Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mac Update For September 16, 2008

In about a month, we'll be able to see what kind of staying power the iPhone as with Android phone being released in October and Verizon just going live with their Storm page.

We posted some analysis on Verizon Wireless' counterattack against the iPhone.  It appears to be a sign of weakness but you be the judge of that.  I am pulling for Blackberry as I think they've got very neat phones. I just hope VW doesn't pull down RIM down if sales are not good after hyping it.

iPhone-iPod Update:
  • Air Sharing is an app that works as a wireless drive.  it's free for only two weeks.  Just a reminder.
  • Virtual Monkey -  you're suppose to take care of it.  Feed it and, well, just be a good parent to it.  
  • Virtual Conquest - turn-based strategy game.  Link isn't work.  It may be like Risk.  If only someone can make an Axis and Allies game.
  • Apple's Remote has been updated with the Genius feature.
  • Verizon readies for war on iPhone.  We think it won't amount to much.
  • On Apple discusses iPhone's so-so numbers in Japan.  Here's the gist:  the iPhone 3G's lack of features today is our 2G iPhone when it first came out in 2007.  All those missing features in Japan will be on the next versions.  
  • Onxo discusses CTIA's teen survey on mobile life.
  • Macrumors discusses app store success and future apps.
Mac Update:
  • You'd think that Apple will slow the pace of new store openings in the economic shape we're in but TUAW is pointing out five additional stores will open this weekend.
  • Yesterday's Citibank play about Macbooks on the way is spreading like wildfire.  If they've already left dock in China, the ship(s) could be here by the middle of next week.  It may be too late for a late September surprise.  The containers would still have to be unloaded and Macbooks distributed throughout the sales network.  
  • Quick Muse:  I wonder if $100 off Macbook as some analysts are predicting is going to be enough.  I'm gonna go as far as $200 off across the board for the Macbook line.  Probably a bit more for the pro versions.

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