Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Would Apple Really Allow Flash?

It's hard not to given the difficulties Apple has had with certain developers feeling rejected and others fearful to express how they feel (in fact, they're not allow to talk about their feelings).

So, when it was confirmed that Adobe is close to finish a Flash player for the iPhone and by one of it's senior director, Paul Betlem, it seems like something he really ought not to say in public unless he was trying to push pressure on Apple to approve the Adobe app for wide release on the app store.

Regardless, it's out and the Mac blogs got wind of it.  So, now what?  Well, we wait and see.  Previously, Jobs had complained Flash would run a resource hog and will effectively ruin the battery life on the iPhone.

However, I'm guess Adobe has been lobbying and making concessions to Apple in order to get Flash onto the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.  It remains to be seen if Apple will grant them this one wish.  Webware indicates Flash does not run well on mobile devices, including the iPhone.  If that is the case, Apple would not want any kind of user experience isn't ready for prime time.

But I for one am looking forward to see what all the big deal is.  In fact, I'm looking forward to some Hulu action.  But I am guess that if Apple does grant Flash to work on its mobile devices, there would be limitations to what it can do.

It'll be interesting to watch if the App Store welcomes Adobe.  After all, it just feels like having flash on the iPhone is like Apple allow an app to run Palm or letting someone create a browser.  It can do a lot of things that would conflict with Apple's walled garden.

Venture Beat has an update from Adobe.  It seems like they're trying to put the genie back into the bottle on this one.  It has struck a nerve at Apple.

Via Flash Magazine

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  • Webware adds Flash doesn't work on mobile devices well, not just the iPhone.  Flash Lite isn't any better.

Note:  Dude, Jobs don't go for that, Paul.  He does what he wants and unless he already will approve of it, it wont' happen just because you mount a public campaign for Flash to be accepted into the app store.

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