Friday, September 19, 2008

Better App Reviews

I found this site, Apptism, that collects all apps on the iTunes app store and does it's own presentation.  There are two main features some users might find useful.

If  you recall Podcaster, a podcasting app, that was reject by Apple that became the poster child for all that is wrong with, what some would say, Apple's draconian grip on app approval and development.  Well, there is another way to add apps to your iPhone, the ad-hoc distribution system, if you want an app that Apple will not allow onto the app store.  There's a reason why this was created and not really meant for most iPhone users.  It's relatively new so I warn you to use it with a certain amount of risk.

Now, here is the best part about Apptism.  I hate the reviews that are allowed on the app store.  I know you do too.  Some guy would give one star because he felt he can or because he isn't willing to pay for it.  Something ought to be done against that.

On Apptisml, because you have to create an account, the reviewer isn't likely to do it to write something irrelevant.  And there is likely more of  a community that can be built on this.  With Apptism, you will probably come away with a better understanding of the app.  That's what I think the best feature of Apptism is.

Source:  Yahoo News

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