Friday, May 17, 2013

Future Apple Products Made In The USA - Starting With a Mac

Source:  Politico, Macrumors.

For those waiting for the Mac Pro, looks like it could be one of the first Mac to be made solely in the United States for years.  At least that's the going convention on which Mac Apple's Tim Cook is talking about when he said Apple has invested $100 million to make that Mac here in the US.

Here is an interview with Brian Williams of NBC last year where Tim talked about it.

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As you can see, it's not easy.  $100 million is nothing to Apple but it's something to most companies and what Apple hopes to achieve could be the spark of something big for consumer electronics and electronics in general.

While this is old news, Politico has new details from Tim Cook as Tim start a PR trip through the East Coast which will end with his testimony on corporate taxes in Congress next week.  While that is a very important issue, it is outside the purview of what I normally consider to be Apple and mobile, new details about Apple manufacturing in the US isn't.

Here are a couple of new details:

  • States to benefit from Apple's domestic manufacturing:  Arizona, Texas, Illinois (President Obama's home state), Florida, and Kentucky.
  • Deep into the project - looks like Macs could be coming off the assembly line soon.
  • $100 Million spent on making this possible.  

What's interesting is the public and economic policies of this.  I like to know where the workers will be coming from, what kind of educational background they'll need.  How much automation is involved.  And what comes next for Apple's domestic production agenda.  And what kind of relationship Apple will have with its workers and whether they'll be unionized or not.

And it's also possible that Apple's future domestic expansion could hinge on any corporate tax reforms that Apple and other tech giants are seeking from Washington.

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