that, the Macs remain a viable business and growing at a faster rate than at any other time in the past. With Apple, never-say-never isn't something you want to associate with Steve Jobs. And the perfect time for this special feature would be with the next Mac OS update - ability for owners of both an iDevice and a Mac to share and use iOS apps.

More at CNet.

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