Friday, September 10, 2010

Stills Taken With iPod touch

Here are a few still photos taken with the rear camera of the new 4th generation iPod touch.

Are you can see, there are places for them but if you're looking for something closer to the iPhone 4's 5MP camera, well, then the iPhone 4 is what you ought to get.

The colors seems fine but I am not a very discerning photographer. And I use that term very very liberally.

This picture has no zoom. The next one was taken with digital zoom. You can see how awful it is.

Again, for general purpose pictures, the iPod touch cannot pass mustard with it's sub-1MP rear camera. But if you watch the videos in the previous post, you can see that the iPod touch provides the user with casual photo capture but very good 720p video capture.

It is mainly for folks who don't need an iPhone but want something more than a Flip or their regular phones or gaming devices can do.

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