Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple's Biggest Announcement - Ping And What Was Not Said About Apple TV

Everyone thinks yesterday's announcement was about new iPod touches with the dual cameras and the redesigned nanos. But the biggest news for iOS and iTunes users is Ping. For video fans, Apple's TV rental for Apple isn't the biggest news. It is what wasn't said.

First Ping. Ping is a social music site based in the iTunes application on Windows, Macs, and iOS devices. After downloading and signing on, it felt a bit sptartan when you compare it to Facebook and Myspace. But that is what Apple products are like in the beginning.

In time, Apple wil add new features and functions. Widgets and games may be normal. Imagine having Ping on your Apple TV as well. Plus, what about adding video and app discovery?

Well, it makes sense that all that will happen in time. First, video rental was just made available yesterday and Apple TV won't be out for another month. Apple will likely wait until there are more rental content before allowing video discovery and following on Ping.

What about apps? And isn't that what Game Center is for? game Center is Apple's leader board slash social network. It just doesn't make sense to have two completely separate social networks. I believe Apple will eventually integrate Game Center into Ping and add app discovery as well.

Is that all? No. Remember, this is Apple. You never want to take what Apple says at face value. Ping isn't a Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Not yet. Given the scope and opportunities, you bet Steve Jobs will move Apple more into the social realm.

Over time, other features will be added as it makes sense. Keep in mind that Apple has mobile ad design as well. With that comes location-based targetting. "Pinging" can become the next mode of checking in as some if us already do with Foursquare. So don't be surprised to see Apple made a buyout or two in this area to shortcut its way into the market.

Ping has no limits and I can't wait to see what apple does with it.

Plus, privacy, while a big deal, is less of an issue wih Apple. With Apple, giving them the same information an user might give Facebook or Google isn't the same thing. Facebook and Google has every intention of doing away your privacy and selling it to the highest bidder. Apple has always has always guarded its gotten information closely. And it isn't because Apple considers its customers In the highest regards. It is because Apple believes it has a base that is loyal, knowledgeable, and willing go spend money. And we belong to them to monetize.

Now Apple TV. Where are all the apps? Where is the tight integration with iOS devices like the iPad? Sure there will be Airplay but I want to be able to run my gaming apps on the TV and use my control iPod touch or iPhone as controllers. I want to be able to tweet updates or make Ping comments while watching a show.

A lot of things that Apple can do with Apple TV was left out. Sure we love the $99 entry fee but we also know the device can do so much more and should be allowed to do so much more.

Hence, all of that was not said. Which is why it's so important. Will Apple TV be allowed to run apps and offer more social media integration? Only Apple knows but I think Apple will begin to make more substantial announcements about Apple TV and iOS integration in the coming months.

We are still about six months away from any kind of new iOS announcement in Spring. Look for clues and neat things then. This time next year, the name "Apple TV" may no longer apply. iConsole or iBox, anyone?

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