Monday, September 15, 2008

Mac-iPhone Daily News For September 15, 2008

Electronista is reporting a Citibank analyst speculating the next generation Macbooks may be on the way to the stores. While it is only a speculation at this point, the time frame for a refresh of Apple's portable Macs makes it very plausible.
Analysts do one of two things: report on things heard from someone who is married to the taxi driver who knows a cousin whose friend works at some factory in China or looks at old calendars and guessitimates within weeks of when Apple usually made their product introductions and report on that.
I don't know what "field checks" mean but he might be right this time. He gets a "gold star"!
Suggestion: If you want a new Macbook but can wait a couple of weeks, let the blogs brew over this one and see where we're at then.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • iPhone sales Japan but doing well everywhere else (Via Macdaily News through WSJ). I think Japan is a market where Apple cannot dictate to the users what they want but has to listen to what the users and their very sophisticated electronics society demands. Dude, Steve...his is the land of the rising sun anime. A while back, Onxo had a post on mobile convergence and its a lot of what the Japanese mobile warriors have or want.
  • iPodnn's NDA analysis. Good numbers for iPod growth.
  • Maccentral reports on developer discontent over feedbacks and, now, banning of apps. Apple needs to do something.
  • iLounge provides a roundup of the 2008-09 iPod line.
  • NYT posts on next generation iPhone chip - new feature: you will be able to use your iPhone or iPod Touch to guide a missile against anyone you want.
  • Napster nabbed for $121 million. Guess who?
  • Wired on ATT's pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G. It's easier than you think.
  • Macsimum News reports Steve Jobs will meet with EU officials on online sales.
  • Check out your competition. Engadget on Zune unboxing.
Mac Update:
  • Still waiting for new Macs.
  • MacDailyNews on future buying habits - indicating on how Macs will do.
  • Fortune blogs about potential explosion of Mac sales. Just in time for lower prices, eh?
  • Ars Technica on new industry-backed scheme to sell media. Want to guess who's not at the party?

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