Friday, September 10, 2010

Game Center Weekend

For starters, I just want to say Game Center is off to a great start and should get better over time. But I would like for Apple to give us a better indication of which games support it.

Now. I played my first game. Flight Control. The only unique thing about this now is that I am not just playing to beat my old score but also land as many planes as I can, which I managed to set a personal best.

I suppose a little motivation helped considering now that there is a leader board and ranking to consider. Obviously, I was out of my league. I don't see myself landing more than 15,000 planes in one day which someone managed to do.

I look forward to exploring the games and Game Center more this weekend and report back from time to time on how I am doing.

BTW, my Game Center name is "Sarcast". Looking forward to add new friends if you're willing.

Also, I think Apple should integrate Ping and Game Center together somehow. It doesnt make sense to have two separate social networks considering how important apps and gaming is now to iOS.

Note: Words With Friends would benefit greatly from being a part of Game Center.

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