Monday, September 29, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for September 29, 2008

Once again, the dominant story in Cupertinoland continues to be the iPhone related issues. First, Apple, who has opted to remain quiet through this developer revolt (I rather think that Apple is up to something brilliant during this period of silence) about app rejections and outcries about NDA. Nevertheless, work continues to be made on the app store.
  • Now, if you don't buy an app, you can't provide reviews.  Finally!
  • A minor step back.  You can't simply find free apps with a click.  Someone will have to provide that link in a blog or something.  Why do that, Apple?  My guess:  trouble with revs from developers as everyone downloads mostly free apps.  
  • Apps are now ranked by release dates, not app updates.
TUAW thinks there are specific reasons for this, depending on how you feel about Apple and the iPhone.

Posts on changes to app store:
The other major news is the 17% drop in Apple stock today.  Heck, if hedge funds can no longer short bank stocks, let's short tech stocks!  Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital both provided short-sellers with a gift in a double downgrade today.  However, Piper Jaffray thinks there is nothing to prove that Apple will suffer from a slowdown...yet. 

Here's the thing, Apple keeps opening up new stores.  If things are bad, then what the heck are they doing?!  Well, check out where they are opening these stores.  

iPhone-Ipod Update:

For those looking hard at the iPhone or iPod Touch but have hear a bit here and there about T-Mobile's G1, Macworld (via PC World) has some facts related to these two devices.  It sounded pretty fair to me.  (For the record, I am an iPhone user and has pre-ordered a brown G1.  Yeah, brown.  What the heck, right?)
  • Apple Matters explains App Store as a prison.
  • Macworld reports Norway demands Apple drop DRM.
  • Touch Arcade on a new Kroll game.  I suppose I'll get nothing done tonight.
  • Macnn on Spreadsheet, the app, for the iPhone.
  • iPhone Atlas on take your iPhone overseas.
  • Onxo thinks the iPhone is not a gaming machine yet.  We're at least a year or so away if the iPhone/iPod Touch ever comes to term as a serious portable gaming machine.
  • Macworld feels Apple should reset App Store review.  I disagree with a do-over but I think those "one-star I'm not paying for this" review should be taken out at the very least.  In fact, do a simple database check and take out reviewers who did not buy the app they supposedly "reviewed".
Mac Update:
  • Esquire on Jobs and his legacy
  • Onxo on the best non-Apple Macbooks.
  • Onxo on our "Mac Hybrid".

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