Friday, September 26, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For September 26, 2008

Biggest news in the last couple days is the unlocked iPhones that went on sale in Hong Kong.  Between $700-$800.  

Not a bad price consider that you'll be able to use them with just about any service and network.  Almost.  

We're probably looking at a $100 lower price for the US market if it ever makes it to the US.  We don't know what kind of deal Apple and ATT has but you can bet ATT wants to make sure no one can use the new iPhones with T-Mobile.

Also, a beta version of iPhone 2.2 has been making rounds.  Looks like they're up security and stability issues being resolved this go-around.  Still looking for cut-and-paste.  I know, that's getting old.

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • Wired reports iPhone battery lawsuit dismissal.
  • Yahoo News reports Visa plan may not work.
  • MacDaily News reports on Mass and Apple to make iTunes accessible to the blind.
  • TUAW on app pricing dropping very quickly.  Apple wins.  Us too.  Go here to see if your favorite app's price has been lowered.
  • Cult of Mac reports iPhones doing well.  14M units to be manufactured for the rest of 2008.  Geez...that's a lot of iPhones.
  • iPhone Atlas discusses jail-break revival after app store developer and NDA issues.
  • Now Slate is getting to the debate.  Apple's walled garden (admittedly so) and Google's "open" Android.  Please, for God's sake, Android isn't open after the wireless providers go through it with their draconian tentacles!  We'll discuss this weekend.
  • Macnn reports Tellme coming to the iPhone...could be Microsoft's first app.  Does Balmer know about this?

Mac Update:

  • Anyone notice that Apple is still opening Apple stores?  Did someone forget to tell them there's a credit crisis and Main Street, USA is crying uncle?  Onxo will look into this more carefully and report back.  Balmer thinks we'll be fine.  Maybe Apple does took.
  • There were a lot of miscues this week regarding photos of supposed Macbook Pros.  Because we're not good at tell what's what with respects to rumors, we decided to leave it out of our posts.  However, we're probably weeks away from new Mac gears.  There's a Tuesday next week.  Yeah, that's right.  So, it could be next week.  Who knows!  

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