Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A 128 GB iPad mini Without A Retina Display Would Rope Me In

You know what could get me to get an iPad mini even if it doesn’t have a Retina Display this year?  128 GB version.

Yeah, I think that’ll do it.  Based on stuff coming out of blogs, rumor mills, and analysts with some credibility, it does appear that Apple isn’t going to be able to find a way to a Retina Display into the mini this year.  There are times when one source says one thing and another says another but it’s rare that they all agree.

In this case, Apple is probably going to upgrade the processor and maybe beef up some other features.  Despite that, I think a 128 GB will get me to jump in.  It really can.  See, I got my mom a 64 GB version last year and while it was adequate, all my apps and only a few media already took up about 45 GB of space.

While that leave me with about 19 GB, you have to realize that there are new apps and services from Apple that continuing to evolve how we use our mobile devices.  On top of that, apps are betting bigger all the time.  Yup, take a look at them apps from 2008 and today.  They’ve grown on sophistication and usability.  That also means they’ve grown in size too.

A 128 GB mini would give me a few years before I would need to upgrade.  Essentially, future proofing my purchase.

Even now, 32 GB on my iPhone 4S isn’t adequate. So, my next iPhone would have to be a 64 GB version.  16 GB just won’t cut it anymore.

And while the mini’s size and weight is ideal for me when I travel, if there isn’t a 128 GB version, I suppose I’ll stick with a regular sized iPad with 128 GB this Christmas.

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