Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apple Has Sold 100 Million iPod touches; Should Position Device As A Social Device To Continue Momentum

Source:  The Loop.

You know a guy is connected when he gets information directly from Apple in ways that not even the press can. Apple told Jim Dalrymple, not the AP, CNN, or Reuters, that it has sold 100 million iPod touches since its introduction in 2007.

That's a lot of touches.  How much compared to other gaming devices?

Nintendo's wildly successful Game Boy and Game Boy Color (wiki) sold a combined 118.69 million units since its introduction in 1989 in Japan.  It took Nintendo 12 years for the GB to sell almost 120 million while .  It was eventually displaced by the Gameboy Advance in 2001 which went on to sell about 81.5 million units in in seven years.  Sony only managed to sell 76 million PSP (wiki) units in eight years.

For the iPod touch, Apple managed 100 million units in 5.5 years.

As a mobile fan, I love the fact that Apple's iPod touch is finding this level of success.  However, where does Apple go from here?  Today, it introduced a base 16 GB iPod touch for $229 without the rear camera.

On the surface, that looked pity and like a bad move.  However, Apple is trying to get users to go with the $299 touch with a rear camera and 32 GB of storage for $70 more.  I think it would help Apple's effort if it also market the $299 iPod touch as a social media device in addition to the gaming and music playing device it is now.

The rise in popularity of Twitter and, specifically, social and sharing apps is undeniable.  And with the youth turning away from Facebook due to its loss of coolness and possibly the encroachment of adults, Apple can position its device as one that allow anyone to enjoy all the benefits of iOS without paying for monthly fees.

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