Monday, June 21, 2010

iPhone 4: Shipping Already and FaceTime Will Not Use Up Minutes

First, ATT is confirming iPhone shipments have begun. I read over the weekends that Apple was doing the same but I did not want to get into it but with a secondary source like ATT, it's a lock. As a matter of fact, MacRumors has a screen shot of the matter.

This is fantastic news despite the dismal day everyone had trying to order the iPhone last Tuesday. This Thursday is going to be wild. As a matter of fact, iOS4 is suppose to be released today. So be ready to be flooded with Apple and iDevice news.

If you have not order one, I feel for you. I went through Radio Shack because there was no line and I was the second person to have ordered that day in person. I noticed that many of the Radio Shack folks were ordering for themselves and friends.

FaceTime.  Although I anticipated as much it's good to have confirmation that users will not be charged their cell minutes for using FaceTime.

It would have been moronic for ATT to charge mobile users who use their own Wi-Fi network to use video chat that has nothing to do with ATT itself.  But you can blame us after all right?  ATT will be charging users who use microcells to improve network connection extra.  

Ma Bell hasn't been exactly consumer friendly.  At times, Apple also has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude and that does drive me crazy.  But the difference is that Steve Jobs sells great products.  It's Apple so everyone who buys into it knows there are certain things we have to put up with.  The main thing is that with an Apple product, it works.  It just works as advertised.

We are with ATT because we don't have a choice.  So it's great to hear that ATT is going to jack users further with FaceTime.

More at MacRumors.  More about FaceTime at Appleinsider.

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