Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For September 18, 2008

Initially, we thought about not posting an update for the Mac or the iPhone today because there was nothing that happened the average users will need to know about or have the news make any kind of impact on their mobile experience.

So, Apple app store censorship, while old news, will likely pop up again in blogs, podcasts, and in the end one of two things will happen.  Either Apple relents (a bit) or developers just go quietly into the night and end-users will never know that a great battle was fought on their behalf.

If there is anything of significant today, it's Steve Jobs in Europe looking frail and chatting it up with EU regulators on online sales issues.

iPhone-iPod Issues:
  • Appleinsider has a post on manufacturing and supplies maneuvers in the background that we may not know about.  It's an interesting read.  Highly recommended.  It's one of those things we read in books about Jobs or Apple.  
  • Onxo wants more some Japanese style games for the iPod Touch.  Who's gonna step up?
  • The iPhone Blog talks about iPhone gaming.  Nintendo said "bring it", but that political Japanese way.
  • MacDaily News reports in an iPod feature for owners with vision loss.
  • Cnet News said VMware to bring virtualization functions to the iPhone.
  • Treo Central on Palm's financial quarter.  Still looking for Palm to create something totally awesome.  Will continue to bleed unless there is a 2009 surprise.
  • Gizmodo has notes on a notification page for the iPhone when it's locked.  It'll let you know if you have messages.  Be nice if it can include weather and simple stock prices.  Or it'll let you select features to implement.  
Mac Issues:
  • Onxo discusses 3G modem growth.
  • Mac360 points out that OS and browser wars aren't over yet, not by a long shot.

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