Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated 2G iPhone And Unlocked

After waiting more than 48 hours, I decided it was enough time between the initial release of iPhone 2.1 when we reported on Onxo on Friday and when any major problem might crop up. So far, the biggest issues concerning the new update seem to be the lack of concrete evidence that 3G issues are history and battery life has indeed improved.

So, I took my mom's iPhone and took the plunge. What has it been like since? Before I get into that, the 2G iPhone had already been been unlocked and jailbroken previously uand worked beautifully with T-Mobile and T-Zone with 2.0.2 using QuickPwn.

The first thing I did was to download the update (~240MB) and hooked up the iPhone to it and request the update be installed. Meanwhile, I downloaded the new version of Quickpwn. The application from the wonderful folks of iPhone Dev Team.

The update, I had expected iTunes to tell me I had a sim card that did not work with the iPhone.

Here's the surprise: it didn't! I couldn't believe my eyes. I made a couple of calls to make sure it was working fine before I applied QuickPwn. So I want to ask folks, did anyone else experienced that as well? If so, please let us know about it.

Anyway, I went ahead with QuickPwn even though the iPhone was working with T-Mobile because I did not know if T-Zone would still work (I have a feeling it wouldn't) and I wanted to install some apps only available through Cydia.

Now, my mom's iPhone is now updated to 2.1. So far, she's not impressed. I told her that apps don't move around anymore after she applies the updates but she thought they shouldn't have to begin with.

She was more impressed when I told her the battery life may be better and apps would respond more rapidly.

I am curious about the stability and battery life issues. I'll be monitoring her usage to see if both have improved. Will report back after a couple of days on pertinent issues

Update: My friend, Dave, also upgraded his unlocked 2G iPhone through iTunes and was able to to make calls with the unauthorized sim card without having to unlock his phone again.  But beware.  Neither he nor I know why that is.  So be careful if you do go through with it.  You may not encounter the same results we did.

Note: There are a few forums on Macrumors discussing the battery life issue. Here is one of them. I think Apple should make it a mission to improve battery life greatly iPhone generation 2.5 or 3.

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