Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For September 17, 2008

Not happened in Mac and iPhone land today.  If you took a stroll around the Web today, you'll see a lot of ruckus being made about Android and Storm.

Incidentally, these two smartphones will fight for attention next week.  
Though I wonder if Apple may try to disrupt it with Macbook updates.  That would be swell.  I get an Android phone and a Macbook.  Sweet.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Feeling nostalgic?  Well, iPodNN reports Apple will have 4GB iPod Nanos, just like my first gen Nano, available in certain international markets.  I wonder if this is a defensive move against the likes of cheaper MP3 players and deteriorating global economic events.  
  • MacWorld discusses deploying the iPhone for business.
  • Onxo discusses iPhone and other mobile reporters.
Mac Update:
  • Roughly Drafted has details on the next Adobe Creative Suite.  Just in time for those Macbook things we keep hearing about.
  • While not really Mac news, Intel's next generation chip, the Core i7, as revealed by Hexus, is always a possibility for the Mac Pro line.
  • Good news about the Macbook lines.  Not new ones unfortunately.  But Apple's mobile Macs have captured 10.6% of the North American market.  (Appleinsider)

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