Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for September 23, 2008

Initially, only one major even took place today.  Android.  Then the Windows Mobile delay.  And now?  Apple apparently addressed it making rejection letters a part of the NDA.  Nice.  Classy.  

This is why Apple is doing it and the sooner folks realizes this, the better (or worse).  It's not about Podcaster duplicating an existing function but Podcaster making the podcast part of iTunes irrelevant just as if Amazon were to develop an app for it's music store, it'll take away from users having to rely on iTunes, or Apple for that matter.  In certain instances, it's more about locking iPhone and iPod Touch to iTunes.

It is also entirely possible that Apple may allow podcasts to be downloaded over WiFi in future OS revisions.

I'm not saying what Apple is doing is right.  In fact, I think this heavy-handed tactic may backfire.  But from Apple's perspective, they make a few developers upset, three by my count (Podcaster, Mailwrangler, Netshare), and it sends a clear message to everyone.  

Ultimately, this is the wrong way to do it.  I'm still holding out for Apple will make changes to its policies soon.  Right now, iPhone users might not notice but they soon will.  Apple folks are pretty bright.
iPhone-iPod Update:

  • Wired claims G1 to be cheaper than the iPhone.  Oh, did they forget to mention the 1GB cap imposed by T-Mobile or the lack of VOIP T-Mobile and Google made sure would never take place on any Android phones?
  • Yahoo News reports Apple makes it easier to buy the iPhone.  Now, the customer will have to spend less time in the store.  
  • Computerworld has an analyst who believes Apple should worry about Android and Amazon.
  • Macworld provides details on Apple Remote.  Must Read.
  • Onxo reports on how iPhones are being used by DC police.
  • Onxo writes a letter to Santa.
  • Onxo discusses about iPhone users turning into reporters.
More developments on Apple's NDA

Mac Update:
  • Onxo discusses potential of Apple offering more RAM in the next Macbook revisions.
  • Macdaily News has 5 reasons why a business should switch to Macs.

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