Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New iPod Touch In My Future?

I will be visiting the Pasadena Apple store in a bit. And if the stars are aligned properly, I may be the new proud owner of the fourth generation iPod touch.

Of course, more than the stars have to be aligned. Through the day, I have seen samples of the pictures and videos taken with the new touch. I have also read about the..ahem...features Apple left out of the iPod touch that they gave to the iPhone 4.

256MB instead of 512MB, no vibration motor, a subpar Retina screen but still a retina screen, smaller battery (granted there isn't a cell antenna the touch has to contend with), and, certainly, the less than 1MP still camera.

All those shortcomings will need to pass my standards. I will be grateful for the increase speed over my 2G iPhone as well as the better screen and ability to enjoy all the iOS 4.1 features. And, not in the least, the ability to capture decent 720p video.

So in a few hours, I hope to report back with some great news. If not, I'll let on on why I decided to walk away empty-handed.

Oh, the store being out of stock of the iPod touch won't count.

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