Monday, November 12, 2012

Stop Posting DigitTimes Nonsense! No iPhone 5S In The Next 6 Months!!!

You might be hearing rumors about new Apple stuff coming.  People, don’t believe a word of this.  This is from “always wrong” Digitimes which I will not dignify it by linking to any sites that uses them for their click-baiting activities.

So, there will not be any new iPhone 5S in the next six months.  I know that Apple just refreshed the iPad but with the same form factor so I wouldn’t put it past Apple to refresh it with one similar to the iPad mini but there is no hurry there as far as Cupertino is concerned.

Think about it.  Apple has not even come close to finishing rolling out the iPhone 5 in most territories and has has problems keeping up with demands in the Western world. What makes you think it's gonna go ahead with the 5S production?

Also, iTV?  Will this rumor die already?!  Unless Apple has content deals in place, you can forget about that.

So, there you have it.  The only thing worth noting this morning is the hundreds of millions Apple is guarantee to get from HTC in the 10-year patent licensing deal and quite possibly more from other Android device makers.

I really implore Apple fan sites to stop using Taiwanese tech tabloids as basis for their posts.  You guys are looking more stupid with each of these posts.

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