Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tim Cook Might Have Lied: New iPod touch (Without Rear Camera) with 16 GB for $229

Source:  The Loop.

here's my try to see how it feels about turning something that Apple do, as benign as introducing a 16 GB iPod touch without the standard rear 5MP camera for $299, into something bad like WSJ, NYT, and haters are so apt at doing.  So here goes.

Tim Cook lied.  He said no new hardware and what's this?!

Okay...I suck at it.  I think it's news about this new iPod touch variant but it is neither good or bad.  And without the rear camera, it's not for me either.  However, as The Loop said, it's the perfect gaming machine.

I was considering getting one for my niece but I would want her to be able to take photos.  For $70 more, you get the iSight camera (the rear camera I'm talking about) as well as doubling of the memory to 32 GB at $299.  Another $100 will get you the 64 GB model which I understand isn't for everyone.

I'm sure Apple has its reasons for coming out with the new 16 GB model - it now serves as its base iPod touch.  And it's like I said above, Apple wants you to spend a $70 to get the version with the camera and twice the storage.

Brilliant placement of product and pricing.

Wait...doh!  I tried so hard to start off the post with negativity towards Apple and I end up complimenting them!!!

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