Sunday, November 11, 2012

Based On The Commercials, Which Will Convince You To Buy A Product?

Here are three commercials.  One is from Microsoft.  Another from Samsung.  And one from Apple.

Just watching them, there is one that stands out.  One that doesn't really show me what its product is capable of doing and why I ought to pick it over other competing devices.

This first one is from Microsoft to show off the new Surface tablet based on its Windows 8 RT.

This one is from Samsung for the Galaxy S III.  It's cute.

This one is from Apple showing off the iPad mini.  It's cute and it shows off the size and that being smaller doesn't mean you have to compromise.

Now that you've seen all three, what do you think? The one is from Microsoft to show how well the Surface clicks, as in how well the keyboard cover clicks well with the Surface.  My iPad's Smartcover also clicks well with my iPad too.

I spent a good amount of time with the Surface.  It's a fantastic commercial but aside from a simple swipe, it doesn't show off what the Surface can do for the user.  Here are a couple of more Surface commercials that Microsoft should show more than the one above.

This one shows off a Windows 8 computer in ways that the iMac cannot compete with.  A computer becomes a canvas for a child looking to be challenged and a potential artist to be challenged.

Whether you're an Apple or Google fan, or just a general mobile fan like myself, you have to appreciate the fact that Microsoft has a very good product in Windows 8 here.  But some of Microsoft's commercials suck.  They're just as bad as Samsung's commercials that made fun of Apple users but do nothing to showcase its own products.

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