Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Movie: World War Z Trailer

Source:  MTV.

You all know what World War Z is.  If not...OMG, are you kidding?!

Seriously though, you have got to go pick up a copy of World War Z, fictitious chronicle of a zombie outbreak

Now, you know that when there is a good thing, Hollywood can't help but get its hands on it.  Well, now there is a movie based on the book (very loosely I might add) starring Brad Pitt.

Now, here is the trailer.  Enjoy!  I've already watched it at least 5 times!!!

I've already watched it at least 10 times!!!  Yeah, between post the video until now, I've watched it another 5 times with my coworkers.

Again, you have got to get yourself a copy of it this weekend at your local book store.  I know Barnes and Noble has copies of them. In fact, go tonight after work and you'll be able to start reading it tonight and through the weekend.

Here's the wiki page about the book, not the movie.

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